I’m so happy that so many of you are enjoying this story. Thanks so much for the comments! I apologize for the delay, I’ve been busy with editing my novel. Anyway, here is part one of chapter five. I will be back later with the second half.

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Rating: PG    

Chapter Five-Part 1

For all that I know, I have no clue how Reggie got my cell phone number. I would suspect she got it from Maura if I didn’t think that would tip Maura off to funny business.

Either way she called and just began throwing ideas at me. As much as I didn’t want to help I kept—keep—offering assistance because its clear she doesn’t know Maura at all. I had to grab the reigns and change the large, loud, and almost garish bash she was planning into something small, intimate, and sophisticated.

Taking a sip of Jameson from the bottle that has mysteriously become half empty in one day, I push my budding guilt aside. I helped with the party, but there was no way I was helping with the gift. Reggie ambushed me at work and proudly displayed a diamond tennis bracelet. It was nice enough; it would even be considered beautiful to some women, but definitely not to Maura Isles.

I had to sit through a three hour documentary about blood diamonds and the death of thousands of Africans–that I will admit even raised my concerns–to realize why Maura worked so hard to find interesting and unique diamond free jewelry.

“It’s beautiful,” I said.

And it was. I just kept the rest of that information to myself. They’ve been dating for nine weeks now, just over two months. If Reggie doesn’t know Maura by now, she never will.

I try to find solace in Reggie’s ineptitude but come up short every time. If Maura is either blind to or can ignore Reggie’s shortcomings then clearly a stronger force is keeping them together.

Taking a large slug of my drink I’d rather Jameson here be in charge of my thoughts. Tomorrow I’ll be spending the evening pretending to be okay. Tomorrow I’ll have to deliver my most command performance yet. Tomorrow I’ll be forced to witness a public parade of a relationship between Maura and the wrong person.


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