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Rating: R

5. Alone & Interrupted with Interventions, Conversations & Wine: Part 2

Jane stood staring into her closet for thirty minutes. These weren’t rhetorical minutes that people use to exaggerate, but thirty actual minutes. Nothing was speaking to her, not that she thought something would, still it would have been nice.

She knew the back portion of the closet was the place to look. If this was a single date Jane would reach for slacks, a blouse and call it night, but she knew Maura would pull out all the stops. Not for the good doctor—and she used good loosely—but because that was who Maura was. Jane had to admit that she did feel a bit of competition. Not with Maura, not a single man in that room would be worth Jane’s effort in that department. No, Jane could feel the burgeoning flames of competition nipping at her rear not with Maura but for Maura.

She entertained the black dress her mother had gotten her, but she’d worn that in Joey’s company already not to mention on countless other occasions. That had absolutely no baring on her outfit selection, but if Angela were within one hundred feet of that house she’d know.

Instead she reached for a deep burgundy dress Maura once mentioned she liked. She wasn’t a fan of the dress—or any dress—but for Maura she could endure it for a night. And really the alternatives were few. With a resigned eye roll she snatched out the dress and tossed it across the bed. She needed something to set the outfit off and not class against the subtle detailing across the bodice of the dress.

Marching into the bathroom to rummage through her limited make-up selection something on the shelf caught her eyes.

Wrapped in a towel Maura was having a similar dilemma. Usually getting dressed was a joyous occasion. Fashion was a hobby for Maura and she usually had something new she was anxious to debut. Her favorite part was seeing Jane’s reaction when she wore something particularly appealing to the detective. Maura got the most pleasure from finding that a low neckline or high hemline weren’t what necessarily drew Jane’s attention. Sure, she’d glance, but she wouldn’t get much more than that. It was Maura’s lines that attracted Jane’s attention. A snug pencil skirt or a hip hugging dress would leave Jane momentarily slack jawed and mumble mouthed. Now Maura shopped almost primarily for those items.

While she wanted to wear something that would elicit such a reaction in her detective—and that’s really how Maura thought of Jane as hers—she certainly didn’t want to give Byron and thus Jane the impression that she was putting any particular effort forth on his behalf. She opted to go somewhere neutral. The dress she chose was relatively conservative for a date yet still offered a hint of intrigue. She didn’t want Byron to look, but she could deal with a glance or two from Jane if she had to endure the torture of his company.

With a final sigh she headed back to the bathroom to begin phase two of her preparations. Her mother was right, it did take her quite a bit of time to get ready.

The doorbell rang twice then Maura heard the front door open and shut with a thud. Jane waltzed in and stopped dead at the dining room table.

“Wow.” She looked at Maura. “Those two went all out for this, huh?”

Several seconds ticked by without a word from Maura. Jane turned away from the table to find Maura creeping toward her slowly.

Maura was gob smacked. She closed the space between them silently.

“Maur, say something. You’re freaking me out.”

“Jane,” she breathed. “I’m…speechless. You loo…” Maura reached up a tentative hand and touched the ends of Jane’s hair. “You straightened your hair. I can’t remember the last time I saw it like this.”

Jane swelled with silent pride at having gotten this reaction from her hair. She’d hoped it’d be the icing on the cake. After hours of blow-drying she’d gotten it perfectly straight and had to admit that she was pleased with the results. She was happy to find the keratin oil that Maura left behind at her place as a not so subtle hint. The oil added a very subtle shine while fighting off frizziness that Boston’s spring rains brought with it.

It was hard to focus on her own ensemble as Jane scanned Maura from head to toe. As expected, Maura was impeccably dressed. Her entire body was snuggly held in an olive green 60’s style army dress. The neckline dipped moderately low drawing Jane’s eye places they shouldn’t travel. Her hair was in its usually perfectly curled style with two pieces holding some away from her face. Her heels would have made them the same height if Jane hadn’t opted to wear the four inch heels Maura made her buy some time ago. The idea of towering over both Joey and the doctor was too good to pass up.

“You’re looking pretty spectacular there yourself, doc.”

Maura brushed a self-conscious hand down the front of her dress. “Thank you, Jane.”

Jane cleared her throat and dragged her eyes away from their hazel prisoners. “So where are the meddlesome moms hiding, or have they decided to at least let us go this part alone?”

“They were both in the guesthouse when I came down. I’m not sure how your mother gets mine back there with the wheelchair and I’m certainly not asking.”

Jane laughed.

“I guess we should have some wine while we wait for our…guests to arrive?”

“Sure.” Jane followed Maura to the island and found her eyes drawn to her friends perfectly shaped behind. Get a grip Rizzoli, she mentally chastised.

Maura reached into the fridge and relished the two seconds of cool air on her overheated skin. She had expected Jane to at least try to look nice tonight, but she hadn’t expected her to pull out all the stops. As she expected the dress looked beautiful on Jane’s lithe form and the color made her olive completion simply glow. The heels made Jane impossibly tall and Maura found having to crane her neck slightly to look into Jane’s face oddly erotic. The straight hair only stretched her out and gave her the appearance of an Amazon.

“You going to make a choice over there Maur, or am I going to have to run out for my own?”

Maura grabbed a bottle of red and returned. “Sorry, I wasn’t quite sure which merlot would go best with the steak your mother prepared.”

“Oh, she made steak, sweet! You’ll notice she only make it when there’s men around, yet she thinks she’s so progressive,” Jane pointed out.

Maura smiled as she poured then followed Jane into the living room.

“Did you see this?”

Maura followed her eyes to the coffee table. On it lay the remote to her stereo system with a post-it that read, “play me.”

“No, I hadn’t noticed. Should we play it?”

“My damn curiosity won’t allow me to ignore it. Let’s see what our mothers deem appropriate date music.”

Jane grabbed the remote and pointed it at the ceiling. She had no clue where the receiver was located and Maura took pleasure in the detectives frustration. To both of their surprises Michael Buble began to croon throughout the main floor.

Jane shrugged. “Not bad.”

Maura agreed and smiled as they took their seats.

Jane glanced at her cell phone before placing it faced down on the table. “Well they are both officially fifteen minutes late.”

“I know. Seems unlike the both of them.”

“A little, yeah. Joey’s got thirty minutes max before I peel out of this dress and go sweatpant hunting.”

“Oh, no Jane don’t. You look so beautiful you should stay like that as long as possible.”

“Thanks,” Jane blushed. “I didn’t say it before but you—”

“No, its fine.”

They both sipped their win nervously as the air became decidedly tense with an emotion neither could identify.

“I’m really surprised they’re not here,” Jane said after another few minutes ticked by.

“Me too and we can’t even call them to verify their whereabouts.”

“Ugh, screw this I’m getting the bottle,” Jane announced.

Maura watched Jane walk away. “Well if nothing else,” she began. “We can enjoy each other’s company a while longer. We’ve established that was the forgone conclusion anyway.”

“As much as I’d like to get this over with, you are right. It seems…” Jane paused but decided to take a leap. “It seems no matter what I always come back to you. That feels right.”

Maura’s eyes caught Jane’s. “It is right,” she confirmed.

Before long most of the wine was gone and it was five till nine. If either noticed they were dateless neither said anything about it again.

“I love this song,” Maura cooed.

Wise men say only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you.

 She’d been so lost in the melody that when Maura opened her eyes she found Jane standing with her hand extended.

“I may not be your date, but can I have this dance?” Jane held her breath. She was taking a huge leap. They’d danced before, sure, but they usually danced near or around each other. They’d never actually danced in each others arms.

Jane released her breath when Maura slid her hand into her own without hesitation. Maura allowed herself to be led to the open space between the living and dinging areas. They took an awkward moment deciding who’s hands went where before Jane’s found Maura’s hips and Maura’s wrapped her arms around Jane’s neck. A few short moments later Jane gently pulled Maura’s body closer to her own happy when the smaller woman came willingly and their bodies touched completely.

Maura’s scent filled Jane’s senses and she was temporarily light headed. She tightened her grip and Maura had to fight back a contended sigh. Jane’s arms were firmly wrapped around her and they were gently swaying to the music. Few moments in her life, if any, felt as perfect as this.

Before long though the melody was fading into a more upbeat tempo that forced them apart.

“Thank you for the dance, Jane. It was lovely.”

“No problem—what the hell?”

Jane glanced away from Maura for a second when the table caught her eye. She wasn’t sure how she’d missed it. Stalking to the table she confirmed her suspicions.

“Jane, what is it?” Maura asked close at her side.

“Look at the table, Maura. Anything seem off to you?”

“I saw the table, Jane.” Maura looked anyway. “Wait a minute…”

“Yes. Two plates, two forks, two knives, two napkins—”

“I get it.” Maura nudged her gently with her elbow.

Jane sighed heavily and looked at the ceiling. “We’ve been had, Maura.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you see what happened here? Joey is in Washington and that doctor still hates you.”


“You know what I mean.” Jane rolled her eyes. “This stinks of my mother and one of her harebrained schemes. That’s why Constance was acting so out of character. The little shared looks. I should have known.”

“Known what, exactly? I’m afraid I’m still lost.”

“They were setting us up, Maur.”

“Yes, but with whom?”

Jane sobered and looked Maura in the eye. “Us. You and I. This was a date for the two of us to have with each other.”

Maura glanced at the table then back to Jane. “Our mothers went through this elaborate set up to get you and I together?”



Jane waited for Maura’s reaction. She hadn’t expected, “oh.” She wasn’t sure what she’d hoped to hear, but a resigned, “oh,” was not it.

She made her way to the kitchen and set about opening another bottle of wine.

Maura watched the disappointed slouch of Jane’s shoulders and felt disappointment of her own radiate from her central muscle outward. Jane may not have wanted a date with Joey but she certainly wasn’t expecting one with Maura either. She quickly retrieved the glasses from the living area so she too could imbibe.

Jane poured deeply as she thought about her next move. As much as she wanted to rush out of Maura’s house as quickly as possible, she knew that wouldn’t be appropriate for two reasons: One, she didn’t want Maura to believe she was the least bit heart sick over Joey Grant. Maybe at one point that would have been true, but certainly not tonight. Two, she couldn’t afford to let Maura know she was heartsick over her. Clearly Maura didn’t want to see the doctor, but she didn’t want a date with Jane either.

She was flabbergasted when Maura turned sad eyes to her and said, “Jane, I’m sorry Joey didn’t show despite the fact that he was never actually supposed to.”

Maura hated offering up platitudes, but she hated seeing her friend so downtrodden.

“I don’t care about that, Maur,” Jane husked. “I’m sorry you couldn’t have a date with the doctor.”

Maura shook her head. “Please, don’t be.”

Jane was struck. If she wasn’t disappointed about Joey and Maura wasn’t concerned about Byron then why were they standing there drinking wine and licking their wounds? She sat her glass down with resolution and caught Maura’s eye.

“Maura, how do you really feel about our mothers trying to set us up? How do you feel about a date with me?”

Jane watched Maura’s chest and for once it had nothing to do with her spectacular breasts. Jane knew Maura’s breathing was increasing as she prepared to tell a half-truth.

“The truth, Maur. All of it,” she preempted.

Maura calmed down only a shade. She had no choice but to tell Jane the truth and that idea scared her. But, Jane had asked and they were here alone with no interruptions, no cases, nothing but time. If nothing else she would have time to explain anything that came off wrong. Maura was willing to be honest, but she certainly wasn’t willing to jeopardize her friendship with Jane.

“Well,” she hedged. “I’ll admit I was rather…intrigued by the idea.

“You mean you would have liked the idea of a date with me?”

Maura looked away. “Yes, Jane.”

Jane rounded the island standing nearer to Maura who still wouldn’t meet her eyes.


Maura looked a Jane incredulously.

Jane smiled. “That’s what you said when I told you the date was for us.”

“I didn’t mean anything by that. I was just…surprised.”


“Yes.” Maura heaved a deep sigh. “A date with you is something I’ve thought about for a while. For it to be delivered almost literally by our mothers, of all people…it’s…staggering.”


Maura watched a smile light up Jane’s face. “And how do you feel about our date?”

“Hands down one of the best ideas my overbearing mother has ever had in her life.”

It was Maura’s turn to smile. As happy as she was for the confirmation she had no idea what to do next.

Jane could tell Maura had come to the end of her social aptitude and she was more than willing to take over. The music changed back to a slow melody and Jane relished the opportunity to hold Maura close again.

Stepping away she didn’t even ask as she gently took Maura’s hand and pulled her back onto their makeshift dance floor. Again Maura was a willing participant and gratefully wrapped her arms around Jane’s neck. Though Jane was teller than usual they still fit perfectly together and she knew they would without heels too.

“So…pretty good first date, all things considered, huh?” Jane asked pulling Maura from her ruminations.

“I would hardly call this our first date,” Maura reasoned. “We’ve been dating in a sense for years now. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Jane nodded. “Yeah, I suppose you’re right. I guess that makes what I’m thinking appropriate then.”

“What’s that?” Maura asked without a touch of guile.

“Kissing you.”