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Rating: PG    

Chapter Six-Part 1

For all I know, I have no clue how I ended up with this young woman in my apartment. Her presence feels strange in my space. The only woman besides my mother to ever be here has been Maura.

“Do you have something to drink? Wine maybe?”

My manners seem to have failed me.

“How ‘bout some Jameson?”

I have wine; something won’t let me offer it.

“Perfect,” she smiles.

I begin to feel self conscious about the dishes that litter the sink and counters when she joins me at the kitchen island. She seems oblivious to them and that fact annoys me for some reason.


We take our shots with quiet grimaces.

“You have a nice place.”

She perceives my incredulousness.

“It is nice. Busy people can’t always keep the neatest homes. You should see my place.”

We share a look. A look that says she knows I’ll never see her place, but that’s okay.

“You got any music?”

“Um…the T.V.?”


She finds a music station on my cable that I didn’t know I had and cranks the volume far louder than appropriate for midnight.

“Turn that down! Someone’s going to call the cops.”

“You are the cops!” She gets a great kick out of that.

I watch as she dances around my living room and I can’t help but smile. She has such a carefree attitude that it almost makes me forget my woes. It almost makes me forget the horrible display I participated in a few short minutes ago.

“Dance with me.”

Not on your life. I don’t say that to her. Instead I smile and nod and gratefully she continues to bounce around my living room. My reprieve is short lived as she grabs my hands and pulls me to my feet. She tries to make me move to the music but I only oblige by swaying side to side. That seems to appease her.

Slowly but surely we begin to move closer together. To be honest she’s doing the moving, but I have to admit that I’m not stopping her.

Before long her arms are around my neck and mine have found her hips. At this close proximity I can see how much she favors a young Maura. Her hair is blonde with that same bouncy glow. Even her eyes are almost the same kaleidoscope hazel-green. In this moment I realize how good it feels to have a woman in my arms like this. It’s the fact that its this woman that’s the problem, so much so that when she leans in for a kiss I turn my head at the very last moment. Her lips graze the side of my own and I’m relieved. While everything in me longs to feel the lips of a woman, it very much matters which woman.

Firm knocking rescues me from the impending awkwardness. I hadn’t even realized that the music was still playing.

“See! I told you someone would call the cops.”

She smiles as she lunges for the remote.

Whoever the rookie is they sent over here will get sent away easily. It’s fun watching the waitress freak out though.

Yanking at the handle I begin a halfhearted apology before the door is even open.

“I’ll turn it down—Ma?”

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