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Rating: PG

Chapter 13

“So as you can see if the square root is ten then…”

Spencer tuned out the professor as he droned on about square roots and correlations. It was material she’d learned in high school, but she had to take the next level of in college to fulfill her math requirements.

Her mind was running double time this Wednesday afternoon. She had set a…meeting….date? She had something planned with Ashley for tomorrow night that though she really wanted to participate in, she wasn’t sure that she could. Although she had the most innocent of intentions for their time together, she still felt guilty about not telling Michael. While she wouldn’t have though twice about telling her girlfriend her plans before, now she wasn’t even going to attempt to mention it after getting caught with Ashley in her room at obscene hours of the night slash morning. Spencer thought it better to just leave this current meeting out of their conversations.

She was afraid she might have to cancel anyway. She could easily just walk up to Ashley and say, “Look I like you, but I can’t spend private time with you because I’m involved with someone who I like very much and I don’t want to hurt her.” It was a nice thing to say, the only problem was Spencer did want to spend time with Ashley. Yes, she was involved, but she wasn’t positive about the “like very much” part of her internal monologue.

Spencer tried so hard to be with Michael sexually, but she just couldn’t. She wasn’t exactly a sexual prude, but it would have been nice to actually feel something. After last night’s make out session and soiree around second base, Spencer was afraid she might never feel that spark toward Michael. In all honesty there was no one who lit the inferno within Spencer, the most anyone had ever achieved was a smoldering fire. Maybe she should just sleep with Michael.

She released a frustrated growl under her breath. Why couldn’t she like Michael the way Michael liked her? Why couldn’t she be happy with this seemingly perfect woman? Why was she so intrigued by someone who in all honestly was her antithesis?

Either way, Wednesday was coming to a close and Spencer still couldn’t think of a suitable excuse to spend time with Ashley the next day without sending Michael off into hysterics again. Fate seemed to have made the decision for her.

Spencer went to her usual place in the cafeteria to wait for Michael after her class.

“Hey, babe.” Michael greeted her happily with a peck on the lips.

“Hi. How was class?”


Spencer grimaced. “That bad, huh?”

“Worse. My jack ass professor pushed up the mid term date because she wants to get a head start on spring break.”

Spencer tried to find the silver lining. “Well that’s not all that bad. Now you’ll have one less to take that week.”

“In theory, yes, but now that means the test is this Monday.”

“Oh yeah, that does suck,” she finally agreed.

“Thank you very much. So what are we going to do to—” Michael was interrupted by a tall, lanky, redheaded boy with freckles racing up to them.

“Hey, Nate, what’s up?”

“I need to talk to you for a sec.”

“Okay,” she turned to Spencer. “Oh, Nate this is my girlfriend, Spencer. Spence, Nate.”

“Nice to meet you,” Spencer smiled as they shook hands.

“You too,” Nate rushed before turning back to Michael. “Look, Mike, we’re having study group all weekend for this test.”

“All weekend?” Michael whined.

“Yes. Not only do we have to know what we went over in class, but also the week’s worth of stuff she won’t get to.”

Michael shook her head with a sigh. “I have to pay more attention, I totally missed her telling us that.”

“She didn’t, we asked,” he huffed.

“She is such a jerk!”

“Tell me about it. Anyway, we need you to be there for these sessions. You seem to be doing really good. We’re all lost.”

Michael’s brow furrowed. “Why am I always getting you out of some educational bind?”

Nate’s smile was bright if not yellow. “Because you’re a kind hearted genius. So what do you say?”

“Fine,” she sighed again. “When is the first one?”

“Tomorrow night.”

Spencer’s heart leapt into her chest as she waited for Michael’s reply. Maybe fate was on her side

“Oh man, tomorrow? Well I don’t know if…” She looked at Spencer searching for something to say.

Spencer feigned understanding and sympathy. “Its okay, sweetie. You should study. I’ll find someone to hang out with or something. I could do some studying of my own.”

Michael was hesitant. “You sure?”

“I’m positive. Go.”

Michael turned back to Nate. “Fine. Thursday night. Text me with the exact time and place.”

“Sweet! Thank you so much, Michael.”

Nate began to scramble out the cafeteria. “Thanks to you too, Spencer!” he called over his shoulder before disappearing into the crowd.

Spencer smiled. No, thank you, Nate.

After hanging out for a while Michael and Spencer parted ways for what could probably to be the entire weekend with a kiss and a promise to call or text.

Why am I happy to not be seeing my girlfriend for like four days straight? I really have some serious thinking to do…later.


She took out her phone as soon as she was in the privacy of her dorm room scrolling through to Ashley’s and quickly typing in a text message.

We’re on for tom nite

Ashley’s Blackberry chirped as she sat at a light. She smiled like an idiot doing a little dance in her seat as she read the message. To play it cool she waited a few minutes before responding.

Spencer’s phone rang and she eagerly read the message.

G8t. Pick you up at 8.


Across the quad Michael stumbled into her room tired from a long day. She found Julia in their room sitting at her desk. She looked over to Michael as she put her things down.

“You can’t still be giving me the silent treatment,” Julia said once it was clear that Michael wasn’t going to say anything. She was greeted with more silence. “Mike, I’m sorry. I thought I was helping.”

“How is you, along with everyone else on the planet, sleeping with Ashley helping me?” Michael asked angrily.

“You told me to bait her into talking to me. What’d you think I’d use worms?”

No! I…I don’t know,” Michael paused. “I didn’t think you’d make it a habitual thing. You were with her right before me at times. That really sucks Jules.”

Julia got out of her chair and sat down next to Michael. “Mike, I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you. You should know that by now. Everything I did, I did for you. Please forgive me?”

Michael finally looked up from the carpet and into Julia’s eyes. “Okay. I’m sorry for giving you the silent treatment. It’s just so much going on with Spencer, the team, now this huge test. It’s a bit much.”

Julia felt a pang in her chest at the mention of Spencer’s name. “What about me?”

Michael smiled softly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to neglect you. I do have to study all this weekend, but the first breather I get I’ll devote my time to you. I promise.”

A small smile formed on Julia’s face.

“You know, I’m free right now if you want to—”

Before Michael could finish her statement Julia’s lips were firmly pressed to her own. The two collapsed onto the bed in a tangle of lips, arms and legs.