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Clutch, shift, clutch, shift. This is my favorite mantra. I say it in my head as I go through the physical ritual.

“Jesus, Dyl! Slow down. Do you have to speed everywhere you go?”

What a pansy. I’m only doing about fifty in a thirty-five. That’s hardly speeding.

“Stop being such a girl, David. I’m just stretching her legs a bit.” I can’t help but roll my eyes at my brothers complaining. What happened to twins sharing feelings and emotions? He should be enjoying this just as much as I am.

“You say that like you just got this car. You’ve had it for months now.”

Yes this is my new baby, ignore what my brother is saying. It’s a gold 2000 Honda Accord LX coupe. A little dated, I know, but it’s my dream car. This baby can move. I sprung for the sports package, of course. It hails six cylinders, 3.0 liters, two hundred horses you know standard stuff.

I get no greater pleasure than when I’m blowing some douche bag off the line that thinks since I’m a chick I can’t drive. I’ll out dive any guy, any day. Actually I usually do, a couple times a day just for kicks.

Right now is no different as I pull up to a stoplight. I’m dropping David’s broke ass off at work yet again. Unlike my brother I’m able to save. I pinched pennies until I was able to buy myself this car. My punishment? Being forced to drive my brother everywhere because I refuse to let him drive and he doesn’t know how to drive stick anyway.

Glancing to my left I notice a bright yellow import pull to a stop along side me. I can’t help but get a little slack jawed as I take in the elaborate detailing. Someone put some definite work into this vehicle. I’d give them an appreciative nod if I could see through the blasted tinted windows. They’re so dark there’s no way they’re street legal. The black in contrast to the yellow does look very sharp, for lack of a better word.

Any sense of camaraderie I feel toward my fellow car enthusiast is immediately thrown out the preverbal window when this mystery man revs his engine. Did he just rev his engine at me?

I turn to face the light and I can barley keep myself still as I wait for it to change. I’ll teach this guy to watch who he challenges.

I watch the light closely before beginning my mantra. Clutch, shift…

And like that I’m off, timing the turning of the light perfectly. It’s about a half a mile from this light to the next. This is the only reason why I take Dave’s lame ass to his dead end job at all. Every morning is like a game and this strip has perfectly timed and spaced lights to make it more enjoyable. I get to teach multiple jack offs lessons from one end to the other. Or the same one multiple lessons, that’s the best.

I can see via my periphery that the yellow hot rod is gaining on me, quite easily might I add.

Clutch, shift…

Hm, I’m well into third. That almost never happens on this strip. I can spank most people in second. Is it crazy to be doing over sixty on a busy street during the day? Sure. Will that stop me? Never.

“Dylan, slow the fuck down!”

I have to remind myself to curse at him later. Right now this ass is pulling ahead and I feel sick about it. I haven’t been beaten since I got my baby here. I didn’t expect a loss so soon or…ever.

There’s a mini van up ahead pulling out into the street, which is just what I need. I give it a little more gas pulling neck and neck with the yellow blur next to me. This causes him to have to slow down or risk wrecking in an effort to get around that eyesore of a van.

“Ha! Take that!” Did I just say that out loud?

My shout of victory is quickly replaced by a groan of defeat as the yellow ride suddenly appears on my right and guns it through the light at the last second. I can’t believe that I was so caught up in almost winning that I actually lost. I’m so stupid!

“Dyl, what the hell is wrong with you? Do we have to do this everywhere we go? You can risk your life, but please don’t risk mine.”

“Oh shut up, girly man. Like your life is worth a damn anyway.” I glance in his direction then quickly look away. I almost feel bad as I see his face fall. That’s my anger talking really. He knows it too.

By the time I get to the next light the yellow car is already there and pulled over.

David throws his hands up in the air. “Great. Now I have to fight some a-hole all thanks to my idiot, need for speed addicted, sister. You happy now?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong, David.”

“You totally almost made this guy wreck back there. If he kicks my ass then yours, you deserve it.”

He might be right. But he so better defend me.

The door to the car slowly creeps open letting out a pounding base that sounds like it’s trying to beat its way out of the speakers. We both watch intently as the guy comes into view. He has long, slender legs with a black baby t-shirt on and long black hair with blonde highlights.

Needless to say, this is no guy.

Suddenly, David has no problem hopping out right away. I throw on my hazard lights, since I’m parked at the light practically holding up traffic, and follow him out.

“I am so sorry for that,” he begins.

I have no interest in helping him kiss this chicks ass, not in the metaphorical since anyway. No I’d rather do that alone. For now I’m inspecting what just beat me. And let me just say, this woman took pity on me. Apparently she was toying with me from the very start. She’s pushing a very impressive 2002 Lexus IS300. It’s yellow with red strips and a black carbon fiber hood. I trying not to drool directly on the car, but that’s a lot harder than it would seem.

“No worries friend,” she drawls in a thick Hispanic accent.

Between the sound of her voice and the look of this car I could swoon.

“Cool, so I’m David,” he says extending his hand, but as I round the car it goes unnoticed.

“Nice driving.”

I snort and scoff. She’s obviously trying to take pity on me due to my horrible loss moments ago. “Yeah right.”

“I’m serious. You’re running stock right?”

My eyes go from her car to mine. “Is it that obvious?”

“No, actually its not. To a trained eye maybe, but you’re good behind the wheel.”

“Thanks. Hey, I’m sorry for the whole mini-van thing.”

“No sweat. We’ve all pulled a post before.”

David perks up. “Post, like in basketball. Do you play?” he interjects.

Oh David give it a rest already.

“No, I drive.”

I almost smile as I watch his dumb grin fall…almost.

“I’m Alexis.” She extends her hand, which I eagerly shake. “My friends call me Lexie.”

Her hand is soft and warm in my own. “Lexie with a Lexus. I dig it. What’s with that symbol in the rear window there?”

“Double F baby!”

David and I both stare at her blankly.

“Should we know what that is?”

Yes! For once David’s stupidity and lack of filter pay off. Thanks bro for saving me the trouble.

“Femme Fatales?”

We are both still so lost its ridiculous.

“Never mind. Ay, you two need to get out more. Where are you from anyway? Those accents are…something.”

Usually I get defensive about my accent but at least she didn’t say weird like most people do. I’ve been working on hiding it, David though has no problems with sounding like a hick.

“Montana,” he eagerly offers and I silently roll my eyes.

Now is usually when people start going on about how they don’t even know where that is on a map and they didn’t think people actually lived there. Some add a few other asinine observations that I have to smile and nod through.

To my utter surprise Lexie just offers, “Hey, that’s cool. Snow and shit right?”

I give her a dumbfounded nod.

“Sweet, I like snow,” she goes on. “Anyway, the Femme Fatales is my racing club. We’re kind of a big deal.”

I smile at that. This chicks cocky and its making her even more sexy.

“Racing club?” I ask after a beat. I must know more.

“Yeah, we’re a crew of about ten. We race other local crews.”

“What do you race for?” David asks.

“Props, respect, bragging rights. That kind of thing.”

David nods in understanding, but there’s more to this. I know it.

She looks at me with a pensive squint for a few moments before a wry smile crosses her features. A blue piece of paper appears from her back pocket.

“We’re having our monthly shindig at the den tonight. You should come. Maybe you can find out more,” she offers. Her tone drops an octave or two as she hands me the piece of paper and our thumbs brush.

I guess she could tell what I was thinking.

“You mind if I tag along?”

Leave it to David to interrupt a moment such as this.

She finally acknowledges his presence. “Sure. The more the merrier.”

The cell phone on her hip starts to blare some Katy Perry song. It’s cute.

“I’ve got to motor,” she says when she’s done. “I hope I see you tonight…Goldie.”

Lexie sends me a wink before releasing the thumping beat once more and disappearing inside her car. David and I have to take a step back as she revs the engine then peels away from the curb.

I look down at the blue flyer in my hand with a depiction of a sexy lioness surrounded by a few smaller cats similar to the emblem in her rear window. This should be interesting.

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