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Rating: PG

Chapter 9

The relationship between Spencer and Michael was strained after the little incident with Ashley busting in on them. It was still understood that they were together, yet Michael was unable to get as far as she had that night. Michael found that she was more upset about potentially losing the bet with Ashley than not getting into Spencer’s pants. She wanted to sleep with her, of course, but nothing would be sweeter than beating Ashley at something. Michael had a deep seeded hatred for Ashley that spawned some time ago and would not be fading soon.

Ashley on the other hand really had no beef with Michael. She treated everyone with equal disdain and Michael was no different than anyone else. Regardless of the dissonance between their feelings for each other, Ashley had come up with a brilliant plan in regards to the whole bet situation. She knew that Michael would be putting the squeeze on Spencer. While most people would try to apply equal pressure, Ashley was smarter than that. She was going to make herself available, but not go any further than that. It would only be a matter of time before she was at the right place at the right time and Spencer would indeed come to her. Ashley couldn’t wait.

“Alright girls good practice,” the coach began. “Let me just congratulate you all on an excellent meet on Saturday. You all preformed well. I would like to give a special kudos to our relay team.”

The others began to applaud their three teammates. Spencer wasn’t used to such attention. The relay team was a big deal. She was more accustomed to being a solo swimmer receiving a moderate amount of attention for her talents. All the hoopla was a new experience for her. She blushed red hot looking down at her feet as the applause died down.

Ashley watched from afar as the blonde turned a deep shade of crimson. Any of the other girls would have been slapping high fives and strutting round proudly—as she was doing at the moment—but not Spencer. She didn’t seem to fancy attention and she received it humbly. Ashley admired that.

“Now I took it easy on you all because of your great win, but come tomorrow and it’s back to business. We have Virginia U in two weeks and while they’re not a championship team, we still should not take them lightly. That being said, see you in the morning.”

Practice was adjourned and the girls headed for the locker room. Ashley found her locker taped up from top to bottom. Every slit had thick clear tape covering it, even the vents.

“What the hell?”

She heard a few girls snickering while she began to peel the heavy tape away. After she’d managed to get it most of it off she noticed moisture seeping from the seams. She opened the locker fully to find it filled with water. What little was left came rushing out in a puddle at her feet. All of her formerly dry clothes hung limply from their hooks. Her bag and her books were all sopping wet as well.

Michael strolled by hand and hand with Spencer. “What’s the problem there, Davies? You know the pool is that way.” She grinned and pointed back out toward the pool before exploding into laughter.

Spencer turned apologetic eyes back to Ashley until she was out of sight.

“You have something to do with that?”

Michael smiled. “Um, sort of.”

Spencer stopped dead in her tracks.

“Fine. Yes, so what?”

“Mike, that was mean. You could have ruined her stuff.”

“I’m sorry baby, but she deserved it.”

Spencer crossed her arms across her chest. “What has she ever do to you?”

“It’s a long story.” Michael mumbled.

“Excuse me?”

“Look it’s a long running thing with us, okay? We play pranks on each other. We’ve been doing it for years now.”

Spencer looked at her skeptically. “Just a prank?”

“Yes, I promise. Nothing more.”

Michael gave Spencer her best puppy dog eyes bringing her full lips to a pout.

Spencer couldn’t stay mad at her with that look on her face. “Okay fine.”

“Thank you,” Michael smiled. “Now I have class and I believe you do too?”

“Yes, unfortunately.”

“Lunch later?”

“Sounds good.”

Spencer saw Michael again that afternoon but they were unable to spend any time together thanks to an exam Michael had coming up. This left Spencer alone in her room. Her computer offered a welcomed distraction to her own schoolwork.

BlUeEyEz: Hey

AlleyKat: well hello stranger

BlUeEyEz: what’s that supposed to mean?

AlleyKat: nothing what’s up

BlUeEyEz: nada. Kind of bored thought id say hello

AlleyKat: oh so you have to be bored to speak me Spence?

BlUeEyEz: u know its not like that, I really miss you

AlleyKat: could have fooled me, this is the first I’ve heard from you in weeks

BlUeEyEz: I’ve been busy, new school and stuff

AlleyKat: yeah, yeah. so how it is out there?

BlUeEyEz: it cool, I really like the team

AlleyKat: yea I hear your already making a new name for yourself out there, we’re not good enough for you anymore

BlUeEyEz: do we really have to start that again? you know I wouldn’t get anywhere losing meets

AlleyKat: your career blah blah blah

BlUeEyEz: why are you being this way? I thought you understood

AlleyKat: I do but that doesn’t change the way I feel

BlUeEyEz: I’m sorry

AlleyKat: so am I Spence. look I have to go. I’ll ttyl

AlleyKat has signed off

Spencer sighed heavily as she stared at the instant message box. She hated that things had to be this way. She built a life and made many friends at her previous school, but their swim team just wasn’t championship material. Spencer wanted to make a life from swimming, have a career. To do that she needed to compete somewhere she would be seen. Alley had been her best friends and couldn’t understand how Spencer could just up and leave. Even though they were only a few miles apart now it felt like they were separated by much more.

Feeling confused and frustrated she did what she usually did when he felt this way. Moments later she was in a swim suit and headed toward the pool. She was slightly disappointed to not find Ashley there, but was glad to be alone. Between practice, classes and Michael her alone time was in short supply. Someone always seemed to be around.

Spencer wasted no time diving in headfirst. She coasted a few seconds then broke into a full stride. Her lean muscles cut through the water seamlessly. The cool water felt great rushing over her warm skin. She found she did her best thinking at times like these. Nothing would occupy her mind except for breathing and pushing herself that much harder to get a little bit better than. That’s how she remained at the top of her game, a positive outlook. She felt if she did a little bit better each day then she would always stay competitive.

Her conversation with her friend earlier plagued her mind and she sped up digging deeper trying to chase those thoughts away. The burning in her biceps and the tug in her thighs always provided a great distraction. After about twelve laps she decided on a break.

“Jesus Ashley!” She screamed when she resurfaced.

“Total déjà vu,” Ashley said with a smile.

“I didn’t realize anyone had come in.”

“You wouldn’t by the way you were terrorizing that poor lane.”

Spencer looked down at her hands; lane nine stared back at her. She was starting to really enjoy this lane. Maybe it would be her lucky one.

“Something on your mind?”

“What makes you think that?”

“I usually come and beat up on the water when I’m not feeling too hot. Looks like you gave it to it pretty good.”

Spencer peered over her shoulder at the ripples still cascading to the outer edges of the pool.

“It doesn’t matter,” she rejoined. “I just needed to blow off some steam.”

Ashley nodded. She hated when people would pry with her. She wasn’t about to do the same.

“That’s cool. I won’t push.”

“Thank you, but why do you even care?”

Ashley froze in her spot. Not from guilt, but because she honestly didn’t know.

“I don’t,” she defended. “But when you come here throwing elbows in lane nine it makes things a little difficult over here in ten.”

Ashley slipped into the water and the two women stared at each other over the dividing rope.


“Don’t be. Like I said. I’ve been there.”

Spencer shook her head. “About earlier I mean.”

“The locker thing? Don’t worry about it.”

“No, what Michael did was uncalled for. I hope you don’t think I had anything to do with it.”

“I never thought that for a second. That’s just a Michael thing to do.”

“She said you two had a long running thing for playing pranks on each other.”

Ashley laughed. “Pranks huh? Yeah that sounds about right. No worries. I don’t let it get to me.”

“It seems like nothing gets to you. Wish I could be like that.”

“Of course things get to me. I am human, Spencer. I just prefer not to show it. Never let them see you cry is my motto.”

“Never let them see you smile seems to be a motto of yours too.”

“Well I consider smiling a true emotion like crying or anger. You don’t show those very often, so why smile all the time?”

“You have a point. But I can’t seem to help myself. Smiling I mean.”

“Well for you it’s alright.”

“Why me?” Spencer frowned.

“It would really suck around here if I couldn’t see you smile.”

With that admission and a wink Ashley pushed off the wall and began her laps.