This is another repost of a story I wrote a really long time ago. It needed a lot of retouching so it’s practically a brand new story for all of those who may have read it before. The survey indicated that the public wanted more SON FF so here it is. Hope you all enjoy. multiple POV’s, just a heads up.

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Rating: PG      Pairing: Spencer/Ashley

Chapter One

“Okay, ladies, lets bring it in!”

The girls all came from their various spots around the pool to where the coach was standing.

“As you all know due to Kristy’s ah…new addition we had to fill in her position on the team. We were lucky enough to get a transfer from Santa Monica State.” The tall coach placed a large hand on the young ladies shoulder.

Long tendrils covered her face as the blonde nervously shuffled to the head of the group.

“I’d like to introduce you all to Spencer Carlin. She was the starter for S-M’s freestyle relay team and number one in the state for the breaststroke. She will be an alternate for both until she get’s better acquainted with the team. Let’s give her a hand.”

All the girls began to clap. Almost all. There was one surely brunette that rolled her eyes as the other girls all went up to greet their new teammate. Ashley remained rooted to her spot, only willing to study the new addition to the team from afar. Spencer was moderately tall and bore the lithe, slender body characteristic to most swimmers. Her blonde hair framed her face perfectly, stopping just below her shoulders. The shorts she wore exposed her legs enough that Ashley could get a great view of her muscular calves and thighs. She would have been vaguely attractive, she mused, had she not been competition.

“Alright girls, let’s get started and see what Ms. Carlin here can really do.”

No pressure there, Spencer thought.

She was thrilled when the attention came off of her as everyone went back to stretching and preparing for practice. Spencer was brought from her embarrassed musing when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

“Hi,” a petite young woman with dark skin and shoulder length hair greeted. “I’m Michael.” She extended her hand, which Spencer happily took.

“Hi, Michael, nice to meet you.”

Spencer quickly gave her a once over. Michael had a muscular yet feminine frame that was accented by her bathing suite. She was taller than Michael by several inches, but one could hardly notice her height for noticing her startlingly grey eyes. They were a unique contrast to her skin. Spencer liked what she saw.

“You too. I thought I’d come and say hello. I know how…caddy some of the girls can be.”

“Everyone seems nice enough, so far.”

“Oh, don’t get me wrong, most of the girls on the team are okay. But it may take everyone a while to really warm to you. Worried you might take their spot. And coach is here. True colors don’t really come out until we’re in the locker room.”

Spencer turned startled eyes toward her new teammate. “I would never want to take someone’s spot.”

“Good.” Michael’s smile was bright and adorably crooked. “Then I like you already.”

“Alright,” the coach piped up. “Butterfly, hit the pool, you’re up first!”

“Is that you?” Spencer asked her new acquaintance.

“No, I’m backstroke only. Swimming can be a tall girls game. Backstroke seems to be the only time we’re all equal.”

“Backstroke, huh? I never could get a hold of that one.”

Michael smiled. “Maybe we can give each other some pointers.”

“Absolutely,” Spencer blushed. “That sounds great.”

The two sat on the bleachers underneath the wide expanse of skylights as Spencer watched the swimmers. She noticed that everyone’s focus was either on the pool or women chatted in small groups of two or more. That is all but one. Spencer watched a small brunette sitting at the very top of the bleachers. She was slouched lowly in her seat ignoring her surroundings completely while listening to music. Even from a distance Spencer could discern her slim physic and muscular arms and thighs. Somehow the young woman’s red and yellow practice suit seemed to fit a little better than everyone else’s.

Spencer nudged her new friend. “Hey, what’s her deal?”

Michael followed Spencer’s eyes to the top of the bleachers. “Oh, that’s Ashley. She’s our number one freestyle and relay and champ in the state.”

Spencer waited for Michael’s eyes to meet her own. “Tell me how you really feel, Michael.”

She heaved a deep sigh. “Don’t get me wrong she’s a great swimmer, one of the best actually, but the problem is she knows it. She’s the kid of the some rock star and she…she gets what she wants from who she wants and no one around here has the balls to challenge her.”

“What she wants?”

“Try every female on the team just about and most of the sororities on campus.”


Michael shot Spencer a startled look. “You mean you didn’t hear about lane ten at Santa Monica?”

“I’ve heard that this school was famous for its lucky lane ten, I never knew why.”

“That’s Ashley’s lane. It’s where she breaks in most of her girls.” Michael put air quotes around, “breaks in.”

“Breaks in?”

“You know, gets them started on their way.”

Spencer looked at her confused.

Michael rolled her eyes. “Well as Ashley likes to say, ‘every girl is straight, until their not’.”

“Now I get it.”

“Yeah, you might want to watch out for her. That’s all I’m saying about that for now,” Michael smiled. “I think I may have hit my gossip quota for one day.”

“Well, thanks for the heads up.”

“Backstroke your up!” the coach bellowed.

“No problem,” Michael smiled before heading to the pool.

Spencer watched Michael walk away before curiosity got the best of her. She glanced back up to the top of the bleachers again and watched as one of the butterfly swimmers joined Ashley. The young woman took a seat and Spencer watched as a few words were exchanged between the two young women. She looked away for a moment watching Michael deftly cut through the water as it glistened off her caramel skin. When Spencer found herself compelled to look over her shoulder again, this time she was shocked to see Ashley and the young women engaged in a full on make out session.

The coach’s whistle almost made Spencer fall from seat.

“Okay freestyle! That mean’s you Ms. Davies.”

Ashley pulled away from her partner with an annoyed eye roll before coming down from the bleachers.

“Ms. Carlin how ‘bout you join the ladies so you can get a feel for the team.”

Spencer nodded and began to disrobe.

“You looked great out there,” Spencer complimented Michael on her way to the pool.

“You look great right there.” Michael blushed then hurried past.

Spencer smiled as she proceeded to the starting line. A throat clearing behind her pulled her thoughts away from Michael.

Spencer was surprised to be standing face to face with Ashley. Though they were roughly the same height, Ashley’s build was more slight than her own. Her dark brunette hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail that did wonders for accentuating her chestnut eyes and long graceful neck.


“You’re standing at my lane.”

Spencer looked down at the large ten under her feet. “Oh, right. Sorry.”


“Ms. Carlin, lane six is free,” the coach informed. Everyone knew lane ten belonged to Ashley. Arguing about it was just pointless.

Spencer offered an awkward nod then made her way over to what would clearly be her new lane.

“Let’s take this nice and easy girls. Two laps. I am timing you, but that’s for record keeping purposes only. Take your places and just have some fun.”

The girls all took their places and got in position to swim. The coach blew his whistle and the girls were off. Ashley was off the line first pulling ahead immediately, but to everyone’s surprise Spencer was close on her heels. The rest of the girls found themselves stopping their other activities to watch. The team was accustomed to Ashley coming in first, even during simple practices. Ashley’s competitive spirit and easy talent made her take even a friendly race seriously.

After the two laps Ashley maintained her position at first with Spencer coming in at a very close second. Everyone clapped and applauded as the ladies exited the water.

“Whoa Spencer,” Michael enthused. “You beat Ashley’s record from freshmen year.”

“Is that good?”

“Two years ago maybe,” Ashley interrupted. “Now, not so much.”

“Ms. Carlin, very nice. Keep that up and you might get a spot as a starter on the relay team sooner than planned.”

While Spencer was both thrilled and flattered by all this attention, she knew that it was not helping her make friends. Swimming was a sport conducive to frequent position changes and athletes took a threat to their spot very seriously. So now not only had she pissed Ashley off, but the other two girls on the relay team as well.

Practice continued without incident. Spencer showed her skill in her preferred race, the breaststroke and silently looked forward to the day she was no longer the new girl.

“Well Spence,” Ryan smiled as they made their way to the locker room. “Looks like you’re going to be a perfect fit for the team.”

“It seems like all I’m doing is pissing people off.”

“Look, you can’t focus on everyone else or you’ll never get anywhere. Do yourself a favor and focus and doing well for yourself and the general well-being of the team. Everyone will come around from there.”

Spencer smiled and nodded and she continued to dress. She was happy to have met at least one person who didn’t seem to have a problem with her. As she slung her bag over her shoulder she felt someone brush passed almost scattering her belongings across the floor.

“Watch yourself newbie,” Ashley warned. “No one takes my spot.” She offered Spencer a death stare then turned and walked away with her friend from the bleachers in tow.

Spencer sighed. It was going to be a long season.