I was just reviewing the survey I posted a few months back and realized the results were pretty much split between Lost girl fanfiction and keep doing what I’m doing. I must admit that I’m scared to even broach Lost Girl as that show has a very comoplicated cast of characters. We’ll see if I muster up the strength to give a one shot a try.

I have fallin in love with international TV, as some of you may have read on my About Me page. Can anyone give me any insight into the new seasons of any of the following shows?

Misfits (UK): Has season 4, or series 4, started?

Luther (UK): Any word on series 3? The news I’ve been getting is being elusive as to whats happening.

Lip Service (UK): I’ve seen series one and two, is there a three? Will there be a four?

Sherlock (UK): Series 4?

Lost Girl (Can): Has the new season started yet. I follow Anna Silk on fb and she say’s they’re shooting but has the new season started?

Rush is probably going to be pushed back to the third week of June and I may even have paperback copies available. Fingers crossed. Also that Rizzles one shot is coming this week. I’ve been working so hard on Rush that everything else is being neglected.

Lane 10 will continue regularly as that entire story is written, but needs to be edited before posting and For All I Know only has a chapter or two left but they’re not written so they wil be slow to come.

That does it for now. Love your comments, keep them coming!