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Chapter 14

Okay this is outfit number three. This shouldn’t be such a big deal. We’re just going to hang out, get to know each other. It’s nothing. Right? It would be nice if….

She was shocked out of her thoughts by her cell phone notifying her of a new text message.

Hey babe sorry again bout 2nite. Call u l8ter.

Spencer felt horrible as she replied that it was all right. She sat down and contemplated telling Ashley that maybe this was a bad idea. Technically she wasn’t cheating and wasn’t planning to either, but the temptation was strong. The idea of being alone with Ashley with no interruptions was secretly turning her on. She thought of a million scenarios most culminated in her just pushing Ashley down and making mad passionate love to her.

Again she was shocked out of her reverie as her phone buzzed in her hand.

cum down in 10

Spencer smiled at the suggestive message. Any thoughts of canceling immediately went out the window as she checked her outfit one last time. She wanted to look nice while still appearing casual. She finally settled on her usual skirt, this one being shorter then usual, and a sheer pink linen button down with the two top and bottom buttons undone.

She went downstairs to find Ashley already waiting for her, top down and Joss Stone playing in the background.

“Hey, hop in.”

“You weren’t waiting long for me were you?” Spencer asked as she did just that.

“Nope, just pulled up.”

“Cool. So where we headed?”

“That’s a surprise.”

“I like surprises.”

“Well stick with me cutie, because I’m full of them.” Ashley grinned as she pulled away from the curb. Spencer felt a jolt go through her at the prospect of the impending adventure.

They drove for a while with the wind blowing through their hair and the music setting the mood. Ashley’s iPod was connected to her stereo and seemed to be playing every song that Spencer ever liked. There was a comfortable silence between them and Spencer found herself stealing glances at Ashley as the wind blew through her auburn curls. She had no idea that Ashley was doing the same with her.

Her attention was drawn away from Ashley only when saw a mass of twinkling lights approaching. As they got closer she realized it was a carnival. It was a small one, with the usual rides and games, but still promised of a good time.

“Is that where we’re going?” she asked excitedly.


“I love carnivals! How’d you know?”

Ashley looked smug. “Lucky guess, I suppose.”

After finding a parking spot Ashley hopped out as Spencer undid her belt and tried to find the door handle. Ashley was to the passenger side and opening the door before she could figure it out.

“Thanks, I guess I was having a hard time with the door there.”

“I would have come to open it anyway.” Ashley blushed as Spencer smiled. “Ready?” she asked eager to push past her embracement.


Making their way inside Ashley quickly purchased them a book of ticket.

“You didn’t have to buy my tickets,” Spencer said genuinely.

“It’s no big deal,” Ashley shrugged as they walked through the turn style.

Spencer got a great view of Ashley’s ass as she walked ahead wearing a pair of pin stripped short shorts with suspenders that hung around her hips and a baby t-shirt. She was caught gawking as Ashley spun around excitedly.

“Bumper cars?”

Spencer was relieved Ashley hadn’t noticed. “Huh? Oh yeah, sure.”

The two gave their tickets and grabbed a car.

“I am so going to rear end you blondie.”

“You wish. I’m blonde, not stupid.”

They both smiled and waited for their vehicles to begin moving. Soon they were set free and Ashley found herself immediately chased by a thirteen-year-old boy with crush. Spencer took great pleasure in watching Ashley try to elude him. To Ashley’s dismay she was cornered time and again with Spencer making it worse by assaulting her from the other side.

“You think that was funny?” Ashley asked when her adolescent Don Juan was dragged away by his mother.

Spencer continued to laugh. “I’m sorry, but yes it was. Especially after all that trash talking you were doing. You never hit me once.”

“That kid was like Dale Earnhardt in that thing. I didn’t stand a chance.”

They both shared a laugh.

“Okay, what’s next?”

“You pick.”

Spencer took a look around their immediate surroundings. “Um…how ‘bout the tilt-a-whirl?”

“Good choice.”

The two women found a car they liked and climbed aboard. The dome-toped vehicle took off, spinning them around in circles as it dipped and dived. The pair stumbled off the ride laughing.

“You were totally squishing me in there.”

Spencer eyes went round. “Me? You were all over me.”

“Well, I’m not going to deny that.” Ashley bit her bottom lip and smiled slyly.

She’s just a friend, she’s just a friend. Spencer admonished herself. “It’s your turn to pick now.”

“How about the…the Ferris wheel?”

“My favorite,” Spencer smiled.

They climbed aboard and enjoyed the ride and stunning view.

Spencer turned her eyes away from the horizon finding the view beside her much more appealing. “I’m really having fun with you, Ash.”

“Don’t sound so surprised.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just Michael…” She trailed off immediately regretting saying that name as soon as it came out her mouth.

“Michael painted me as some impossible bitch right?”

Spencer cringed. “Yeah, but I already know that’s not true.”

“How do you know that?”

Spencer could feel Ashley getting tense. “Because we’re friends remember?” she replied honestly.

Ashley visibly relaxed. “You’re right.”

“Of course I’m right. But really, what happened between you two?”

“You mean she hasn’t told you?”

“She mumbles cryptic things here and there, but not really, no.”

“Maybe you should ask your girlfriend what happened.”

“But I’m asking my friend.”

Ashley looked out on the view as she considered whether or not to tell Spencer the sorted story. If Michael wasn’t going to tell her she figured she might as well. “Michael wasn’t always the super fly, perfect, good girl that you know….” Ashley told Spencer about how they’d met and the kind of girl Michael used to be. “We were together for a few months,” she concluded.

“So you two…dated?”


“Wow. She certainly never mentioned that.” Spencer wasn’t sure if she should be angry or not. Michael never told her that she dated Ashley; just that she hated her and Ashley was bad news. She never cared to go into detail.

“Maybe I shouldn’t go into the rest.”

“No, please continue,” Spencer rushed. “Why’d you two break up? It sounds like you were happy.”

“We were, or I thought we were. After Michael’s physical change she had a personality change too. Even though she was thankful for me helping to turn her into a new woman, she also resented the fact that she even needed the help. Who she was had been waiting to come out all along, I just gave it a little nudge. I guess Mike didn’t feel that way. She began to talk about me behind my back. She would tell people that she didn’t need me and she was just using me for my money. I mean, who admits that to people and it was obvious to anyone who cared to look that she was lying. Michael’s family may have just as much money as mine.”

“Really? I didn’t know that.”

“How do you not know that? Have you been in her car?”

“Of course I have,” Spencer said defensively. “It’s just an SUV.”

“Spence, that’s an Audi SUV, that’s like a forty thousand dollar car.”

“It is?” Spencer was cursing her lack of knowledge about cars.

Ashley laughed. “Yes. How about money? Does she let you pay for anything when you go out?”

Spencer thought about it. “No, not really, once or twice.”

“She still shop a lot?”

“All the time.”

“Now does she ever mention work or having a job.”


“Where’d you think the money was coming from?”

Spencer blanched. “I never even thought about it.”

“Well, she was lying back then. I confronted her on the rumors and of course she denied them. Then I started hearing rumors of her being caught in the girl’s basketball dorms at strange hours of the night. She denied that too. After a while I just stopped liking the person she’d become. She wasn’t the sweet, kindhearted girl I used to know. I guess after time I lost interest. The time I invested in our relationship I kind of started reinvesting in random girls again. At first I thought it would get her attention and I wasn’t going to actually cheat, but she didn’t seem to notice, if anything she was happy about the free extra time away from me. So I did start cheating. I really didn’t even bother keeping it a secret either. Deep down I just wanted her to care, but she never did. One day at practice Samantha, a girl who graduated, flipped out on me. She wanted me to break up with Michael and be with her. She was crying and hysterical. Michael and the entire time was there as Sam begged for us to be together and to leave Michael. They all watched as I tried to console Sam while preparing myself for the hell I was about to receive from Mike. Coach left to console Sam, leaving Michael and I there in the locker room in front of the entire team.

“Oh my gosh. What happened then?” Spencer felt like she was listening to a soap opera. Never mind this was her girlfriend Ashley was talking about.

“I tried to talk to her in private. I tried so hard, but she was pissed and wanted answers. So I told her. I told her about Samantha and all the other girls, some right in the in locker room with us. I told her I did it so she’d notice me and because I knew she was doing the same thing. Even when she was caught she wouldn’t admit it. We got into a screaming match and things were said. The entire team watched as our relationship fell to pieces. We were like swimming’s super couple, aquatic royalty and those leeches were proud to see us fall. I let everything I felt about Michael out right then and there. How I changed her, made her who she was, stuck out all the rumors and treated her like something when she was really nothing. She was hurt and I was glad she was hurt, but it was only because it meant she really did feel something for me. Michael never understood I really cared for her. We broke up that day with the entire team watching.

“That’s a lot to take in.”

“I know. But understand something, if she says she hates me it has nothing to do with the fact that I cheated, it has everything to do with the fact that I saw her for the liar she was and called her on it in front of her so called friends. Please don’t let her tell you different.” Ashley was looking at Spencer with pleading eyes. Spencer could see the sincerity there. She would believe Ashley over her own girlfriend mainly because Michael had never even bothered to tell her any other side of the story.

“I believe you, Ash.”

Ashley smiled as the ride came to an end. They were silent for a while as they meandered around the carnival.

“I hope you don’t think I’m badmouthing your girlfriend. I don’t want to come between you guys.”

“No, I know. I’m the one that asked. It’s just…”

Ashley could tell Spencer was confounded by something. She gently grabbed her arm, turning Spencer to face her. “Just what?”

“When we touch, when she’s near me I don’t feel that…that spark. That fire you know?”

Spencer’s eyes drifted to the hand currently holding her arm. She was feeling that spark right now.

“Yeah, I know.”

Their eye’s locked for what felt like an eternity until Spencer broke the silence. “Come on let’s play a few games.”

While playing the various games Ashley found that Spencer was strangely good and the softball milk bottle toss. She won Ashley a large teddy bear with a blue ribbon around its neck.

“Thanks, Spence. How’d you get so good at that?”

“Softball team in high school, I was the pitcher. I still got it.”

“I see. Tell me more.”


“About high school, your family, I want to know it all.”

“You got a few hours?” Spencer laughed.

“I got all night if you do.”

“Okay. Well, I’m originally from Ohio…”

Spencer told her about moving from Ohio to LA. She spoke fondly of her brothers and even mentioned her mother and fathers sometimes rocky marriage.

“So those are all the people screaming for you at the matches?”

“That’s them. You should meet them next time.”

“I’d love to.”

They walked and talked until ten when the carnival lights began to dim.

“I guess we have to go.”

“Yeah.” Ashley paused nervously. “I have one more thing I’d like to show you. Do you mind?”

“I’m with you tonight.”

Ashley felt her heart warm at those words and she wished that they extended passed just one night.