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Rating: PG-13

Chapter 8


After they went to dinner with her parents Spencer and Michael went to a party being held by Julia in the dorm she and Michael shared. Michael desperately wanted to ask Spencer to go for a swim, but Julia insisted they come and it just wouldn’t have been a smooth transition. They could hear the music thumping from down the hall.


Michael smiled. “That’s Julia for you.”

She opened the door and led Spencer inside. They found the overhead lights off with Christmas lights dangling across the ceiling. All the blinds and windows were open, which allowed some much needed air into the crowded suite. There was an open common space and two doors off of that which were Michael and Julia’s bedroom and the bathroom.

The room with littered with most of the girls from the team and random guys here and there. There were also a few basketball players from the both the girls and guys team and some of the volleyball team. Beer pong was being played to the right and the keg was set up in the kitchen area to the left.

“Mike! Spence!” Julia was apparently already well on her way to being drunk. She came and stood between the two girls with her arms over each of their shoulders.

“I am so glad you’re here. Mike, I love your girl here! She is one hell of a swimmer. We are so making nationals this year!”

A couple of the girls chanted their agreement.

Mike gave her friend an affectionate look. “Jules, you are so wasted.”

“Correction,” Julia rejoined. “I’m about to be so wasted. Big diff.”

“Whatever,” Michael laughed. “I want a beer woman.”

“Coming right up. How about you Spencer?”

Spencer turned up her nose. “Not really a beer drinker. Got anything else?”

Julia grabbed Spencer’s hand. “Sure do, follow me.”

Michael made her way to the beer pong table.

“Okay, we have tequila, rum, vodka, some blue stuff…I don’t what this is….this coconut thing—”

“You got any orange juice?” Spencer interrupted.

“Of course.”


Julia threw her hands in the air with delight. “Screwdriver!”

Armed with a ridiculously strong drink and Michael’s beer, Spencer set off in search of friend.

She didn’t get far as she turned to find Ashley leaning against the adjoining counter.

“What are you doing here?”

“This is a swim team party and this is my team.”

“Your team?”

“Is there any doubt?” Ashley looked incredulous.

“I didn’t take you for the team spirit type.”

“Well there’s a lot you don’t know about me”

Spencer shifted her weight to one hip. “How ‘bout you fill me in.” I so did not just say that.

A mischievous grin fell across Ashley’s face. Before she could answer, however, she was interrupted.

“Hey, babe, they’re playing couples flip cups over there. You down?”

“Um, sure but…” She turned back to Ashley, but the place she’d occupied was empty. “…let’s do it.”

While Spencer was enjoying the game she found herself occasionally looking around to see if she could get a glimpse of Ashley. To her chagrin she was nowhere in sight. Spencer went on about her night as best she could despite the distraction. She couldn’t understand what her fascination with Ashley was. She was rude, arrogant and egotistical, all the things Spencer did not like in a friend never mind girlfriend.


Maybe she didn’t want to be Ashley’s girlfriend but simply get her hands on that flawless body of hers. She wasn’t really sure.

The party began to die down as Spencer and Michael sat on the couch talking and cuddling. Michael tried her hardest to initiate more but for some reason Spencer just wasn’t in the mood.

She felt so confounded. Michael was hot, petite with a toned body. She would be any girls dream but she just wasn’t Spencer’s dream. Michael was too…perfect. From her hair to her teeth to her GPA everything about her was flawless. Even her mother liked Michael. That was the biggest cause of alarm for Spencer.

Paula Carlin had a problem when Spencer came out, but over time she learned to accept it. A consequence was she hated any girl Spencer brought home. To Spencer surprise, however, Paula fell for the caramel skinned beauty at first meeting. With Michael being a devout Catholic herself, she and Paula fell into immediate church conversation then moved onto school and future aspirations. Michael seemed to have all the right answers.

“So you want to head to my room, get away from all these people?”

“I don’t know. I—”

A familiar figure caught Spencer’s eye. She spied Ashley across the room with her hands running up and down the sides of some random young woman as she pulled Ashley even closer then they already were.

“Actually yeah. Let’s go to your room.”

Michael smiled ear to ear as she pulled Spencer to her feet and toward her room. Before Spencer knew it she was on her back with Michael lying on top of her. Michael’s mouth was hot against Spencer’s as their tongues roamed freely in each other mouths. Michael’s hands found the hem of Spencer’s shirt and she swiftly had it over her head.


After their short grope session Ashley and her partner decided to party ways. Or Ashley was bored of her and told her to take a hike. All depends on how you look at it.

She surreptitiously surveyed the room to find Michael and Spencer missing.

“Hey, Jules. You see where Mike and Spencer disappeared to?”

Julia looked up at Ashley from her space on the couch with clearly eyes. “Huh? Oh…um yeah. I think they went to Mike’s room, if you know what I mean?”

She nudged Ashley in the ribs with her elbow. Ashley had to turn away from Julia’s horrible liquor breath.


Ashley found herself distraught that Michael and Spencer were alone right now. It had to end. Ashley grabbed the hand of the girl she had been previously making out with and made her way straight into Michael’s room.

“Oh shit!”

“Davies! Get the hell out of here!” Michael barked.

Spencer reached for a blanket to cover her bare chest.

“I’m sorry. Didn’t know anyone was in here.” Ashley tried hard to hide her smile.

“Get out!”

“Geez Mike, don’t have to be so touchy.”

Ashley turned and walked out leaving the door wide open.


“Spencer I’m so sorry about that,” Michael apologized after closing the door. “I guess I forgot to lock the door.”

“It’s okay. Now’s really not the time anyway. “ Spencer got up in search of her shirt.

“Spencer, don’t leave.”

“I should go. It’s late.”

“Well at least let me walk you across the quad.”

Michael grabbed her shirt before following Spencer out. She caught sight of Ashley on the way out and made a quick stop.

“That was a real dick move Davies. This isn’t even the pool.”

“I know. Think of this as a defensive move. And well…spite.”

Michael jaw tightened menacingly. “You’ll pay for this.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Ashley smirked as she brushed passed her.

Now she had to think of an offense.