Yet another post Rizzoli & Isles, Gone Daddy Gone story. Maura is attracted to intelligence. Who knew Jane was so smart?

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Rated: PG    Pairing: Jane/Maura   

Chapter 1

Once the Rizzoli clan has all filtered out Maura took a deep cleansing breath. While she loved them all in unique and different ways, she wasn’t accustomed to the constant presence of others. At times she missed her solitude, especially after days like these that were reminders of who her family really was.

And oh how easy it was to forget, she thought as she retrieved the cups and plates strewn about for washing. Angela Rizzoli certainly was the mother she wished she had and she’d been blessed with siblings in Frankie, Tommy and of course Jane.

Giving it further thought, she suddenly felt guilty. The Rizzolis treated her like family unconditionally and she needed to do so in kind.

She’d have to push her guilt aside for the moment as fatigue took a firm foothold on her body. To say this had been a long day would be the ultimate of understatements. From start to finish it had been physically and emotionally draining and she was thrilled to be rid of it.

Doing one last sweep of the dinning table she glanced at the chessboard and froze.

“Checkmate,” she said aloud in her empty home.

Maura sat heavily in the chair she occupied when her biological father had come storming in. Thoughts of that incident was not what occupied her now. No, she was focused on the chessboard where she’d never lost a single game to anyone. Not even as a child when playing her adoptive father, the one who’d given her this fine nickel and brass set.

In all her years she’d never found anyone who could take her in chess, but Jane had. With a glance and a single move Jane had bested Maura.

Maura had no idea how to handle that fact. Firstly, she was surprised. She’d studied chess strategies from masters the world over. Chess was a game of science and strategy and dammit Maura was scientist…of sorts.

Next, Maura felt oddly proud. She had absolutely no stake in Jane’s playing ability yet the pride she felt, she imagined, could be likened to maternal pride. Jane hadn’t just beaten her, “her Jane,” had beaten her.

The last thing she felt was a simmering arousal. Maura frowned in frustration and confusion. She’d admit that intelligence was indeed a turn on for her. As someone who was considered a genius, she relished that in a lover. When playing Tommy she’d been mildly amused with his playing style, though on some level she’d been toying with him throughout. His strategy was very Rizzoli-like in that it was blatantly obvious. It was forceful and male in characteristic. While this strategy would probably work on the average novice, it was ineffective on Maura.

Jane though, she’d found the one move that even she herself hadn’t noticed. It was covert, a sneak attack. It was certainly un-Rizzoli-like. But Maura had to reason that juxtapose the Rizzoli men and even Angela, Jane was markedly different. It would only stand to reason that Jane would use her detective abilities even on a game.

Maura pushed away from the table in a huff. She was pissed off. She was pissed she missed such a simple move and she was pissed to even be thinking of Jane in a sexual context.

Okay, so sure Jane was hands down one of the most beautiful women she’d ever seen. And maybe the fact that she didn’t know and/or care made her that much more attractive. Being with a string of arrogant assholes makes you attuned to modesty. And so what if Jane was the bravest person, forget man, she’d ever known.

Forget about the fact that her hair smelled of lilies and jasmine even as she feigned disinterest. Jane’s hair was meticulously cared for. Maura knew freshly groomed hair and Jane’s had been done every three weeks like clockwork since they’d met.

Maura smiled. Jane was modest, and sexy, and funny, and kind, and giving, and…”

“Oh my God! Am I in love with Jane?”