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Chapter 4

As promised Michael was at Spencer’s by eight PM sharp. They agreed to a restaurant near campus. Spencer couldn’t help but notice how sexy Michael looked in her outfit of a dark denim mini-skirt coupled with a purple and white layered tank top. Spencer had only seen Michael in a bathing suit since they’d met, it was nice seeing her in clothes. The purple top only highlighted the grey in Michael’s eyes giving her an almost ethereal look.

She herself sported a pair of tight low-rise jeans and a baby t-shirt that showed off a tasteful bit of her abs.

Once seated they fell into light conversation. Spencer enjoyed how easy it was to talk to Michael.

“So you know how I got into swimming, but you never told me how you became so great at it.”

“Well first off I wouldn’t exactly call myself great,” Michael replied humbly.

“Aren’t you like 6th in the state?”

“Fifth actually,” Michael smiled. “But that’s not what I would consider great.”

“Well I think it’s pretty darn good.”

Michael blushed. “Fine. I became such a good swimmer by accident actually.”


“Yeah. When I was five my family and I went a friend’s house for a bbq. They had a pool and I accidentally fell in. I almost died. Actually I didn’t die for a few seconds.”

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry.” Spencer couldn’t believe how calmly Michael was recounting this story.

“Don’t be, it made me a better person. Afterward I was traumatized and couldn’t get near water. Even to bathe. It was bad.”

Spencer scrunched up her face.

“I know. So I started therapy when I got a little older and the fear still hadn’t gone away. The core was immersion therapy, which was swimming lessons. I had to be in the water constantly so I could realize that if I knew what I was doing it couldn’t hurt me.”

“Wow. So why backstroke?”

Michael laughed. “When I first started learning I refused to look directly at the water. So my instructor began teaching me the backstroke just to get me to get in the water and stay there. In my mind if I wasn’t looking directly at it, it wasn’t so bad. I did it so much and so often that I started not only liking it but getting good at it. Now I just keep doing it to continue the progress I made in therapy.”

“Make sense in a strange way.”

“Hey don’t make fun of me,” she joked. “I know it’s a weird story, but its how I got here.”

“I’m not making fun, honest. So the fear is gone now?”

“For the most party. The fear will never go away completely. So long as I keep swimming, always stay in the water then I have control over my fear and how I react to it..”

“Well I think that’s awesome.”

While they enjoyed their meal Spencer told Michael about her family and her two crazy brothers. Michael told Spencer more about the other girls on the team and the rumors and fights that took place.

Spencer was starting to really like Michael and it was clear that Michael liked her. Soon after dinner the pair made their way back to campus. Practice was at eight AM most mornings before everyone had classes.

“So are there any other strange things I should know about you?”

“Hmm…No, not right now anyway. Don’t want to scare you off on the first date.”


“Yeah?” Michael bit her lip and avoided Spencer’s eyes.

Spencer looked on in amusement. “Okay,” she finally replied easily.

Michael’s smile was wide, her perfect teeth coming into view as she swung her arm over Spencer’s shoulder. Spencer smiled too.