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Chapter 5

The next day at practice the new positions for the season were posted. Most of the girls on the team had their specialty race and would either alternate on another or participate on the relay team. Of course Spencer was the starter for breaststroke. Ashley was the starter for freestyle and Michael was the starter for backstroke. The coach posted the relay team and alternate relay team last. All the girls were anxious to see who the starters would be. After yesterdays shake up anything was possible. Though Ashley had secured a spot on the starting team three years running, she was anxious to see who would be joining her.

The coach approached the window taping up a plain piece of paper.

Relay Team

Ashley Davies
Julia Sturges
Spencer Carlin

McKenzie Donahue
Stacey Reed
Kayla Johns

Ashley wasn’t surprised to see Spencer’s name on the list along with hers. In fact she was rather pleased even though she would never let anyone know it. Despite how she felt about Spencer personally, she was a superb swimmer and they would excel on the relay team together. Others weren’t as enthusiastic about the change, Spencer included.

“What the hell?” McKenzie groused. “The newbie stole my spot!”

McKenzie shot daggers at Spencer before running into the coach’s office.

“Great. Another person to add to the list of people that hate me.”

“Don’t worry blondie, she’ll get over it. You fit better on the relay team anyway,” Michael comforted

“Blondie?” Spencer asked as she playfully gave Michael a nudge.

“You are blonde, aren’t you?” Michael returned the nudge.

Spencer was moving in for a counter attack when Ashley came sauntering up to the pair.

“Well I hope you’re happy Carlin. You stole Mac’s spot.”

“I didn’t mean to.”

“Leave her alone Davies,” Michael interrupted.

“Mind your business, Michael. I’m talking to the scrub.”

Michael stepped in front of Spencer and stood nose to nose with Ashley. “She is my business now.”

“Is that so? Following in my steps are we Mike? Trying to break in the new girl before I do?”

Michael went to deliver a scathing retort when Spencer broke in.

“Excuse me, but no one is, ‘breaking me in,’ especially not you. So get off high horse. You’re not the hot shot on the team anymore. I don’t care about Mac’s spot, I’m coming for yours,” Spencer seethed before stalking away.

Ashley was faced with a smug looking Michael.

“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes and went to get ready for practice.

The announcement of the relay team meant the coach would be doubling up on practices. That meant Spencer and Ashley would be spending quite a bit of time together. They had to coordinate their exchanges, which was an integral part of relay racing.

Practice ended without incident and Spencer felt that despite the harsh looks from some of the girls it had gone rather well. Even Ashley didn’t have anything else to say. Spencer was a strong swimmer. There was no denying that. If Spencer had to pinpoint a complaint it would be that Ashley really hadn’t said anything to Spencer the entire practice. Even a snide remark would have been welcome as far as she was concerned.

Why do I want her to insult me? Spencer reprimanded herself.

She was confusing even herself these days. Luckily Michael was around to pick up her spirits when she wasn’t in the pool.

“How’s it going?”

“Not bad.”

“Davies isn’t giving you any more trouble is she?”

I wish. “No. She’s been strangely quiet all practice.”

Michael rolled her eyes. “That’s how she is. She gets pissed, bitches a while, then gets quiet. Trust me that’s the best part to the whole ordeal.”

Spencer laughed. “So it’s Friday, what does a girl do for fun around here?”

“Umm besides me…I’m not sure.”

Spencer raised an eyebrow and smiled. “You huh?”


“Maybe we’ll see.”

Michael stepped closer to Spencer and lowered her voice. “Will we?”

“Maybe,” Spencer repeated “But certainly not tonight.”

“Man that’s cold. But I’ll take it.”

“Come on hot shot, you’re taking me out tonight.”

Michael scoffed. “What do I get in return?”

“You get to keep your teeth?”

Michael caught up as Spencer made way toward the locker room. “Violence? Why am I turned on by that?”

“Must be the bathing suit.”

“We’re all wearing the same one genius.”

“Yeah well it looks exceptionally hot on me. Now let’s move it.”

“Yes ma’am”