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Rating: PG      Pairing: Spencer/Ashley

Chapter 3

“Okay girls,” the coach began getting the teams attention. “I want to have a little fun today, shake things up a bit. Since our new addition is working out far better than expected I want to reassess our relay positions for the big competition at the end of the month.”

“But coach the team is set!” Ashley protested.

“Yeah, Ashley, McKenzie and I work great together,” another young lady called out.

“Whoa, now calm down. I know you guys work well together but there’s a chance that you might be better with Spencer.”

Ashley rolled her eyes. “Fat chance.”

Spencer sat and tried not to listen as the girls argued about why not to let her rearrange their team. Incidents like this were just what she was trying to avoid.

“Ladies, this is not a democracy,” the coach warned. “This is just a test. Now, I want two relay teams of three; Ashley, Julia and Spencer against McKenzie, Kayla and Stacey. Now!”

The six girls got in line at their respective lanes and prepared to race without another word.

“I don’t know why he put her on our team,” Ashley whispered to Julia. “McKenzie is far better than she is.”

“Preaching to the choir man,” Julia agreed.

Spencer turned to the grousing pair. “You do know I can hear you right?”

“Who cares scrub. Get in line. You’re first.”

“Why am I first?”

“Because the worst is always first,” Ashley snapped. “And I’m the closer because I can salvage any race. Now fall in!”

Spencer rolled her eyes and pulled her goggles on in preparation for the race. She was going to prove to everyone that she was no scrub. She was like royalty at SM State. They’d be aware soon enough.

“Alright, this race will be timed and this is a competition. Game faces ladies,” the coach informed with a smile. “To your marks!”

Spencer stepped to the line and prepared by taking several deep breaths to oxygenate her lungs and swung her arms to and fro to loosen her shoulder muscles. She set her mind to this one single task nothing else. That what set Spencer apart from other swimmers, her tunnel vision. When she was in the water everything faded away and all that existed was the finish.

The coach counted down from three, blew his whistle and she was off. Spencer was to the wall and back far before the other teams first swimmer made it half the length of the pool. Ashley watched in amazement as Spencer’s lean body tore through the water. She didn’t have time to wonder at Spencer’s talent as it was her turn in what seemed like seconds.

It was almost seemed unfair how badly they beat the other team. Ashley was beaming when she pulled herself from the water.

“Take that bitches!” she celebrated. She slapped high fives with Julia before turning to Spencer. Her smile immediately fell and she turned away.

“Nice!” the coach bellowed. “Okay, now let’s try Ashley, McKenzie and Spencer. Julia, take McKenzie’s spot.”

McKenzie quickly turned Spencer. “You first.”

“No,” Ashley broke in. “You first, Mac.”

“But Ash…” The red head stopped mid sentence when she saw Ashley’s stone set resolve.

Spencer smiled as she stretched for the next race. Maybe she was winning Ashley’s respect.

The next race was very similar with Ashley and Spencer totally eviscerating the other team. They won only coming in a few seconds behind the first race.

“Good, good,” the coach complimented with slightly less enthusiasm. “Okay, let’s have Spencer, Julia and Stacey on one team with Ashley, McKenzie and Kayla on the other.”

“I thought you were going to keep Spencer with me?” Ashley protested.

Spencer turned smug towards Ashley. “What’s the matter Davies, scared of a little competition?”

“Hardly,” Ashley scowled. “I wanted you to continue to see what if felt like to win after swimming with the SMS losers for so long.”

Spencer’s jaw tightened as she turned back to her team. Ashley had hit a sore spot for Spencer. She loved her old school and team, but they could never beat CU in swimming. Stat wise SMS was the better team, but when it came down the simple competition, they buckled under the pressure every time. Spencer had fire in her eyes as she prepared herself mentally.

“I’m last,” she informed the other two girls.

They didn’t argue as she was quickly proving to be the next strongest swimmer after Ashley.

“Okay, to your marks.”

Stacey and Kayla went first off the line. They were neck and neck for the duration being swimmers comparable in strength. Next was McKenzie versus Julia who were slightly better than Kayla and Stacey and thus perfect for the second spot. The two remained even for the entire length in both direction.

Finally it came down to Ashley and Spencer. Spencer had a quarter of a second lead on Ashley, which quickly closed and they both got to the opposite wall at the same time. In unison they neared it, flipped over in the water and pushed off.

Spencer had an inch or two height advantage so Ashley knew she would have to compensate for the difference. She refused to be beat by a newbie in her own pool.

Spencer was determined to show Ashley she was no chump.

They stayed neck and neck, stroke for stroke. The girls were on the sidelines cheering their respective team members on. It was close. Even the coach was standing right on the edge, mouth agape. No one had even come close to beating Ashley. Actually she had only been beaten once as a freshmen and that was by a seasoned senior. They were all witnessing history. It came down to the wire. Neither girl was sure who won when they surfaced. They came up looking around then at each other for the results.

“I got Davies first by only 3/10’s of a second!” the coach announced.

All the girls were screaming and cheering as they pulled Spencer out the pool. This was nothing new for Ashley, she’d beat them all over and over at one point or another. It was remarkable for Spencer to come so close, they were all excited.

Ashley breathed a silent sigh of relief as she helped herself out the pool. Even her butterfly bimbo was patting Spencer on the back. Ashley squinted at the scene in anger and quickly went to grab a towel.

Spencer saw how pissed she was and thought it best to say something before it blew up.

“Ashley, wait,” she called after her. “Great race. You beat me fair and square.”

Ashley grabbed her bag and threw it over her shoulder. “Damn right, newbie. No one beats me in my own house. No one.”

Ryan joined Spencer as she watched Ashley storm away. “Let her have a temper tantrum. That was freakin’ awesome.”

Spencer smiled into Michael’s exceptional eyes. “Thanks. I wish she thought so.”

“Don’t feel bad. She doesn’t like anyone unless she having sex with them.”

“Is it really that bad?” Spencer couldn’t believe that someone could be so unreasonable.

“Unfortunately, yes. But enough about her, let’s talk about you. Well…us.”

Spencer smiled. “Us?”

“Yes,” Michael blushed. “Well since you had such a great race I was thinking maybe we could grab a bite to eat to celebrate. My treat?”

“Sounds great,” Spencer confirmed without hesitation.

“Cool. I’ll come by to get you around eight after my last class.”



With that Michael turned and skipped off. Spencer admired her ass as she walked away. Michael was a sweet girl and also very sexy, so why was she thinking about Ashley?