My take on the aftermath of the season 2 finale. A series of short stories. Rating will vary, please watch for changes.

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Rating: PG      Pairing: Jane/Maura

1. Apologies & Placations

Jane wasn’t sure how her life had gotten this way although she could remember the very moment it began. All that existed were apologies and placations.

Now all she had left was, “Maura I’m sorry,” and more often than not she got, “I don’t want to hear it,” in return.

She couldn’t stop though because she missed Maura. She missed her intensely. That missing helped Jane see that she needed Maura. Jane needed Maura with an intensity that scared her. Scared her more than the Irish mob, losing her job, Hoyt and being shot all combined.

Her fear would get the better of her and she would have to deal with her mother and her loving if not ill timed concern. So along with the, “Maura I’m sorry,” she added, “Ma, I’m fine,” to her script.

There were times when Jane closed her eyes that she could still hear Maura’s words, “Don’t touch him! Stay away from me!” Inside she would ache with a pain that ran bone deep. And while it was a grave pain, it helped solidify her resolve. Jane would make Maura listen, make her talk.

And so it went, the litany of apologies continued. With a little persistence, in time the, “I don’t want to talk Jane’s,” became, “Not now, Jane.” She couldn’t help but smile and insist on when. She knew Maura, knew her well, establishing a when would be necessary.

She left and came back. Jane fetched coffee and got lunch. It was easy to place her pride aside in the face of losing Maura.

“Not now, Jane,” Maura intoned before Jane even walked completely into the morgue.

She wasn’t here for that, she had a legitimate work related question. But now that murder could wait.

“Then when?”

“I don’t know.”


“I can’t tonight.”

“You can’t or you don’t want to?”

“I can’t because I don’t want to.”

“Then when, Maura? I won’t take long. Any time you can spare would be fine.”

“Jane, please.”

“No. Give me a date and time. I will stand right here in this place until you do.”

Maura looked at Jane then glanced at the techs in the lab before heaving a dramatic sigh.

Jane knew Maura could say no, but she also couldn’t and wouldn’t be rude, especially in front of the techs. Those blessed nosy techs.

“Tomorrow night, I’ll come to your place after work.”

“So you have an out?”


“Never mind.” She held up her hands. “I’ll take it.”

She left before her question could be asked. Jane got what she truly needed and she’d use the time to the best of her ability.

This time when Angela asked, Jane was ready for her. “I’m great, Ma. Great.”