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Chapter Nine

Waking up this morning really is one of those dream come true moments. While Maura isn’t lying here next to me, for once when I wake wondering why she doesn’t love me, I know that she indeed does.

For all I know, I never envisioned this happening. Now the next steps need to be taken for me to prove my love to Maura. For once I can actually show her, directly. No hiding, no pining, no secrets.

If Dr. Maura Isles wants to be wooed then wooed she will be.


Having left early to make a stop, I greet Maura as soon as she walks through the morgue doors.

“Good morning, Dr. Isles.”

I’m sure my smile is wide; especially after seeing the spectacular dress she’s wearing. And do I detect new perfume?

“Good morning, Jane,” Maura greets happily. “I took the liberty of getting you a ham, egg and cheese sandwich from that artery clogging place you like. Oh, and some of that tar they call coffee.”

Well I’ll be damned. Seems I’m not the only one trying some wooing on for size. That realization makes me giggle then quickly clear my throat.

“Wow, thanks. I also made a stop and grabbed you a free trade, organic, soy latte, skinny—though you don’t need the skinny part—and a gluten free, raspberry tort, sweetened with Stevia.”

The bright smile Maura wears makes the twenty minute trip and the fifteen minute brain wracking session worth it.

We spend a few minutes trying to juggle coffees and bags.

“I have two coffees now,” Maura laughs. “Though, what you brought me is far better than what I got for myself.”

“Yeah, me too.”

One would think that the way we’re standing in the morgue staring at each other is strange, but I find it completely natural.

“So, do you have any plans this evening?”

The expectant look in her eyes tells me she’s either waiting for me to ask her out or preparing to do it herself. There is no way that I will let either happen right now.

“Not sure yet. I better get to it just in case. Lunch?” I ask before making it to the door.

“Yes, of course.”

“Great! See you later.”

My exit is swift and not too graceful. I need to find a nice way to ask her out, something bold, yet sophisticated. Okay, I’m not proposing marriage or anything here, but I still need it to be special.

I spend the rest of the morning trying to think of something. Forget the mountain of cases I’ve been neglecting due to my ceaseless pinning. Now I shall neglect from wooing.

Getting a text from Maura around eleven thirty informing me she won’t be able to leave the office for lunch fortuitously gives me an idea, and I spring into action. I’m grateful my creativity kicked in before the end of the day.

“Hey, guys, I’m going to be at lunch a little longer than usual. Can I get either of you anything?”

Frost and Korsak look utterly bewildered. I’m sure my sudden change in attitude is hard for them to understand. Maybe one day I’ll even explain it to them.

“I’m still stuffed from the breakfast you brought us, Janie,” Korsak smiles.

“Yeah, I’m good, partner. Enjoy your lunch.” Frost’s smile is knowing and while just a week ago I wanted to run from his all too perceptive eyes, today I send him a wink before practically bouncing out the door.

I need to make a couple stops to enact my plan so I’d better get to work.

It takes quite a bit of cash and offers of favors to lab techs to pull this off, but when Maura walks through the door of her office, it’s all worth it.


Yeah, I went all out.

“Since you can’t leave for lunch, I thought I’d bring lunch to you.”

I’ve set up a full on picnic on the floor of Maura’s office. It’s perfect, even down to the checkered blanket I had to go to three stores to find. I picked up some of her favorite foods and some sparkling cider in lieu of wine.

“This is amazing.”

“Come, sit.” I gently reach for her hand after she steps out of her shoes and help her take a seat.

I know I should probably have a seat across from her, but instead I stop just short of her lap.

“Feta and sun dried tomato pennies, macaroni salad and for desert, macaroons,” I present with a flourish.

“You have really thought of everything. I’m speechless.”

Our eyes meet and lock and I can see the pure love and adoration there. I could drown in the fact that this incredible woman loves me and I’d do so happily.

“Well,” I say breaking our trance. “Eat up before someone comes and interrupts us, I know you’re busy.”

It’s midway through lunch before I muster up enough courage to get to the point of all this. We’ve yet to be interrupted so I’d better take this opportunity while I have it.

“Um, Maura.”  I pause to clear my throat. “I was wondering if maybe you and I could go out…on a date…you know, together?

I hate the way I’m stammering and stuttering, but this woman does that to me.

“Absolutely,” she replies without hesitation.


“Of course.”

I’m smiling like an idiot and, in my defense, so is she.

“Oh, I have something for you too.”

She goes to her desk, pulling out an envelope.

“I wanted to get you something to commemorate…I don’t know, the change in our relationship I suppose.”

One peak inside the envelope sends me to my feet. “Are you kidding me, Maura? Sox tickets? How did you even get these, it’s the playoffs!”

“I called in a few favors from a few friends.”

“Should I be worried that you’re indebted to someone forever?”

“No,” Maura laughs. “I’m all yours.” An adorable blush suffuses her skin.

“All mine, huh?”

“In a manner of speaking.”

I take a few steps closer invading her space.  “In what manner of speaking?”


Grabbing her hips I take a chance that the new limits of our relationship are ready to handle such liberties. “That’s it?”

“Maybe a bit more.”

“Just a bit?” I whisper before our lips meet.

The pure electricity I felt last night is nothing compared to this moment. We’re passed the tentative exchanges of first kisses. We’re certainly no longer unsure of where we stand with each other. There’s nothing ahead of us but the joy of exploration, and that knowledge has a heady effect on me.

Maura must feel it too as her arms wrap tightly around my neck pulling me in closer. I have absolutely no problem with giving her what she wants. Our bodies press flush together as the kiss grows deeper, more heated.

“Dr. Isles?”

Knocking on the door pulls us away suddenly. I don’t know if we’ve been standing here making out for seconds or minutes and I love the way that feels.

Maura looks stupefied for a moment before calling out, “Come in.”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize you were in a…meeting.” The nameless tech’s eyes scan the clearly romantic scene. I didn’t have time to grease this one’s palm so he’s totally clueless.

“It’s fine, what is it?”

“The results for the substance under the John Doe’s nails came in, it looks like—”

“Maybe I should go,” I interrupt. My mind and body are in a totally different sphere than dead bodies and their substances.

Maura places a possessive hand on my arm stopping me in my place.

“That can wait for now,” Maura informs the tech. “I will come confer with you once I’ve finished my lunch.”

“No, problem,” he replies awkwardly before scurrying away.

“Now, where were we?”

“About here,” I say just before pulling her to me again. I don’t have long to enjoy the feel of her lips before there is another knock.


“I concur,” Maura sighs. “Okay, I guess our picnic is over.”

“Guess so.”

“This was wonderful, Jane. Thank you.”

“My pleasure.”

Maura looks at the door when the knocking sounds again. “I’m coming!” Once her shoes are back on Maura pulls open the door with such force that the uniformed officer takes a step back.

“Dr. Isles, Detective—”

“Yes, I know. Lets go.” She stops just before turning the corner. “What time should I be ready?”

I go for the universal date time of, “Eight.”


Crap, hadn’t thought of that. What would make her happiest? “Formal.”

“Oh!” she smiles. “Can’t wait.”

She hurries behind the young, uniformed officer and I hurry to find my young, detective partner.

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