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5. Alone & Interrupted with Interventions, Conversations & Wine: Part 3

Maura’s mouth fell open then closed again before a smirk took over her face. “I’d say that’s perfectly appropriate.”

Jane held Maura’s eye for a moment of confirmation before slowly leaning in. She was buoyed by Maura’s fingers sliding across the back of her neck drawing them closer, faster.

Their lips met tentatively at first, a simple brush and Jane felt a streak of lightening shoot through her entire body. The next contact was firmer, more sure on both their parts. Jane’s budding arousal only gained strength and momentum.

Maura felt a moan slip passed her lips unchecked and Jane seized on the opportunity to deepen the kiss. She opened willing to Jane’s gentle ministrations and was struck by how wrong her hypothesis had been. Maura had thought about what Jane’s kiss would be like an unquantifiable number of times. She knew of the colloquialism, “better than one imagined,” and always thought it to be a bit exaggerated. Most physical activities were similar in feeling, sense memory being able to fill in any gaps inexperience may create. This kiss though was true to those words.

Thoughts reeling from the force of Jane’s kiss, Maura’s mind took a very unwelcomed trip to the state of their relationship a few short weeks ago. It had been fairly recently that Maura hated Jane with a fierce passion. Jane had injured someone she was coming to care for. Not only that, but she’d betrayed her trust by offering up information to Dean that was privileged.

Maura pulled away panting.

“What?” Jane gasped. “Too much?”

She shook her head. “No, its…”

Jane felt panic grip her heart as Maura placed more space between them. She knew she was taking a huge risk by kissing Maura, even with the invitation. They’d taken great care and time cultivating their relationship, she hated that it was all about to come crashing down over a simple kiss. Jane damned herself for even considering that any idea her mother had about romance was valid.

“Maur, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have—”

“It’s not that.” Maura looked into Jane’s eyes across the expanse of space between them. “Jane, you shot my father a few weeks ago. More importantly you betrayed my trust with Dean…” She wanted to add, “of all people,” but she knew Jane knew. “I just don’t think we can do this,” she motioned between them, “with all that history.”

Jane’s feeling of panic quickly drained and was replaced by guilt and regret. She didn’t need to be reminded of what happened all those weeks ago, not a day went by that she didn’t think about it.

Long torturous seconds ticked by with not a word from either woman.

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

“What’s there to say, Maura? I’m sorry? I’ve said that a thousand times. You want to hear excuses and platitudes? Because you’ve heard even more of those. There’s absolutely nothing I can say to you right now that you haven’t heard several times over already.”

On an intellectual level Maura knew Jane was right. She had to decide whether she was going to move passed what happened and explore this new development in their future or hold on to what happened for some undetermined about of time. On an emotional level though, a level that lie dormant until Jane came into her life and stirred things up, she knew it wasn’t that simple. She both loved and hated Jane. She was just as willing to move forward and she was reluctant to. Maura needed Jane to leave right now as much as she craved she never leave her sight again.

Jane watched the conflicting emotion flit across Maura’s expressive face. She was beyond keeping it together for the sake of decorum and Jane wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing. Standing awkwardly in Maura’s house while she still felt arousal from her kiss was the last thing Jane wanted to be doing. With her feelings hidden discussions like these were much easier. There was a part of her that was tucked away for her to console in the privacy of her own home. Now though, her feelings were exposed, lying bare for Maura to decide if she wanted to acknowledge them or now. That part of her, that large part, was floating in the space between them and Jane wanted nothing more than to reach out and snatch it back. But that was impossible, you can’t un-ring a bell. More importantly, she couldn’t un-fire her gun.

So setting her resolve in stone Jane decided to seize the moment while lightening Maura’s load.

“You know what,” she began. Jane started to run a frustrated hand through her hair but decided against when the usual resistance she encountered wasn’t there. “I’m going to make this decision much easier on you. I’ll leave and how ‘bout to contact me when you actually know how you feel about us!” She let, “us,” be whatever Maura saw fit for that to mean.

Maura watched in horror as Jane grabbed her clutch and made way for the door. Before reason could kick she was reaching out and grabbing at Jane’s arm. “Don’t you dare leave like this!”

Body moving in one direction, arm being wrenched in another, Jane teetered precariously on her heel clad feet. Without thought her cop training kicked in and she pulled her arm toward the weakest part of Maura’s hand, the thumb. The unexpected move of Jane’s hand being suddenly jerked free of Maura’s grip gave the detective time to gain her balance and counter. Her clutch fell to the floor with a thud as her other hand found the back of Maura’s head and took a firm grip in her hair.

Jane was horrified when she realized just what position they were in. It had all happened so fast that she couldn’t reign in that which was second nature for her. It was too late though, what was done was done. She could do nothing but stare into Maura’s wide eyes and own up to what she’d done. All of it.

“Listen to me, Maura,” Jane began in a measured voice that bespoke of her rage. Her hand stayed firmly gripped in Maura’s hair. “This is the last time I’m going to say this to you. I would never do anything to hurt you. Never! I made a mistake and I’m sorry. If I could take it back I would. But I have to say, if you don’t know all of that by now, if you can’t feel it…then it doesn’t even matter. We’re wasting our time.”

“Let me go,” Maura demanded. Jane was right, she knew all of those things and she could feel them. In this position though, with Jane gripping her hair towering above her she was only conscious of her anger and defensiveness.

Jane stared back into Maura’s defiant eyes and again felt her sense of entitlement flare. Maura was hers and she would listen. “No.”

“Jane, let me go.”

“I told you no. Not until you listen to me.”

Maura pushed at Jane’s chest causing her to only tighten her grip. “I heard you,” she growled.

“Did you?”


“Did you hear that I love you, Maura? Huh? Did you hear that?”

Again Maura tried to push Jane away but only caused them both to sway to and fro with no space being added between them. “Damn it, I said I heard you.”

They were on the brink of something, Jane knew. Something big. They had never been in this place before even during their worst arguments. This one night could make or break them forever and Jane refused to go out in anything but a blaze of glory. If she had to bare all to possibly save what they had then she’d strip.

Jane’s other hand, the hand she’d been using to ward off Maura’s blows moved to her waste pulling them flush together. “Are you listening to me? I said I love you.

Maura kept fighting even as Jane’s grip became more complete around her. This was not what she wanted nor what she needed right now. She wanted Jane to stay so they could discuss, resolve. She needed space so she could rationalize, dissect. Now she was cocooned in the warmth and smell of Jane’s body and it was pushing out all reason. The slight pain from her hair being pulled only tugged at points further south. Jane’s demanding and possessive tone forced blood to her breasts making them become full and engorged. Her rational was slipping through her fingers like sand and Maura was terrified of what would happen when her hands were empty.

“I love you, Maura.” Jane was far too pissed off to be bashful. She really had no clue why she was so upset. Really just the notion that Maura would ever question her devotion to her was enough to make Jane do something crazy like grab Maura and bodily shake her until she listened. “You have to know that,” Jane implored.

Nothing seemed to be getting in. Maura was still struggling against her and Jane was losing her will to hold her captive.

Maura need to get away, to think. While most would feel fear of the other when put in a potion such as this, she was feeling fearful of herself and her own actions. “Please, Jane…just let me go.”

“Tell me you know. Tell me you can feel it.”

Maura didn’t reply and Jane felt a desperation she’d never felt before. It was more urgent than when Hoyt had her pinned and she could hear Maura’s screams for help. It was more dire than when she was flat on her back in that dingy basement, hands pinned like a butterfly saying a silent prayer that her family knew how much she loved them. This single moment was more important than any other she had ever experienced before. Grasping the severity she did that which she was afraid she’d never be able to do again.

Jane pulled Maura’s face toward her own capturing her lips in a fiery kiss. “Say that you can feel it,” she demanded before moving in for another.

Maura pushed at Jane’s chest trying to wrench her lips away from their captures. Jane’s grip was strong, stronger than her own and her efforts were vein. The feeling of Jane’s soft lips against her own, even under such harsh circumstances was beginning to have an effect. Jane’s words were sinking in. Maura did know Jane loved her. She could feel it.

It wasn’t long before Maura began to give in. The deluge of emotion was far too great. She was angry, she was happy, she was scared, she was in love. Maura began to give in to Jane’s kiss and she kissed Jane back with just as much intensity as she was receiving.

When Jane felt Maura begin to relax into her embrace, when she was sure she had her she slowly pulled away. She’d exhausted any anger she had and she was left feeling exposed.

“Please…tell me you know, Maura,” she pleaded one last time.

Maura’s eyes found Jane’s and she felt bereft as Jane slowly began to extricate herself. “I do know, Jane. I know you love me. I can feel it.”

Jane could have swooned with relief. Forget the fact that Maura wasn’t professing her love in kind. Forget that they may never actually be romantically involved; Maura knew Jane loved her and that was the best feeling in the world.

“Oh, God, Maura,” Jane sighed. “You don’t know how—I’m sorry…I lost it for second. I’m just so—”

“Slow down. Its alright.” Maura watched as Jane’s color drained back to normal.

The passion she’d felt was palpable. Maura needed to know how Jane felt. And she did.

Maura closed the space between them and recaptured Jane’s lips. She was grateful when her arms wrapped around her body once more and she felt safely cocooned in Jane’s embrace again.

Maura took the lead and the pair stumbled into her bedroom getting there on instinct and guided by an ill-placed sharp corner or two. There was no more trepidation, not a bit of hesitancy. It was clear what they needed and it had to be given immediately or they would both implode into a pile of aroused mush.

Maura took the initiative. She pushed Jane onto the bed and relished looking down at her after craning her neck all night. A significant corner had been turned not only for Maura personally, but for the both of them. With this change in relation between them came a change in Maura’s mentality as well. She had the wonderful task of sliding Jane from the friendship box to the significant other box. This change brought about an intense arousal that guaranteed Jane making it into the lover box very soon.

Jane was rapt as Maura spun in place in a silent request for assistance. She wasted not time in grabbing the tiny zipper keeping Maura’s dress in place and pulling it down. The green silk spread apart in waves as smooth, milky skin came into view bit by bit. The teeth of the zipper rang loudly in the silence of the room rivaled only by the beating of Jane’s heart.

Imagining something and experiencing it are two very different things. That fact was being hammered home was the black lace of Maura’s bra and g-string came into view.

Maura held the material to her chest as she faced Jane once more. Jane reached to complete the job and was swiftly pushed away. She looked at Maura with questioning eyes and was greeted by the most cocky of smirks. It seemed that while Maura Isles could be socially awkward and often out of her depth when it came to casual interactions, she was perfectly comfortable in the bedroom.

Oddly enough Jane was perfectly comfortable with that, in fact she downright welcomed it. Because she herself may be perfectly socially adept, sexual matters were a different case. It wasn’t to be mistaken, Jane knew her way around the bedroom and the things that happened there. I know where all the equipment is and how to use is, she assured herself. It wasn’t that. It was more the role she had to play while in the bedroom. Jane was an independent, take charge kind of woman. She worked in a male dominated field and did her job better than most of the men. Jane ran and jumped and shot a gun with the best of them. Due to that fact she was treated like one of the boys. That treatment, however, didn’t quite make it into the bedroom. When she and a gentleman crossed the threshold of a bedroom she could no longer be Detective Rizzoli, she had to become Jane Rizzoli. She needed to be soft, pink, plaint, eager and receptive to whatever was about to happen to her. In a word she most often felt like a spectator. There was nothing wrong with her partner taking control sexually sometimes, but the idea of being a passive party in the love making department for a lifetime left Jane feeling cold.

Now though Maura stood before her holding the last major shred of modesty she had left. She slowly released her dressed letting it pool around her feet in a sea of green and looked to Jane with questioning eyes. Maura stood and she waited for Jane’s next move. She could see from the glazed over expression on Jane’s face that she was preparing for a role. A role she was sure had nothing to do with the woman she’d fallen in love with. Maura loved Detective Rizzoli who kicked ass and took names. She may have had qualms with Jane’s methods but she never questioned her motives and she couldn’t deny that she loved the swashbuckling part of Jane’s personality. She was dashing and brave in a way most women only read about in romance novels. Tall, dark and handsome, Jane was a real life, walking and talking hero. She held open doors for Maura, got her drinks at the bar without Maura having to ask, she even literally killed those who tried to cause Maura harm. Personal beliefs and morals aside, treatment such as that would make even the most cold hearted of women soften to clay.

When it was clear that Maura wouldn’t be making the next move, Jane decided to take the initiative. While this was new for her, she was willing to pick up the ball and run with it. Jane knew this, taking charge, handling the situation. She’d feel her way though…literally, until she got the desired response. Right now that response was a moaning and shuttering doctor beneath her.

She stood to her feet suddenly forcing Maura to take a step back to accommodate her. Jane used this opportunity to push the discarded dress aside with her foot. Maura moved to remove her shoes and Jane stopped her with a subtle nod of her head. “Leave them on.”

Taking one deceptively soft yet scared hand, Jane ran it down the side of Maura’s neck across the top of her breasts only grazing her rapidly hardening nipples. Her hand continued its journey across Maura’s taught stomach and skimmed her lace covered mound. Maura looked down in complete shock as Jane moved into a squat position before her and ran her hand down a smooth thigh to a toned calf.

Maura’s breathing increase as her heart began to pound in her chest. In all of her fantasies she’d definitely pictures looking down at Jane in such a manner, but never had she imagined standing while doing so. It was a visceral sharing of power. Maura may have temporarily been giving it up to Jane, but Jane was returning it in kind in her prone position.

Jane’s other hand got in on the fun and she took her time exploring Maura’s lower half. She’d admit to herself and no one else that she had a bit of an obsession with Maura’s curves. As she skimmed her hips time and again Jane was fascinated to be touching that which she found so much pleasure looking at and touching herself as she faniticized about.

This certainly was new. Maura got a small thrill from knowing she was right and a larger thrill from being practically worshiped. Jane was touching her with a reverence that could rival a member of any royal court. Maura had grown accustomed to the usual parts of her receiving attention. When being intimate with men Maura only had to wait until she was undressed for her gentleman caller to find that which he’d been most interested in. They’d most often immediately go for her breasts. Some found her ass quite pleasurable. A surprising few would worship her legs, particularly her calves. And even on one occasion she had someone totally aw struck over her feet. Jane, however, had found a completely ignored feature and more importantly an untapped erogenous zone.

Each time Jane’s hand slid up across her g-string then down again just a bit passed her thighs a tiny thrill would creep up Maura’s spine. The rough patches on Jane’s palms against the downy soft skin and fine hair would create an interesting juxtaposition of sensation that shot out to places both north and south.

When Jane seemed to have gotten her fill she boldly hooked her fingers into the sides of Maura’s panties. She stopped short to offer Maura a questioning look. Maura looked down into the eyes of her best friend and soon to be lover and saw nothing but love and devotion there mixed with an adorable hint of hesitancy. Jane wasn’t hesitant for her own sake but instead for Maura’s. The idea that Maura would want to back out was outlandish and she offered the tiniest of head nods to confirm that which her vocal cords could not express.

Jane slowly divested Maura of the second to last layer of material keeping her eyes from that which she’d imagined a million times before. Of course she’d seen the private parts of a woman, she herself was one, but the idea of seeing another woman so up close and personally was a thrilling prospect.

Ever so slowly Maura’s most intimate area came into her view. A silky smooth mound with the neatest of landing strips was the first to greet her and Jane was not the least bit surprised. As she continued to pull Maura’s g-string down her thighs she was next greeted with moisture that she had hoped to find and was happy to see.

As Maura stepped out of undergarments Jane took her time in looking. If Maura was embarrassed she didn’t let on. Jane was acquainting herself with an area she hoped to be spending lots of time in. Careful recognizance was key in any detectives work.

Maura placed a gentle hand on Jane’s cheek as she continued to allow her to look. By no means was Maura shy about her body. As a medical doctor she thought of the human body in far different terms than the average person. The body was merely a tool or a vessel for people to use. She herself treated her vessel with great care both inside and out. If someone wanted to look, especially Jane, they were free too. Maura was afraid, however, that Jane was becoming too lost in her own head. She was trying to figure out Maura on a sexual level that was fine if Jane were the average person, but Maura knew how Jane could deconstruct something down to its bare bones so she could become familiar with it by putting it back together. But sex wasn’t about that. Certainly not sex between people who cared as much as they did for each other. No Jane didn’t need to be in her head, she needed to be present, in the moment.

Jane turned her eyes toward Maura’s once again and was reminded of exactly what she was doing. This wasn’t a case and she could prepare for it by meticulously going over the case files. Standing to her feet once more, she realized that though this was very important, preparation wouldn’t save her now. And it was clear that her usual passive strategy would not be welcomed. Jane had to throw out her entire playbook on this one. She would have to close her eyes and jump and hope that in the end Maura would be there to catch her.

Maura looked deep into Jane’s eye happy to see her Jane present.

“I want to get this right. I’ve never done this before,” Jane revealed.

Maura smiled. “Neither have I, but we’ll figure it out together because…I want you.”

This is what Maura had been looking for. Her skin was ablaze from just a kiss, a terribly skilled kiss, but just a kiss nonetheless. She felt Jane’s hands deftly unhook her bra and welcomed the nakedness. Maura wanted to be bare before Jane. She wanted to give everything she had as an offering.

An offering that Jane relished as she gently laid Maura upon the bed and covered her with her own body. She released Maura’s mouth so her lips could follow the same path they had earlier. Jane took time at Maura’s pulse point until points further south called for her attention. Looking at Maura’s unencumbered breasts for the first time was a revelation. Her dusky nipples called out to Jane’s lips and she beckoned the call.

Maura’s back arched sharply when Jane’s mouth came into contact with her nipple. She was taken aback for a moment when she felt them being handled with just the right amount of pressure. Jane used her teeth to graze the sensitive flesh closely followed by the flat of her tongue to sooth. She moaned wantonly as each breast received the same delightful attention and neither was left alone without the touch of Jane’s hand.

For her part, Jane was in heaven. She’d always taken great pleasure in looking at women’s breasts. The different sizes alone were enough to capture anyone’s attention. Maura’s, Jane discovered, were perfect. They were just the right size to fit comfortably in her hand. Maura’s nipples were hard and responsive to her touch. It was in these first moments of discovery that she came to realize that she could indeed do this for hours on end and not feel any need to move on. She wanted to worship Maura’s body, show it the reverence that it deserved. And she would with her mouth, tongue and eventually her hands.

Moans and whimpers pours over Maura’s slips unabashed and she wondered at the pleasure she was receiving from her breasts alone. It would seem that Jane knew her body intimately even in this first sexual encounter. She felt moisture paint the insides of her thighs and was staggered at the sensuality of it all. As Jane momentarily released her breasts seeking out her lips, the material of Jane’s dress rasped against the stiff peeks she lavished with attention only seconds ago.

The fact that Jane was still fully clothed while Maura lie naked beneath her only enhanced the experience. Maura’s mind was adrift on the pure eroticism of Jane wielding such power over her.

Jane left Maura’s lips and once more set about discovering new territory on her body. By no means did Jane want to be considered a selfish lover as she had thought of so many men in her life. She did frequent checks of Maura’s comfort and made sure that everything she did was pleasurable. This was a learning experience and Jane wanted to take close notes on what Maura did and didn’t like. So far she was knew that Maura’s breasts were sensitive and she liked her nipples bitten and tugged roughly.

She was eager to see what else she could learn as Jane bypassed Maura’s tempting breasts so she could stay on task and continue her lesson. Jane lavished much attention to Maura’s toned midsection loving the tightening of muscle under her lips and tongue when she discovered a particularly sensitive spot. Her tongue dipped into Maura’s belly button and she delighted in her answering chuckle. Maura being ticklish was something to be stored away for another time to be used to her advantage.

Maura felt like a continuous stream of moans, hisses and whimpers. Jane’s mouth found every patch of skin available and made Maura aware of erogenous zones she had no idea existed. She realized that she could never grow tired of this. Jane was lavishing the same attention on her body that she had Maura’s mind. No matter how she feigned annoyance, Jane always listened. Jane was listening now, Maura knew, and she as happy to play to her audience. She wanted Jane to know that everything she was doing was absolutely right and that she should never stop.

Continuing down Maua’s frame, Jane could smell her arousal as she began to explore Maura’s mound. The skin there was indeed as smooth as it looked and her lips and tongue took great pleasure in learning this new and unique texture. It was at this point that Jane was sure she’d feel some hesitation. This was the point of no return. She had to decide if this was something she would like and take the plunge or find a way to gently let Maura down.

As Jane neared Maura’s labia and got her first tentative taste, she knew she was lost. Nothing about it called for hesitation or fear. Maura’s unique flavor on her tongue was something that should have always been. She tasted familiar and Jane was eager for more.

Maura could have screamed when she felt Jane’s warm tongue part her folds. She’d been secretly worried that Jane would back out, unable to handle the realities of sex with a woman. Now she realized that was absurd as Jane in her very Jane-like fashion literally dove in headfirst. Maura felt her most secret places being explored by Jane’s talented mouth and tongue and she had to question Jane’s ability.

“I thought you said…you’d never done this before.”

Jane took a moment to smile devilishly up at Maura before going back for more. She couldn’t find time to speak as she was more than occupied. Jane was lost in the taste of Maura’s body, she was enthralled by her texture. She had been entranced by Maura’s breast, but her very core was a sedative, a cure for whatever ailed humanity.

Maura felt the first pangs of embarrassment tickle the back of her brain as she flooded with wetness. Never in her life had she experiences such ecstasy. The mix of sex with a woman, sex with Jane, Jane still being dressed and Jane’s ridiculously talented mouth were having an unique effect on her. The few short minutes that Jane had been pleasuring her were enough to send her well on her way to orgasm. Jane reached up with her left hand grasping at an awaiting breast and Maura knew all hope was lost. She’d have to apologize later for coming so rapidly but it was happening whether she liked it or not.

Jane looked up from her vantage point and could herself come on the spot. Maura’s back was arched sexily as her hand squeezed the other breast. Moans poured forth unchecked filling the silence of the space. She too moaned as her own center began to contract along with Maura’s.

It was now that Jane decided to do that which she liked when she was receiving such…services.

Accompanying moans against her heated flesh only set Maura further on edge and she literally could count down the seconds until she came. Five. She could feel Jane’s fingers pressing into her core and she yelped in both surprise and ecstasy. Four. Her legs wrapped around Jane’s back pulling her in even further. Some part of her mind was cognizant to the pain she could be causing but a larger part of her brain was too far gone to care. Three. Jane’s moans matched her own and caused a unique vibration against her clitoris. Two. They began to form a rhythm together, Jane’s fingers in sync with Maura’s hips. One. Jane’s fingers turned upward and made a motion toward herself that hit a place in Maura that she couldn’t count how many times had been neglected totally.

“Jane I’m…” The words died on her lips as a moan was ripped from her very being.

Jane didn’t need the warning as her fingers were clamped down upon and her mouth was flooded with moisture. To her utter shock and surprise she relished the deluge. Instead of upset or insulted Jane was even further aroused. She’d caused the reaction and she deserved to reap the fruit of her labor.

Maura’s chest rose and fell rapidly as she tried to regain some semblance of normalcy. In just a few short minutes Jane had sent her skyrocketing into orgasm and that fact alone was breathtaking, never mind her breath literally being taken away by the orgasm. Jane nuzzled her neck and she welcomed the embrace to reassure of any insecurity that was slowly beginning to snake it’s way into her consciousness.

“I’m so sorry,” Maura began when she could speak without panting.

Jane looked up at her with startled eyes. “Sorry for what?”

“That was…I came…It was quick Jane.”

Jane laughed as she looked at Maura’s flushed face. “Maura, I just made you come my first time making love to a woman. Quickly. You have absolutely nothing to be sorry about,” Jane reassured smugly.

Maura would have said more but she could tell by Jane’s dilated pupils and the way she was trying not to squirm that there were far more important things to be handled at the moments.

“That was phenomenal,” Maura praised and she pulled Jane on top of her. “And I think it’s time I repaid the favor.”

She began to pull down the zipper of Jane’s dress.

“I don’t think I can’t wait very long, Maur.”

“I know sweetheart,” she sooth as she rolled them both over. It was only seconds before she had the offending dress off and across the room. They both still wore their shoes. “I’m going to take care of you right now.”

Jane was a helpless party as Maura undressed her completely. Now they were both nude and she let out a hiss of satisfaction as their naked flesh touched for the first time.

“Shit,” she gasped at the inexplicable feeling of Maura’s breasts pressed against her own.

Their lips came together in a fierce clash and Jane gave herself over to the feelings being bestowed upon her. Her hips found a rhythm all their own and soon Maura joined in.

It was clear that Jane was in even more need than Maura had initially deduced. An idea struck her.

“Can I try something I read about on the internet?” she asked.

Jane would have teased Maura about doing research on lesbian sex positions well before the opportunity had presented itself, but she was beyond that now.

“Anything…everything,” she panted. Her senses were on overload from the feel, smell and sight of Maura’s naked body. She knew that the simplest of touches would send her spinning off helplessly.

Maura knew Jane was flexible. They’d attended yoga with each other on several occasions, and though Jane was reluctant to go, she achieved positions along side Maura who was an experiences practitioner. She reached for one of Jane’s legs and marveled as it effortlessly moved to her shoulder. A few limb adjustments and their cores were firmly aligned.

“Fuck!” Jane moaned as she felt Maura’s warm flesh come into contact with her own. Suddenly she was happy for Maura’s veracious appetite for knowledge.

The pair found a rapid pace immediately and it was Jane’s turn to be rocked on the shores of ecstasy.

Maura once more began to flood with arousal and marveled at the prospect of coming again so closely on the heels of her last orgasm.

“So close,” Jane panted as she reached for Maura’s hips to pulled them together more firmly.

Maura nodded in agreement as the pair wordless ratcheted up the pace. Their moist centers rubbed sensuously together creating a delicious friction.

Never in her wildest dreams would Jane ever imagine a position such as this and that coupled with it being with Maura added a mental element. Her brain was now an erogenous zone not unlike her breasts or clitoris, the same clitoris that was being deliciously stimulated. A few seconds later Jane was stumbling over the ledge into oblivion with Maura falling closely after.

Jane was shattered into a million pieces. Everything she knew about her sexuality was crashing down around and the implications, even with her mothers blessing, was a daunting fact to face.

Before she knew what was happening tears stung the back of her eyes and she didn’t have an opportunity to wipe them away as Maura already there kissing them away.

“I’m so sorry,” Jane sobbed. She was mortified to be blathering about in such a fashion but was thrilled that as expected Maura was there to gather her back together once again.

“Don’t be sorry, Jane,” Maura whispered. “I feel your love because I love you too. I could never ignore that. I’ve always known it.”

“I don’t want to mess this up,” Jane revealed.

“You won’t,” Maura assured. “We’ll get through this together.”

Gathering her composure she also gathered Maura into her arms. All of the endless thoughts and conversations had finally led them to love.


Angela led Constance by the elbow as she walked cautiously with her cane. The pair inched into the main living space looking about for any sign of their two girls. The lights were still on and the music still played softly in the background.

“Where could they have gone off to?” Constance asked as she eyed the temping bottle of wine left on the counter. Damn her stupid pain medication.

“I know they wouldn’t leave the house with everything still on like this,” Angela deduced. She walked over to the oven and took a curious look inside. “And would you look at this! Their food hasn’t even been touched!”

“Perhaps our plan didn’t quite go over as expected? I guess we should have—”

“Wait,” Angela interrupted. “Did you hear that?”

They stood in silence for a moment.

“Never mind. I’m sorry what were you saying.”

“I was simply stating that maybe—”

“There it goes again,” Angela again interrupted.

“Angela, I don’t hear—wait a moment.”

It was then that the undeniable sound of moaning echoed through the house followed by a loud thud.

“Oh my goodness.”

Angela smiled. “We’d better get out of here.” She again helped Constance to the door. “What were you saying before?”

“Nothing. Well done, Angela. Well done.”