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Rated: PG    Pairing: Jane/Maura   

Chapter 2

Work had been a strain and it had absolutely nothing to do with the two dead bodies on her table. From the looks of it, the gun shot wounds in each would make this an open and shut case.

No, work had been a strain because they had a fresh case which meant she saw little of Jane at a time when she was all Maura could think about. And of course Maura would space out in an effort to dissect her feelings. Each and every time she did so, Jane would stalk into her lab asking for results and startle her half to death.

“Geez, Maura, what is with you today? You’re so jumpy.”

Maura couldn’t meet her eyes. “I’m sorry. Just…some stuff on my mind.”

Jane fell silent for a moment. “This about Ian or Tommy.”

Maura almost felt offended. “I supposed the two dead bodies on my table couldn’t have anything to do with it?”

Jane winced. “Okay, I’m sorry. You’re right. You’re just usually not this affected by it.”

Maura knew Jane was right. Only children tended to ping the human part of her she usually tucked away while doing her job.

“Its fine.”

Maura watched Jane place her hands in her pockets and widen her stance. She was going into full on protective mode, which meant she’d ask questions Maura wasn’t prepared to lie about.

“So what’s the matter? Because only kids on the table get you this riled up.”

Of course she knew that. Maura searched her misdirection database.

“Its not important, Jane. Shouldn’t you be out catching the shooter?” Please God, Maura thought.

“Frost and Korsak went to pick him up. Stupid idiot went back home with the gun right after,” Jane laughed. “I’m good until they get back for the interrogation. So stop stalling and out with it already.”

Maura cursed Jane’s insistence on insuring her health and well-being.

“Just something on my mind. Its trivial,” Maura hedged.

“Then this’ll be a quick story.”

“Actually, I was thinking…about you.”

Jane smiled. “Really? What about me exactly.”

“Can I say its personal?”

Jane crossed her arms over her chest. “Not after you told me you were thinking of me.” She paused and waited. “Maura, say words! You’re killing me here.”

“It’s the chess game,” Maura omitted.

Jane almost looked disappointed. “You sure you’re thinking about me and not Tommy?”

Maura let out a wry laugh. “Oh, no. Its most certainly you.”

Jane moved her hand in the universal symbol for keep talking. It was like she was waving air towards her self.

“Jane, you beat me last night.”

“Tommy beat you, I just closed.”

“Don’t you get it? The close is the most important part. You won that game.”

Jane shrugged. “Okay, so I won, what’s the big deal? I rock at board games.”

“Chess is not just some board game and I’ve never been beaten. Ever!”

Realization finally crossed Jane’s features and Maura was pleased to finally see it there.

“I get it. The genius is mad the cop beat her at chess. That’s what’s got you all bent out of shape.”

Jane’s smile was smug and Maura tried to ignore how sexy it was.

“Profession has nothing to do with it, Jane. Chess is a game I’ve studied and practiced for years. You beat me with a glance and a single move.”

“Maura, take a breath. It was probably just a fluke. I’d probably never be able to do it again.”

Jane’s phone rang cutting off any protest from Maura.

“Be right there.” Jane turned back to Maura. “They’re here. I’ve got to go. Oh, the DNA results?”

Maura handed over a manila folder.

“Thanks, see you later.”

Jane turned to leave but Maura quickly stopped her.


Jane looked at her expectantly.

“Rematch. Tonight. My place.”

“Maura, I don’t even like chess,” Jane whined.

“I have to know. Jane, please.”

Letting out a heavy sigh Jane muttered, “Fine,” and headed out the door.

Maura would run an experiment of sorts tonight. Maybe if Jane’s win was a fluke then her feelings for Jane would be a fluke as well. That had to be it.

She resumed her autopsies with relish.