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Chapter 16

Michael came to Spencer’s room not even concerned about the fact that she could have been out all night. She was oblivious to anything besides her current educational problems. She did bring Spencer her favorite pizza as a penance for having to be away the entire weekend.

There were times when Spencer seriously considered leaving Michael, but then she’d do something terribly considerate and thoughtful making Spencer reconsider. When she thought about it further, why leave Michael, for Ashley? That was certainly premature. Yes, she knew Ashley liked her, but they were still building a friendship. She couldn’t leave Michael for something that could possibly remain just that.

Be that as it may, Ashley consumed a great deal of Spencer’s thoughts. Now with Michael she was imagining it was Ashley kissing her. It was Ashley ravishing her neck with kisses and soft nips. She could feel Ashley’s smooth hands sliding down her sides and across her abs. When she closed her eyes she could smell Ashley’s breath mixing with her own. It took all she had to not moan out Ashley’s name as Michael released her breasts from their lace incasing and she sucked a pert nipple into her mouth. Spencer bit her lip becoming lost in her own thoughts. She was so far gone that she hadn’t even noticed Michael had unbuttoned her jeans and was now easing them over her hips. She was shocked back into reality by the sound of her own zipper hammering loudly in the silence of her dorm room.

“Wait, Mike, stop.”

“What’s wrong, Spencer?” Michael asked with a frustrated huff.

Spencer knew she was probably driving Michael to the point of insanity with her teasing, but she couldn’t help it. At first she just wasn’t ready. Now thought, she was imagining someone else and it just didn’t feel right.

“I’m sorry. I’m just not in the mood I guess.”

Michael was incredulous. “In the mood? Did you just hear yourself?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t matter. I’m still not ready.”

“Spence, are you ever going to be in the mood or ready?”

Spencer fell silent as she looked at her girlfriend. Just tell the truth. “Yes, of course.” Or lie. “Just not now, okay?”

“Okay. I don’t want to push you.”

“Thank you.” She placed a kiss on Michael’s lips. “Will you hold me?”

“Of course.”

The two settled into the sheets. Sleep would be a long time coming for the couple. Michael from sexual frustration and Spencer from an overactive mind, with the focus being one petite brunette.

The next morning Spencer woke up alone. She knew Michael had another study session and she was grateful for the time along. Grabbing her laptop Spencer flopped down on her bed to check her email. She didn’t find anything  much, just some spam, a message from Glen and one from Michael.

Hey babe. Didn’t want to wake you this morning. I’ll be at my study sessions all night. Sorry again. Ttys.

Spencer felt a queer mix of sadness and relief. She was sad she wouldn’t be seeing Michael the entire day, but relieved she’d be able to spend more time with Ashley.

She signed on to AIM, receiving an instant message few seconds later.

RockerBiDavies: Hey

BlUEyEz: whats up

RockerBiDavies: nothing, just woke up. saw you on thought id say hello

BlUEyEz: hiiii

RockerBiDavies: hello lol

RockerBiDavies: wat did you guys end up doing last nite

BlUEyEz: nthing much, I just managed to piss her off yet again, the same ol same ol lol

Ashley became angry at the prospect of Michael treating Spencer badly.

RockerBiDavies: piss her off?

BlUEyEz: yeah I kinda left her with um…blue balls last night

Ashley laughed aloud.

RockerBiDavies: Lmao! Nice

BlUEyEz: that’s not a good thing Ash
RockerBiDavies: oh right, sorry, but not really

BlUEyEz: ur always so supportive you know that

RockerBiDavies: I said sorry, really

BlUEyEz: it’s cool, only thing is…

RockerBiDavies: what

BlUEyEz: well blue balls for Mike means…

RockerBiDavies: blue balls 4 u 2?

BlUEyEz: yeah

RockerBiDavies: I get it and I completely understand

RockerBiDavies: so y don’t u just get 2 it already?

BlUEyEz: I’m not sure, I’m just not into it for some reason…every time we get close I just…

Spencer hesitated, she knew that Ashley knew she wanted her, but it still wasn’t an easy thing to tell someone.

RockerBiDavies: what

BlUEyEz: I just go someplace else is all

RockerBiDavies: oic, been there 2

BlUEyEz: yeah but I’m dealing with it I guess

RockerBiDavies: what about u tho, what about those blue balls

BlUEyEz: I don’t know, after a while I just forget I guess. At least until she comes over again lol

RockerBiDavies: well um…what is it exactly that you want to do

She has to be kidding me! Spencer lamented.

BlUEyEz: u know already

RockerBiDavies: no I have no clue, how ‘bout you tell me

BlUEyEz: what is it that you want to know exactly

RockerBiDavies: well if some imaginary person were there, that you were interested in going all the way with, what would be happening

Okay she is serious. Should I tell her? Spencer stared at the screen for a while contemplating her next statement.

Ashley stared at hers as well on the edge of her seat. She knew she was fishing and was hoping she had the right bait.

BlUEyEz: I d some kissing to start with

Ashley bit her lip and smiled as she typed her reply. She knew she would have to tread lightly to get what she was looking for, but with Spencer she was willing to do so.

RockerBiDavies: that’s always a good start

BlUEyEz: I don’t know what else, I can’t see it in my head

RockerBiDavies: well lets pretend it was say…me. would it make it easier for you to imagine then

“You have no idea,” Spencer said to her empty room.

BlUEyEz: I suppose so

RockerBiDavies: okay, so we’re kissing, now what

BlUEyEz: well um I guess I would push you down on the bed and get on top of you

RockerBiDavies: you’re a top, never would have guessed it

BlUEyEz: there’s a lot you still don’t know about me

RockerBiDavies: I see that, what else

BlUEyEz: well we keep kissing as I run my hands down your sides

I can not believe I’m telling her this!

RockerBiDavies: nice, keep going

BlUEyEz: then I would pull the shirt over your head so I could have my way with your pulse point*

RockerBiDavies: mm hm

BlUEyEz: I would keep placing soft kisses all over your body as I worked my way down bringing one of your bra straps down with me in my teeth

Oh my gosh! Is she trying to kill me? Ashley thought.

RockerBiDavies: that’s so hot, what else

Spencer felt a jolt knowing that her words were causing a reaction in Ashley. It kept her going.

BlUEyEz: once your bra was gone id take a nipple into my mouth as my hand played with the other

RockerBiDavies: I like that

BlUEyEz: then when you were really squirming id continue my journey south kissing and licking

RockerBiDavies: just how far south we talking

BlUEyEz: all the way, id pull her pants down…

RockerBiDavies: uh huh

RockerBiDavies has signed off.
LAN connection lost

Spencer’s eyes bugged out her head as she looked at her computer. Did I go too far?

Ashley was thinking the same thing as she lost her internet connection as well. This is so not happening! Cheap ass school with their crappy internet connection!

Spencer’s worries were appeased as she realized that her internet connection had gone completely dead. Right when we were getting to the fun part. Her cell phone buzzed by the nightstand pulling her focus away from the computer.

Inbox: Net crashed. Please tell me we’re still on for tonight

Spencer smiled as she replied to Ashley’s text message.

Outbox: Definitely. See you at 8.

With that settled, a cold shower was in order for them both.