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Chapter 11

Ashley hated running out on Spencer so suddenly. She genuinely liked Spencer, but that was the problem. Liking Spencer was never a part of the plan. She had something to prove. No one beat her at swimming and no one would beat her in the sport of women either, especially not Michael.

Ashley was beginning to get a bad taste in her mouth referring to Spencer as simply a bet to be won. With each moment they spent together the situation became more complicated. Not only was this a competition, but Spence had a girlfriend. One she appeared to like. Ashley thought by now Spencer would see Michael was just pressuring her for sex and want out of the relationship, but that didn’t seem to be happening. Michael was cleverer than Ashley had given her credit.

She thought back to when they met. Michael wasn’t the confident, attractive woman that Spencer was currently dating. Pretty, yes, but certainly nothing compared to the persona she portrayed. No, when Ashley met her she was a shy, poorly dressed swim nerd. She didn’t dress badly due to lack of funds or fashion sense, but apparently she had been overweight as a child. This left her scared with a poor self-image; one that made her feel she could never be sexy or desirable.

Ashley realized after seeing her for the first time, she a sophomore Michael a freshmen, that Michael had far more potential than she was aware of. Her years of swimming had turned her short stocky frame into a well-sculpted piece of art. She had a few friends, but mostly she kept to herself. Ashley introduced herself one day and changed Michael’s life. She gave the young girl a full make over. The physical change lead to a confidence change as well. She began receiving attention she had never experienced before. Couple that with the fact that Ashley would ogle, grope, and shower her with attention constantly and Michael became a totally different person.

They were a couple for a while. Ashley even broke her “no girlfriends” rule for her. Ashley would try to tell herself that it was because she knew how emotionally fragile Michael was and didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but that wasn’t the case at all. She really liked Michael and Michael really liked her. Michael was grateful for the transformation that Ashley helped her perform and she wasted no opportunity to thank her like in restaurants, the library, Ashley’s Porsche, the locker room or any place they could be alone. Unfortunately, like most things in Ashley’s life it ended and it ended badly.

This little trip back in time, however, helped Ashley realize that alone wasn’t what she wanted to be tonight. She reached for her cell pulling out her old standby.


“This is taking forever,” Michael complained. “We’re a quarter into the season. I want to get it over with already.”

The naked blonde was stretched out next to her gently stroked her hair.

“How hard could this be? Its just sex. I mean come on!”

The girl next to her shrugged and then rolled on top of Michael kissing her deeply. Michael was silenced immediately surrendering to feeling of naked flesh against her own. They were interrupted by a cell phone slicing through the silence.

Reaching over the nightstand the woman spied the name on the display before showing it to Michael.


Michael sighed heavily before rolling her eyes. “Go.”

A few minutes later Ashley received a knock on her door.

“It’s open.”


Spencer finished showering and changing in the locker room since no one was around. Her mind was heavy as rinsed the chlorine from her skin. She was worried she may have said something wrong to Ashley. She was starting to like Ashley, a little too much. Spencer really couldn’t understand why. Sure they talked a lot, but it was never about anything overly personal. How could she be interested in someone she barely even knew?

Because she’s freakin’ hot, that’s how. Shut it!

These mental sparing matches weren’t helping either. Her head and libido were in constant competition. As for her heart, well that verdict was still out. Michael was everything she was supposed to want and need; smart, funny, caring, hot, got along with her family. She wanted to love Michael, but something was just missing. She couldn’t place what it was.

Then there was Ashley who was everything that a girl wants but nothing that she would need. Spencer was willing to admit, however, that she may be making that judgment hastily. There was still a lot about Ashley she didn’t know and was anxious to find out.

That led her to her original thought.

Did I say or do something wrong earlier?

She knew she wouldn’t be able to rest until she knew for sure. After towel drying her hair she grabbed her bag and made her way to Ashley’s room.

Ten minutes later she was rounding the corner to Ashley’s suite. Once she found it she stood in front of the door a few moments working up the nerve to knock. Spencer realized she had never actually been to Ashley’s dorm before and the prospect of crossing yet another barrier into her personal life was intriguing.

What if she’s mad at me? What if she’s mad I came here? What if she’s not alone? Ugh, that would suck. Why? You know why. True, you want her, you want to kiss her you want hold her…

Spencer knocked just to silence the voice in her head.

Ashley pulled away from the girl beneath her looking at the door. “Oh shit, that might be the RA.”

She yanked the windows open and sprayed air freshener to try to control the strong smell of marijuana that hung in the air.

“Okay you get the door, I’ll sit here and pretend like nothings going on.”

She went to open the door as Ashley fixed her disheveled shirt and hair. Spencer looked up into the face of the person opening the door a small gasp escaping her lips.



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