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Rating: PG-13

Chapter Two

Since she was a transfer student Spencer still wasn’t quite familiar with California University’s campus. Michael was nice enough to walk Spencer to her dorm. The two fell into easy conversation as they strolled across the central quad.

“So how’d you become such a good swimmer?”

Spencer blushed deeply at the undivided attention. “Well my family had a pool when I was younger and I just fell in love with the water. When we moved from Ohio to L.A. I found out my high school had a swim team. I joined out of boredom really and I missed my pool from back home. Before I knew it I was the team star and winning competitions. Not to mention I fell totally in love with the sport.”

“Well I can understand that,” Michael commiserated. “So you’re originally from Ohio?”

“Yeah. Lame, I know.”

“Not at all. This is college, everyone is from somewhere else.”

They made it to Spencer’s building and she had no problems with letting Michael in for a bit. She was the first person Spencer had met thus far and it was nice to have someone to talk to that shared her passion for swimming. It didn’t hurt that Michael was nice to look at.

“How’d you get a single room?” Michael gasped as she stepped passed the threshold.

Spencer laughed. “I don’t know really. I guess because I’m a transfer they just put me in any free space.”

“Lucky ass.”

Spencer laughed again. “Is there a swim dorm here? Each sport had one at Santa Monica so the coaches could keep an eye on their teams.”

“No, and it sucks. A lot of the girls live together though. I share a suite with Julia. But we are all on this quad.” Michael motioned for Spencer to join her by the window. “I live there in that building to the left with Julia, Lisa, and McKenzie. That far building is where Stacey, Kayla, and Meagan stay. And that one closest to you is where Ashley and Tory dorm. A few more girls are around here somewhere, I can’t really remember though.”

“Cool.” Spencer glanced at Michael’s profile in the waning sunlight and was suddenly happy she was here with her.

“Oh, shit, look at that,” Michael enthused. “You’re getting a great view tonight.”

Spencer turned her attention back to the window. “What do you mean?”

Michael pointed across the quad. The pair could see directly into Ashley’s room. She and the butterfly girl, that Spencer now knew as Kayla, fumbled through the door and began peeling off each others clothes. Spencer was mesmerized as she watched Ashley deftly remove the girls clothing while never breaking the kiss. Before long Kayla was completely naked. Spencer was rapt as Kayla began to undress Ashley. Her shirt was the first to go. She felt her center begin to tug as Kayla’s hands ran across Ashley’s muscular back. By no means was Spencer a virgin. She had been with girls before but no one ever really excited her or ignited that fire within her. She felt she was doomed to a life of uneventful sex. But as she looked on to the scene before her, she felt her face flush and her stomach flip. Before long Ashley was down to her undergarments. Kayla turned Ashley around facing the window as she caressed her body from behind. Just as Ashley’s bra was about to hit the ground…

Come on, come on…

Ashley reached over and turned the light off.


Michael cleared her throat. “Well, um, wow. That was quit a show.”

Spencer was slow to speak. She was worried about what Michael would think if she knew what was really going through her mind right now.


“That’s Davies for you. Love ‘em and leave ‘em.”

Spencer could detect a hint of bitterness in Michael’s tone that she didn’t quite feel comfortable calling attention to.

“Anyway, I should get going.”

Spencer turned disappointed eyes toward Michael’s retreating figure. “Oh, okay.”

Michael started for the door, but stopped short. “Um, Spencer, do you think I could…um, maybe if it’s alright…get your, ah, number?”

Spencer smiled as the once confident young woman fumbled over her words.

After Michael had gone Spencer found herself looking out toward the darkness of Ashley’s window. She sighed and grabbed her shower caddy. She was going to have to “wash away” some frustration.