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Have You Lost Your Labitity?



I have the wonderful opportunity to do PR for a talented friend of mine. She is submitting an original stage play to the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival, which is an annual performance arts festival in Los Angeles, CA.

If you are a blogger, journalist, or writer in the Los Angeles area we would love to invite you to the preview show on June 4th. You can find more details below. If you are interested you can contact me here or at

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MADE: Chapter Thirty Three-Part 2

Finally finished. Thank to everyone who stuck around for the journey. The song by Hold You In My Arms by Ray LaMontagne. No copyright infringement intended.

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Chapter 33b: Forever and a Day

Now that Spencer was secure in the fact that she’d reach Ashley as quickly as humanly possible, she was free to continue listening to the radio broadcast.

“So, Ash, you’ve really got it bad?”

“I do.”

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Watch “”Las Aparicio” la película – Trailer Final” on YouTube

Please please please let this be real!! And if they mess with Julia y Mariana I don’t know what may come on my life.

Featured: Ebony Pyramid Entertainment

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In Case You Missed It (NSFW)

I usually don’t post things like this, but as a Rizzels fan/shipper, I had to share! Consider it food for the imagination. It’s Sasha Alexander and her…well, you’ll see.

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The Truth About Rush Book 3

Hi Guys,

I keep getting inquiries about Rush Book 3, and rightfully so. Here’s the scoop:

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Remember That One Time

Just a one shot that struck me in the night. Jane’s thoughts are in bold and italic to mimic animated, rambling thought.

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Rated: PG-13

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MADE: Chapter Thirty Three-Part 1

Poorly proofed, sorry. The song by Landon Pigg. No copyright infringement intended.

Chapter 33a: The Coffee Shop.

“All right, boys and girls, it’s your main man Elvis Duran here on Z100 and the Morning Zoo. We are very fortunate to have in the studio today the lovely, the talented, and the oh so sexy Ashley Davies!”

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Brides To Be

Hi All!

I found this cute little short film by First Sight Productions during one of my late night YouTube scouring sessions. It’s how I keep up with international lesbian and LGBT content. (Because I’m all over the domestic stuff!)

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Wells Fargo Ad

I am not a fan of banks. If you do even basic research into any major bank’s history its going to be seeped in a terribly amoral foundation. I do not for a second believe that advertisements reflect a companies true value system but rather the ads used carry out their core purpose which is to attract new customers.

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Made: Chapter Thirty Two

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Chapter 32: What I do best

Ashley sat in the make-up chair unmoving as Spencer applied finishing touches. She was regularly tortured by the smell of Spencer’s perfume, the feel of her fingertips on her neck as Spencer leaned in close.

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Need to Save Cash?

Check out my article featured on

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MADE – Chapter Thirty-One

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Chapter 31: Reaching Out for You

Spencer searched the hotel high and low for Ashley coming up empty. She went so far as to go to the arena thinking maybe she would be there. Nothing.

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MADE – Chapter Thirty

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Chapter 30: End of My Rope

The sun was all too bright as it slowly pulled Spencer into consciousness. Incessant snoring sounded from an undisclosed location. She sat up with a start when she realized just where she was, which was in bed with Aiden.

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MADE – Chapter Twenty Nine

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Chapter 29: Inhale…

“Aiden, why are we here?” The blonde asked while he dragged her from one store to another.

“Shopping. That’s usually what happens in malls.”
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MADE – Chapter Twenty Eight

Nearing the finish line. Read, enjoy, comment!

Chapter 28: The Beat Goes On


Three days. Three long days and Spencer had only gotten the occasional, “thinking of you,” text from Ashley. They were reassuring, but few and far between. Spencer wasn’t sure if she was more hurt or pissed. She was supposed to be Ashley’s girlfriend, yet Ashley had been chauffeuring some other woman around for two city stops.

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MADE – Chapter Twenty Seven

Sorry for the repost. Here is the right chapter.

Chapter 27: Revelations 

Spencer’s eyes pried themselves open against her will around 7 A.M. She was greeted by Aiden with wet hair and sans shirt. This was definitely not how she intended on spending her morning. She’d much rather be waking up to another shirtless brunette.

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What I’ve been Up To

Hi Family!

I know, I know, long time no post! That’s my bad and I can come up with a million excuses that ultimately won’t matter. I am working on getting Made posted and tying up some loose ends with other stories. Rush 3 will be pushed back a bit further though, sorry.

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