Yes, I’ve finally gotten this finished! This was supposed to be a quick, smutty little one shot as a thank you for all your readership. It wasn’t until writing this that I realized just how long winded I am. Anyway, its still smutty, but certainly not quick anymore.

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Pairing: Rizzoli & Isles        Rating: NC-17

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“So do we really need to leave right after work? Don’t you think we should rest first?”

Maura glanced up over an open cadaver. “Absolutely not. I want to ensure we have as much time as possible this weekend.”

“Alright, you’re the boss. How long does it take to get to Virginia anyway?” Jane leaned back against a nearby counter, arms folded across her chest. She wondered at Maura’s practiced efficiency.

“Roughly, eleven hours and sixteen minutes by car, but we’re flying.”

“What?” Jane rose to her full height. “Maur, we’re wasting money on a flight just to go eleven hours away?”

We’re not, I am. I told you, Jane, I want to have the entire long weekend to enjoy. We’d lose half of an entire day traveling if we drove.”

Jane groaned.

“Besides, you promised not to argue this weekend. I have total control.” Maura pointed a bloodied scalpel. “You promised that you would relax.”

“I know, I know.” Jane held up her hands in supplication regretting her words already.

Despite her complaints, she was grateful to Maura. There had been a long string of murders keeping the entire precinct busy for weeks. Maura recognized the stress that Jane had been under and thought it time she intervene. Jane agreed to a long weekend away in honor of the Memorial Day weekend. They’d both been given their respective departments blessings to take the time off in consideration of their rigorous service.

“Now, if you would excuse me, I need to finish this before the end of the day. I’ll be by to pick you up at seven.”

Jane bowed at the waste sweeping a hand through the air. “As you wish. See you later.”


After the flight, they rented a car at the airport for the short drive to the Virginia Beach area. Maura had a small cabin on an inlet off Lake Rudee. While there were tourist attractions on the lake, the inlet was private to the residence and most travelers preferred the sand of the beach to the lake. Maura had happened upon the spot as a teenager and fell in love with the simple charm of the area. Always a lover of the water, her cabin gave her full access to explore her budding nautical attraction.

“Man, it gets dark out here,” Jane noted.

Maura smiled. That too was a part of the appeal. The light from the compact rental sliced through the darkness that pressed in on them at every side. The inky blackness formed walls, endless expanses of dark, that made them seem almost alone in the world. Stars winked overhead displayed proudly against a velvet sky.

“So is this place like your hide away?” Jane asked suddenly. “Is this where you bury the bodies of the men you slay?”

Maura laughed. “You make me sound like a black widow.”

“That’s not what I mean,” Jane hedged.

“Well, I guess this is a hide away of sorts.” Maura took a pensive pause. “Actually, I’ve never brought anyone here before.”

Jane found Maura’s profile in the darkness. The control panel cast a soft glow across her features. “Really? Why are you bringing me?”

Maura didn’t hesitate. “You needed to get away.”

“So just like that you…”

“What?” Maura asked when Jane didn’t continue.

“I don’t know, clearly this is an important place for you. I don’t want to violate that.”

“You’re an important person to me,” Maura replied easily. The truth always rolled across her lips smoothly.

Thank you seemed inane. Jane opted for honesty instead. “You are too.”


The curiously pleasant ride ended as they pulled onto a driveway tucked away off the main road. They bounced down the gravel drive pulling through a line of trees before a small dark structure came into view. The light from the car wasn’t enough to offer much detail.

Maura pulled out her iPhone scrolling through the applications until she found the one she needed. Pressing a few buttons, suddenly the lights inside and out were casting a warm, orange glow into the darkness.

“Well that’s a fancy little doodad,” Jane commented as she took in the small cabin.

The front sported a charming little porch with two Adirondack chairs just begging for a good novel and warm cider.

“Far fancier than I’m accustomed to, I assure you, but coming here alone at night was a bit disconcerting. I had this system installed for safety.” She reached for the door handle. “Come on.”

Jane followed grabbing both their bags on the way.

The cabin, as Maura so affectionately put it, was much more than that. While the outside bore the look and styling of a rustic lake cabin, the inside had the modern amenities of any home. It was one big open space with a modern kitchen to the left that was separated from the cozy living area by a marble topped island. A loft hovered above half the space.

Jane followed Maura up the short flight of rich raw maple stairs devoid of railing.

“This is the only bedroom. I hope you don’t mind sharing.” Maura looked unsure. “I can sleep on the couch, if you prefer. It folds out.”

“We’ve slept in the same bed before,” Jane smiled. “On several occasions actually. It’s fine.”

She placed the bags at the foot of the large wood framed bed that dominated the majority of the loft space. Soft throw rugs dotted the space warming the hard wood floors.

“This place is really nice, Maur. Nothing like I’d expect of you.”


Jane walked to the loft railing, looking down on the main living area. “Yeah, its…earthier than your usual style.”

“Hm…” Maura took in the warm terracotta walls and framed tapestries. “I suppose it is. Do you like it?”

“Very much,” Jane assured.

“Good.” Maura smiled and clapped her hands excitedly. “Since the tour is complete,” she joked, “time for the relaxation to begin.” Maura motioned for Jane to follow.

They made their way through a frosted glass door that led to the master bathroom located off the bedroom. A large Jacuzzi tub sat next to a glass encased shower. Atop the counter sat a porcelain vessel sink. The bathroom was also decorated in tones of brown and beige with a spot of blue for a pop of color. Travertine tiles graced the floors carrying on the theme from the kitchen.

Maura turned to Jane. “Bath or shower?”

“You trying to tell me something?”

“Jane,” Maura warned.

“Okay, um…I guess I’ll try the shower for now.”

“Nice choice.”

Jane watched as Maura opened the shower door. “Um, Maura, I think I know how to work a shower.”

“Just a quick tutorial.”

Jane followed Maura into the stall, Maura showing her how to work the body jets, steam and light therapy controls.

“Light therapy?

“Yes. Light and color can affect mood as well as mental and physical health. I would suggest the yellow and/or orange to begin alleviating your work related stress. Maybe finish with some blue and steam to sooth.”

“Maura, you’re a crazy person.”

“Well I—”

“I love it,” Jane interrupted.

Maura blushed. “Okay, enjoy. Take your time and I’ll start dinner.”

Left alone in the bathroom staring at the shower control panel, Jane felt her stress level rise to new levels.

Downstairs Maura worked furiously to prepare a decent meal in a limited amount of time. She grabbed the groceries they’d stopped for from the car and began to prepare a simple stir-fry made from one hundred percent farm fresh, organic products.

She couldn’t fight the anticipatory anxiety that filled the cabin. These foreign emotions were making her jittery. Maura paused her chopping to take a few cleansing breaths. This vacation was for her too. She needed to relax, this was just she and Jane. The weekend would be no different from any other they spent together at home.

Then again, it was a little different. Outside of the occasional forest creature, they were totally alone. Neighbors were just out of sight. There was no Angela, Frankie, or Tommy to interrupt them. Constance and Hope were nowhere to be found either. There were no pets to tend to or any cases to interrupt them. Maura worried for a moment that they would have nothing to discuss without their usual distractions. She needed to put such irrational fears from her mind, she knew. This was Jane, for crying out loud. Her best friend, her protector, her…everything.

“Okay so—”

Maura yelped, spinning around with a hand held over her chest.

“Whoa, easy there.” Jane looked on with concern.

“Sorry, you startled me.”

“I’m sorry. I thought you heard me coming.”

Maura nodded. “No, it’s my fault. I was a million miles away.”

“Well you should take a shower. I was just about to tell you that you were right. I feel very relaxed already.”

Maura smiled proudly. “See, I told you light and steam worked. I’m going to install one of those at home I think.”

Jane peered into the wok. “Great,” she replied absently. “I guess I’ll just start coming over naked. Save time.”

Maura conjured up that image in her mind; Jane standing naked on her front stoop. It stirred her in unexpected ways.

“Well…um…the rice will be a few more minutes, I think I’ll take a moment to shower now.” She moved to the stairs. “Would you start a fire for us? Wait,” she stopped on the top stair. “You know how to build a fire don’t you?”

Jane looked insulted. “You know I’m not a total idiot, right Maur?”

“Well obviously not,” Maura scolded. “Intelligence and fire building ability are not synonymous.”

“I’m sorry,” Jane sighed. “I guess that stress hasn’t totally disappeared yet. Yes, I can build a fire.”

“Okay,” Maura smiled. “Be right back.”

Jane wasn’t surprised when she found everything for the fire tucked neatly in a cabinet next to the fireplace. Maura was efficient everywhere she went.

Tapping into summers long ago, Jane stacked wood strategically, placing starters in the center which she could light using newspaper. Reaching for the matches she was annoyed to find them empty. Fire building was an art and her rhythm had just been broken.

“Geez, Maur!”


Jane looked up to the loft finding Maura peering back at her naked from the waste up, save for a bra.

“Oh, ah.” Jane stared for a moment. The empty box in her hand kick started her memory. “Matches! This box is empty.”

“There is another in the kitchen pantry.”

Jane watched until she was out of sight. She rolled her eyes at her own adolescent behavior. She’d seen Maura clad in less on several occasions, there was no reason why now should be any different.


“That looks wonderful, Jane,” Maura smiled as she went about serving their meal.

“Thanks. I can be outdoorsy when I need to be.”

“I see.” Maura brought their plates to the island producing wine and a candle. She pushed thoughts or romance aside replacing them instead with thoughts of relaxation. That was the goal for this weekend after all. Nothing more.

“This looks good,” Jane complimented honestly.

“Thank you. Just something I whipped up. All organic.”

“Oh, impressive.”

“You’re making fun.”

“No,” Jane laughed. “You care about what you put in your body and thus mine. I appreciate it.”

Maura paused for a moment. She’d never heard such frank appreciation from Jane before, especially about food matters. Jane usually complained about Maura’s endless search for knowledge about her diet as well as her need to share that knowledge with anyone who cared…or didn’t care to listen.

“I thought my food research annoyed you.”

Jane shrugged. “Maybe I think it’s…cute. Maybe,” she smiled.

Their eyes met and held over the island. Jane had noticed Maura’s eyes before, of course. They were beautiful, which went without saying, but something about now was different. The fire lit the green of Maura’s irises giving her an almost ethereal look. She wasn’t looking at Jane, she was looking through her. There was a time when that prospect wouldn’t have meant anything, her life was an open book. Now though, if Maura were to look through her she had no idea what she would find and that was frightening.

“Well,” Jane cleared her throat. “What do you have planned for this weekend? Knowing you it has to be something extravagant.”

Maura was scandalized. “Extravagant? I resent that.”

“You resent that? Really, Ms. Dirt bath?”

“It was clay! And it’s very good for the skin. You were positively glowing for weeks after that.”

“That’s because I couldn’t clean the damn stuff off.”

“You’re exaggerating,” Maura laughed. “And I’ll have you know that I actually have a rather demure weekend planned.” She sobered a bit. “I know how you get when I drag you to one of my activities and I don’t want you to stress. So, I have nothing but nature and communing with it on the schedule.”

Jane was impressed. “That’s it, really? No mani/pedi? No facials or messages in eucalyptus sauce?”

Maura laughed again saying, “No. I was thinking some kayaking tomorrow, maybe a little fishing.”

“That…actually sounds nice.”

“Good.” She collected their plates.

“Let me get that.”

“No,” Maura held up a forestalling hand. “I’m putting these in the dishwasher. Grab the wine and have a seat by the fire.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“So, how long have you had this place?” Jane asked when Maura joined her on the floor in front of the fire. Large pillows dotted the living space giving it a cozy and homey feel.

“For quite some time, actually. I just let it sit here unused for years. It was more of an impulse purchase. I finally renovated it to sell, but when I saw the finished product I couldn’t part with it. Now after some of our tougher cases I try to come out here and decompress, even if it’s only for a day.”

“I’ll try not to take it personal that you didn’t share this with me,” Jane said in jest.

“No!” Maura placed a hand on Jane’s leg. “Please don’t take it personal. I didn’t mean for it to be a secret, especially from you.”

Jane covered Maura’s hand with her own. “I’m joking. You’re entitled to your privacy. My mother lives in your guesthouse for Christ’s sake. I should be one trying to help you relax.”

They shared a laugh.

“She’s a joy. I don’t think you know how much fun she is.”

Jane scowled. “Oh, I know all about how fun she can be.”

Maura smiled, but let the issue drop. They could go back and forth for hours about the importance of Angela in their lives. In the end they both knew no one could rival Jane’s love for her mother. Instead she reached for the wine bottle and refilled their glasses.

“We’re going to finish the bottle,” Jane warned.

“So? We’re on vacation. And I have plenty.”

Jane smiled. “Okay, wild and crazy lady.”

“We’re just getting started.”

Again their eyes met but this time they fell into a fit of giggles.

Jane yawned as she watched the fire die down. “I think the day is finally catching up with me,” she admitted.

“Me too,” Maura agreed.

“Are you ready to sleep with me? Think you can handle it?” Jane feigned seriousness.

Maura looked her square in the eyes. “I don’t remember it being anything I couldn’t handle before.”

Jane smiled. “We weren’t on vacation and hopped up on an entire bottle of wine before. Anything could happen now.” Jane had no idea where these words were coming from, but they kept pouring across her lips. She took solace in the fact that the more she said the more Maura’s eyes shined with amusement.

“Yes, anything could happen, but you forget one fact.”

“And that is?”

“You’re on my territory,” she whispered before grabbing the wine glasses and heading for the kitchen.

Jane felt a shudder down her spine as she followed Maura up to the loft.

“Would you like the left side as usual?”

“Sure,” Jane replied agreeably.

When had they establish sides of the bed?

Jane plopped down on the surprisingly firm mattress releasing a contented sigh.

“Be right back,” Maura informed. “Have to brush my teeth.”

Jane groaned before following.

“Well I can’t go to sleep when you just made me feel guilty for not brushing,” Jane defended at Maura’s questioning glance.

“I wasn’t trying to guilt you,” Maura laughed. “I was simply keeping you abreast of my nightly ritual.”

“Yeah, yeah. Move over.” Jane nudged Maura’s hip, making space for herself at the counter. She smiled as she took the proffered toothpaste.

Jane was struck by the domesticity of the scene. She enjoyed brushing her teeth with Maura as they prepared for bed. A strange sense of comfort washed over her that she’d never experienced before.

In contrast as they made their way to the bed a feeling of anticipation loomed ominously in the air. Jane was willing to attribute it to the fact that she had never actually gone to bed with Maura. Sure they’d ended up there on several occasions, but it had always been due to circumstance. This now was very deliberate, planned, and it made Jane nervous, yet not uncomfortable.

For her part, Maura appeared perfectly comfortable, though she too felt acute anticipation. As they climbed under the blankets it only became stronger.

“Nice mattress,” Jane said honestly. Any topic was welcome at this point.

“Thank you. It has great lumbar support. You should wake up feeling refreshed.”

If I get any sleep, Jane thought.

Though the bed was comfortable, it was only a full sized mattress. They were lying closer than usual and the heat coming from their bodies was wreaking havoc on Jane’s equilibrium.

This is silly, Maura chastised herself. If there was one person on earth she should feel comfortable with, it was Jane. She’d seen Maura at her absolute worst, never passing judgment. For her emotions to be in such turmoil over sleep was irrational.

With a resolute sigh she rolled away from Jane and willed herself to sleep tossing a, “Goodnight,” over her shoulder in the process.

Jane felt an odd sense of disappointment as she listened to Maura’s breathing even out. Why she’d feel disappointed that Maura, her friend–best friend, had gone to sleep she didn’t know. All she could do was hope exhaustion would wash over her and take away her new and troubling thoughts.


A species of bird Jane could not identify woke her late the next morning. She cursed after looking at her phone and finding it was a little after eleven.

Scrambling from bed, she peered down into the main living space. “Maur?” she called with no reply.

With an annoyed huff Jane rushed into the shower skipping the light and steam, even as they tempted her.

Morning routine complete, she made her way downstairs finding coffee and doughnuts waiting. “What is this, a cop joke?” she groused.

A noise coming from the rear of the house sent Jane searching in that direction, doughnut in hand. She skipped the coffee, Maura was right, she’d slept great on that mattress despite her thoughts keeping her up well into the night.

“Well, good morning,” Maura smiled when she saw the damp haired detective join her by the rear shed.

“Morning,” Jane said around a mouthful of pastry. “Almost good afternoon. Why’d you let me sleep so late?”

Maura continued rinsing two kayaks with a hose, glancing up at Jane’s annoyed tone. “Clearly you needed the rest. I told you this weekend was about relaxation. You deserve to sleep in.”

“Not when I’m the guest in someone’s home.” Jane may have been appreciative, but she was also embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, when did you become a guest and when did I become someone?”

Jane blanched at Maura’s tone. “Okay, I’m sorry. I just hate that I slept so late while you’re all up and at ‘em.” Especially when inappropriate thoughts of you is what kept me up so late.

“If it makes you feel any better, I’ve only been up for about an hour myself,” Maura offered. She could tell Jane viewed sleeping in as a sign of weakness and that was her last intention.

“Only just a little bit,” Jane finally smiled. “So what do we have here?” she asked ready to move on.

“Just a couple sit-on kayaks. I thought we’d take them out for a spin.”

Jane became pensive for a moment.

“What?” Maura asked when she saw Jane’s detective face.


“No, really. What are you thinking,” she pressed. Maura found Jane’s keen observation abilities fascinating and never passed up an opportunity to witness them at work.

“It’s just…well you said you never brought anyone here before, yet you have two kayaks and they’re not new so…” She left the sentence hanging. Again she was embarrassed for even noticing, more so for being jealous.

Maura smiled with satisfaction, Jane had done it again. “That’s very astute, Jane. These actually came with the house. The previous owners moved to the city and wouldn’t need them anymore. They left them as a signing bonus after the sale.”

Jane sighed. “I’m sorry, Maur. I wasn’t trying to accuse you of anything.”

She held up a hand to forestall any more explanation. “It’s okay. You have a keen eye for detail. I’m certainly not going to complain about a simple inquiry.” Maura smiled again when Jane did. “Now if you’re done needlessly apologizing, would you mind grabbing those towels over there and helping me dry the tops of these?”

Jane was eager to help and found the supplies in the neatly organized shed.

Maura finished first and went to grab paddles and life vests for them both. She stopped short as she watched Jane work, her jeans stretching over her rear in a decidedly pleasing manner.

“So do I need anything for this trip?” Jane asked suddenly.

Maura’s eyes snapped away a second before Jane caught her staring and pure relief made her flush. “Huh?”

“You okay, Maura?” Jane asked with concern.

“Yes, fine. It’s getting warm out here.” She took comfort in the fact that the heat was indeed on the rise.

Maura dropped the supplies on the mulch that covered the grounds surrounding the house. It was the only natural alternative to grass Maura could find. Since she came to the house so little she didn’t want to worry about regular upkeep of the yard.

Reaching for the hem of her light fleece jacket she pulled it off revealing a snug tank top below. It was Jane’s turn to stare as she got an enticing peek at Maura’s midsection.

“Okay, much better,” she breathed. “What were you asking?”

I was asking something? “Oh! Needs. Do I need anything for this excursion?”

“I have most everything we need already, life vests, dry bag for the camera, if we decide to take pictures and an emergency cell.” Maura paused giving Jane a once over. “You may want to change out of those jeans in case you fall over.”

“Isn’t the point of kayaking to stay on the kayak?”

Maura laughed. “Yes, but anything can happen on the water. I have a spare pair of aqua socks in the closet upstairs too. I don’t have an actual slip for us to set off from so we’ll get a little wet. Oh, and make sure you put on plenty of sun block and bug spray.”

Jane smiled. “Shorts, socks, spray and block, got it.” Jane jogged into the house in search of the necessities and in short order they were off.

It took a few very comedic tries, but Jane made it onto the kayak without getting her entire body wet.

“How you doing over there?” Maura asked with what seemed a permanent smile. It was clear that Jane as trying to get her bearings on the sport.

“Alright, now that I’ve found my sense of gravity.”

“Good. I’ll let you get acclimated before we go to the more popular part of the lake. There are some rather large vessels that use that water way, I want to make sure you can get out of the way if necessary.”

“You’re scaring me, Maur,” Jane replied honestly.

“We can stay right here where it’s calm, if you like.”

“No, no I’m up for adventure just, let’s not discuss the emanate danger.”

Jane did indeed learn quickly and was soon zipping around the lake as if she’d been kayaking her entire life. Maura took her to some of the popular fishing haunts, pointed out native wildlife and they were even able to kayak passed the beautiful aquarium.

Hours later when the sun had long passed its highest point in the sky and their stomachs rumbled loudly, Maura was able to pull Jane from the water.

“Wait, hold there,” Maura requested as she reached for the dry bag. The sun shone on Jane’s hair from behind making her simply glow, almost from within. Maura couldn’t resist, she needed to capture this memory for all eternity. “Smile.”

Jane grumbled for only a moment before complying. With the sun shinning and birds chirping, it was hard to be difficult.

“Perfect,” is what Maura said even as she meant to say, “beautiful.” Looking at the digital display she was taken aback by the image of Jane sitting atop the kayak in the center of lush greenery that almost looked to be coming down upon her. Even still Jane’s visage in all it’s olive skinned beauty held back Mother Nature, a beautiful Amazon warrior lording over her kingdom.

“Okay, let me do you.”

Maura looked up sharply.

“Take your picture,” Jane clarified at Maura’s questioning stare.

“Of course,” Maura stuttered. She could slap herself in the forehead for being so obtuse.

Placing the camera back in the bag, the pair bobbled their way closer together to transfer it form one vessel to the other.

“Wait, stay there. I’ll come to you,” Maura suggested.

“No, I can make it,” Jane insisted.

They clamored in the water bumping paddles.

“Jane, wait. I’ll just turn around…”

“If you’d keep still I can reach over and—”

Jane never completed the thought as she toppled head first into the water. She surfaced immediately after with the aid of the life vest.

Maura couldn’t help it, laughter began to well up without her consent.

Jane stared at her with hard eyes as the blonde continued to guffaw uncontrollably. “Really, Maur? It’s not that funny!”

“I’m sorry, Jane,” she said through her laughter. “But I did tell you to wait.”

“And I’m telling you to stop laughing!” Jane barked as she flipped her kayak over.

There was no cease to Maura’s laughter.

“It’s that funny, huh?”

Maura could read Jane’s intention, but she was unable to get her kayak moving in time. She too tipped unceremoniously into the lake.

“Who’s laughing now, doctor?” Jane said triumphantly.

“That was uncalled for!”

“You deserved it for making me fall in then laughing at me.”

“I did no such thing,” Maura defended. “You fell in on your own and now I’m being punished for it.”

“Yeah, you’re so innocent.”

Maura frowned as Jane swam away. Jane didn’t get far before feeling a fresh deluge of water against her back.

“Did you just splash me?”

“Yes,” she said bravely. “For accusing me of something I didn’t do.”

“You realize that I’m only going to do this?” She splashed water into Maura’s face.

In an instant they were engaged in an all out splash fight. Two grown women bobbed in the lake splashing water on each other like children.

“Had enough?” Jane gasped.


Wanting to get upper hand, Jane grabbed at Maura dunking her under the water. Maura surfaced climbing onto Jane’s back bringing them both under for a moment. They continued to tussle aquatically until the air shifted.

Jane’s arms were wrapped tightly around Maura’s waist while Maura’s draped over her shoulders. In that moment they realized the position they were in, breasts pressed tightly together, and they broke apart.

“Let that be a lesson for you not to mess with me,” Jane said playfully.

Maura smiled, though she knew it didn’t reach her eyes. She was feeling a discomfiture she’d never experienced in Jane’s company.

“Lesson learned.”

They had the swim to catch their kayaks and were lucky enough to find the dry bag bobbing in the water only a few yards away.

The odd discomfort stayed with them as they showered, changed and had lunch. It wasn’t until late afternoon that conversation began to flow freely again. The pair leaned their fishing poles against the railing of Maura’s neighbors dock.

“It’s nice of them to let you use their space.”

Maura nodded her agreement. “They’re not here often, even if they hadn’t given their consent they’d probably never know we were here.”

“Why, Dr. Isles, are you suggesting trespassing on someone else’s property?” Jane’s eyes sparkled with mirth in the afternoon sun.

“No…” Maura paused. “Okay, technically I am.”

They shared a laugh.

“Luckily, I’ve been given consent.”

“Otherwise I’d have to arrest you.”

Maura smiled seductively. “Would you use the cuffs?”

“Only if you made me,” Jane answered immediately.

Neither took stock of the suggestive tone their conversation had taken. If they did then their earlier discomfort would descend on them like a wool blanket in July, thick and stifling.

Fortuitously Jane’s line began to bob in the water. With a start the pair reached for the pole and began to reel in the line.

“Reel it, Jane!”

“I am! Hold the pole.”

After a valiant fight they took a step back and wondered at the size of the fish.

“This is what just took us ten minutes to reel in?” Jane asked disbelievingly.

“It is rather small to be so strong. Although the average white fish can have—”

“Stop,” Jane ordered before Maura could begin her spiel. They continued to stare as the fish flapped about, spraying water everywhere.

“What now?”

Maura looked startled. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? Maura, this was your idea.”

“I’ve never actually fished before.”

Jane was scandalized. “What? You have poles, you knew the right bait to use.”

“They came with the house and Google,” Maura admitted.

“Oh my—Well we can’t just leave it on the line.”

Maura stared at Jane blankly.

“So take it off!”

She took a step away.

“Maura, why are you backing away?” Jane took a step toward her. “Maura!”

“I can’t, you do it!”

“You mean to tell me that you cut up dead people for a living, remove their organs, but you can’t take this tiny fish off the hook?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. People are obviously different from fish and well…dead. That fish is very much alive. It is also slimy”

Jane rolled her eyes in disbelief. “It won’t be alive much longer dealing with you.” It was clear that she would have to pony up and handle this before the little guy perished. “I’ll never forgive you for this,” she told Maura before reaching for the fish.

She pulled back suddenly on her first few attempts as it flopped to and fro.

“Careful, Jane.”

“Now you want to help?”

On her last attempt Jane grabbed a hold of her scaly friend.

“Ew, ew, ew,” she chanted as she felt the tiny muscles in her hand flex. “Can you at least hold the pole while I pull out the hook?”

Maura pulled a face as she inched her way closer.


“No need to get testy,” Maura groused once she took a firm hold on the far end of the pole.

Sufficiently grossed out, Jane summoned the last of her courage to pull the hook out and toss the fish back with a splash.

“Well that was something,” Maura sighed as she placed down the pole. “I thought you fished a lot as a kid.”

“I did but my pop usually handled the gross stuff.” She sniffed her hand. “Oh, ew! My hands are fishy.”

Maura looked disgusted. “You should really wash your hands, Jane. Fish native to fresh bodies of water can have bacteria—”

“I should make you wash my hands.” She waved them in Maura’s direction pleased when she got a squeal of distress.

“Jane, stop!”



Maura watched Jane for a moment longer before taking off for the house. Jane was close on her heels.


“You sure you don’t want me to help you cook? All this special treatment is starting to make me feel lazy.”

“I am absolutely sure. This is your relaxation weekend,” she repeated for the umpteenth time. “And you are the last person on earth that should ever feel lazy. Relish this time while you have it.”

Jane rolled her eyes. “I still feel lazy,” she grumbled.

“You want to do something? How about you find something for us to drink with dinner. I’m almost finished.”

Jane smiled. It was something. “What are we having?”

Maura looked sheepish.

“What is it,” she pressed.


Jane froze. “Are you kidding me?”

“It’s dead already!”


Jane found the small bar cart that occupied the space between the kitchen and the living room.

“Well, I know white wine usually goes well with fish.”

“White wine goes best with white fish actually. We’re having salmon.”

“Even better because I was thinking we’d try something a little different than wine tonight.”

“What did you have in mind?”

Jane didn’t answer, she simply held up an unopened bottle of Makers Mark. “May I?”

Maura nodded. “Be my guest.”

Jane didn’t hesitate as she began searching for ingredients.

“May I ask just what you’re looking for?”

“No, you may not.”

“Do you find this relaxing?” Maura’s eyes tracked Jane around her kitchen as she put the finishing touches on their meal.

“Yes, actually I do.”

“Then carry on.”

In short order Jane produced two cocktails complete with garnish.

“What would this be?” Maura asked as she graciously accepted her glass.

“I’ll tell you after you try it.” She watched Maura closely as she took a tentative sip.

“This is good,” Maura said with obvious surprise. “Now tell me?”

“Whiskey sour,” Jane smiled. “Hands down the easiest cocktail in the world to make. I took a chance on you never having one before.”

“I’m not big on dark liquors, but this is curiously pleasant and refreshing. Who knew? That bottle has been there for months collecting dust.”

Even as they’d finished diner the bottle of whiskey stayed with them as they sat by the fire. The late spring weather in Virginia made for warm days and cool nights, which served the Boston natives well.

“We should play a game,” Jane suggested.

“Good idea. I have Scrabble, Parcheesi, and chess.”

Jane rolled her eyes. “We are not playing your brainiac games. We’re going to play something fun.”

“Those games are fun. They stimulate the mind which is always entertaining.”

“Maybe for nerds.”

Maura looked hurt.

“You, however, are not a nerd,” Jane continued. “Thus we will play something fun.”

“Okay, I guess,” she hedged. “What game are you suggesting we play?”

“Never have I ever.”

Maura stared at Jane blankly. “That’s an antiquated grammar style, Jane, and finish your sentence.”

“It’s not a statement, it’s the game.”

“Well, I’ve never heard of that before.”

“Why am I not surprised,” Jane murmured as she began to fill their empty glasses.

“Will we be needing that for our game?” Maura’s face was the picture of worry.

“We most certainly will,” Jane smiled. “This is how it goes. We take turns saying things that we’ve never done and it if the other person has done it then they take a drink.” She filled their glasses almost to the brim. “For example, I’d say, never have I ever gone to boarding school, so then you would have to take a drink.”

“I see, so the object of the game is to try and guess facts about each other?”

“Sort of, it’s more to reveal secrets. So you may also say something, oh I don’t know, scandalous that you’ve done to be both revealing and to find out stuff about the person you’re playing with.”

“But then I’d have to drink too, wouldn’t I?”

“Yes, but its worth it if you can find a little dirt.” Jane waggled her eyebrows.

“Interesting. Okay, how do we start?”

“Eh, we could flip a coin, but since it’s your first time you can have the first go. Pick something obvious for starters.”

Maura was thoughtful for a second. “Oh, never have I ever worn polyester-nylon blends,” she smiled with triumph as she finished.

“Um, okay, I guess I have to take a drink.” Jane took a slug of whiskey, eyes burning from the sudden transition from cocktail to hard liquor. “Okay, my turn. Never have I ever back packed through Europe.”

Maura took a tentative sip of her drink. “I went after undergrad before med school. How’d you know?”

“It’s what all fancy pants, rich people do. I took a chance. I’d kill for a chance to do that, by the way.”

“Would you? You never said. I certainly would love to go again. I can show you a thing or two.”

“I’m sure,” Jane smiled. “Your turn.”

“Right. Never have I ever shot a gun.”

Jane began to take a sip but stopped short. “Wait, yes you have.”

“Nope, I’ve held several, but I’ve never actually fired one.”

“Fine.” She took her sip. “We’ll have to remedy that. Never have I ever performed an autopsy.”

The game went on in this vein for several rounds and thus several glasses of whiskey. Once the obvious facts had been covered, with the help of Makers Mark, the game turned to more personal topics.

“Never have I ever been with two guys at once.”

Maura began to take a sip but stopped before she did. “Define, been with.”

“Sex, intercourse, penetration.”

Maura sat her glass down.

“Really, doctor. I would have thought that curiosity would have led you to try it just once.”

“I came close in med school, but it didn’t get further than foreplay. I find I’d rather concentrate on one partner at a time.”

“Well I can understand that. In theory I’d like to try it, but in a practical since I could never go through with it.” Jane continued at Maura’s questioning look. “It’s hard enough getting one guy out of my apartment, I can’t imagine two.”

They shared a laugh.

Maura thought hard for her next turn. “Never have I ever had someone breach the back hatch.”

Jane stared blanking. “Back hatch?” she repeated. “Wait, do you mean you’ve never had someone come in through the back door?”

“Yes, back door,” Maura smiled, but then took a sip of her drink. She almost spit it out when Jane took a sip too. “Really?”

“Don’t judge, you did too!”

“I’m not judging you, Jane. It’s just, you seem so reserved sexually. I would never have pegged you for the type.”

Jane looked embarrasses. “I’m really not. It was my first boyfriend. Neither of us really knew what we were doing, it just kind of…slipped in.”

Maura laughed.

“I can’t say it was all that bad either, even though I haven’t tried it again since.”

“Why not?”

“I haven’t really trusted anyone enough to purposely try it out. There has been the occasional accident. You know the old shocker, but that’s it.”

“The shocker?”

“Yeah, you know.” Jane held up three fingers on one hand. “The shocker.”

“Oh! Yes, I see. I didn’t know that had a name.”

“Everything has a name,” she laughed. “Do you um…like that?” Jane was glad that the orange glow from the fire hid her flaming cheeks.

“Well, I tried it for scientific purposes first. And I’ve had partners who preferred it, so I guess I’ve gotten used to it. I wouldn’t say I like it, but I couldn’t say I dislike it either, you know what I mean?”

Jane nodded. “Whose turn is it?” Her mind was reeling.

“Yours,” Maura supplied easily.

Jane knew what she wanted to ask. It was the sole reason for suggesting the game, but she was afraid of the repercussions. One question had the potential to set into motion consequences that could change their relationship forever. The whiskey, though, was pushing her inhibitions aside, putting rose colored glasses on her intentions.

Screw it, she thought. “Never have I ever kissed a girl, or woman.” She waited on baited breath for Maura’s reaction. Long torturous moments ticked by, their eyes firmly glued to each other when Maura slowly drained the contents of her glass.

Maura was almost positive that Jane had never kissed a woman and she didn’t want to change the dynamic of their friendship by telling the truth even though she knew she had no choice.

“Well, I need that story,” Jane demanded effectively breaking the tension.

Maura smiled gratefully.


“In the beginning,” Maura began with a far off look in her eye. “We were in med school together, no surprise there, I’m sure. She was the roommate of a friend. She was beautiful. Long, raven hair that extended to her lower back. Tall and lithe, she had these thick, dark eyelashes that spoke of some mystery. I stayed in my friend’s room while she was away visiting family since my roommate had male company. She and I would stay up for hours just talking. One night, not unlike tonight, while we were drinking she slowly leaned in and kissed me.” Maura’s fingertips ghosted across her lips as the memory took her away. “We never had intercourse, but on those dark, cold nights we’d touch and kiss.” She sighed wistfully before saying, “My friend returned, I went back to my room, and we never spoke of it again.”

“Why not?” Jane asked in just above a whisper. The gravity of this revelation was not lost on her and talking loudly seemed inappropriate.

“It was an unspoken agreement, I suppose. Just a college dalliance. She began seeing a gentleman soon after that. I transferred to begin my specialization studies.”

“She sounds special. Did you ever talk to her again?”

Maura’s smile was wan. “Actually, yes. A few years ago she sent me a beautiful message on Facebook. She thanked me for being both open and discreet. Apparently I opened her eyes to feelings she didn’t know she had. Her profile picture was of her, her wife, and their beautiful son.”

“A happy ending.”

“For her, yes,” Maura sighed. “I don’t want to play anymore. I think I may have drank too much.”

Jane watched Maura recline onto some pillows, looking into the fire. She too sat her glass aside getting more comfortable.

Silence overtook them with nothing but the crackling fire as an interruption.

Maura became reluctantly introspective. She’d placed that time in her life to the very back of her mind. She didn’t like dwelling on the fact that it had stung when she realized their tryst had been just that. Maura was more than willing to explore those feelings for what they were. She’d moved on sure, but seeing her almost lover years later happy and in love struck a nerve she had no idea was exposed.

Jane thought of Maura in the arms of a woman. The other face was a blur of dark hair and eyes, but she could vividly see Maura, yielding, responsive. The thought warmed her in places already beginning to tingle due to the alcohol. Soon her thoughts were churning up an inferno in her loins.

“Tell me what it’s like,” she blurted suddenly. The words had formed and presented themselves well before Jane could wrangle them in, but once they’d seen the light she felt no regret.

“Tell you what what is like?”

“Kissing a woman.”

“Oh,” Maura paused. She hadn’t expected this question. Something in her believed Jane to be against such practices as women kissing. While Jane had never said anything remotely homophobic, Maura was embarrassed to acknowledge that she let Jane’s Italian, Catholic, boys in blue persona color her conception of her friend.

“It’s similar to kissing a man,” she began thoughtfully. “The mechanics are the same, but there are subtle differences.”

Jane shifted closer to Maura, lying alongside her. She leaned on an elbow hovering over her as she asked, “Like what?”

“Well, it’s certainly softer, that goes without saying, but there’s something else.” Maura struggled to find the words. “The dynamic is different so the experience is different.”

“I’m not sure I get it,” Jane admitted.

“It’s the difference between being kissed and doing the kissing,” Maura began, happy to be going in the right direction. “With a man you’re allowing him to kiss you, you’re giving him something that he seeks. With a woman that’s also the case, but you’re taking too.” She sighed still unhappy with her assessment. “It’s more mutual, it’s both a give and a take. A woman’s intention is to give to the woman she kisses, so with both parties trying to do nothing but give it makes…magic.”

Jane thought that over for a moment. “I think I understand.” Again she was losing her grip on what was coming out her mouth. “I’ve always been more of a practical learner I guess.”

Maura found Jane’s eyes in the yellow orange glow of the fire, they were as dark as midnight and reminded her of times passed.

“Would you mind if I gave to you, Maur?” Jane whispered softly. She was already moving to close the gap between them.

“Only if I can give back,” were the last words Maura said before their lips met.

Jane pressed her lips to Maura’s out of pure curiosity…at first. It was during this first exploratory press that she felt a flame scorch her lips and make a  path straight to her very core. It was her plan to pull away and have that be it, just some intoxicated experimentation between friends. However, quick and easy would not be her experience. As soon as their lips met Jane felt an unfamiliar heat. When the contact became firmer, Maura’s lips opening under her own, she quickly began to understand her earlier description. Even from her position above Maura she could feel the give and take between them. Jane wasn’t being kissed nor was she doing the kissing, they were kissing each other. They were forming a tenuous connection that had been in the works for some time, the foundation being built solidly on the back of extreme circumstance, faith, and trust.

Maura moaned and Jane felt eternally gifted. She was being let into a place she had only imaged. It had always been a great suspicion of hers that Maura’s passion, like her knowledge, would be thorough and run endlessly deep. As her tongue circled around her own, Jane knew her hypothesis had been accurate.

Maura too felt an overwhelming sense of both relief and release. For years she’d watched Jane bound forth thoughtlessly in her pursuit of truth and justice. She’d witnessed first hand her passion, enthusiasm, focus. It would make her shudder when she thought about that infrared beam like focus being directed toward her. Sounds, like her passion, rose up within and had nowhere to escape except through physical manifestation. She grabbed at Jane’s shoulders, pressing herself along Jane’s body more firmly.

Jane too became a wealth of sounds. Never in her life had she been so aroused from simple kissing. Her lips tingled, her head was light, her most erogenous zones became engorged. This kiss transcended the mere physical act. This kiss was much more.

That fact was not lost on Maura, and in that instant she was gripped with panic. She envisioned those dark cold nights being held in a woman’s arms and knowing certainly that that was where she belonged forever. Those feelings were short lived, however, and the insecurity those fleeting nights caused lasted for years to come. That made her decision much easier.

“I can’t.” Maura pushed Jane away, pulling herself into a seated position.

“I’m sorry, Maur. I didn’t mean to…”

Worry crossed Jane’s features so quickly that Maura was desperate to appease her. “No, it’s no problem. I’m not feeling well.”

“Probably from the whiskey,” Jane surmised helpfully.

Maura was glad that the flush she already had covered her guilt of omission. “I think I’m going to go to bed.”


Jane rubbed the back of her neck and for an instant Maura saw nothing but a contrite child. She hated that it only endeared her more to Jane. The last thing she needed was more emotion in regard to Jane Rizzoli.

“Maybe I should sleep down here tonight?”

For all the conflicting emotion Maura was experiencing, not having Jane by her side was not an option either. “Of course not. You’ll be too warm from the fire anyway. It gets cool at night, but not that cool. You’ll be much more comfortable upstairs.” She was happy that that was indeed the truth. Again she was omitting that she would be more comfortable with Jane upstairs as well.

Jane agreed. Just like last night it would be a long time before sleep would come, this time for them both.


“We could always go into town.”

Rain. Not just a light shower, but a torrential downpour, greeted the pair that next morning. Actually, it was closer to afternoon as they had both stayed up the greater part of the night thinking of the other.

Staring out the window, Jane felt uneasy about leaving the cabin and it had nothing to do with the rain. No, she imagined a kind of seal about the cabin, one that kept all their actions last night away from the harsh rays of reality. As soon as they left the cabin they wouldn’t be Jane and Maura anymore, they’d be Detective Rizzoli and Dr. Isles. Everything would resume as usual and their fleeting time together would be swept away on the wave of time passed.

While Maura didn’t see their departure from the cabin as the demise of anything that could materialize between them, she did have a sinking suspicion that just like in med school her night with Jane would become an insignificant dalliance, a fleeting moment between friends. She didn’t want their kiss to mean nothing, she didn’t want to be a tool for Jane’s self-discovery. Maura wanted to be Jane’s discovery, Jane’s prize. For once Maura wanted to be someone’s final and significant destination, not a pit stop.

“Okay, well it’s up to you. We can stay inside if you like, though I don’t know what we’ll do. I never bothered having a television installed.”

“We don’t need TV. We could always…never mind.”

There ware things Jane would have liked to say, to ask for, but the risk was too great. No matter how secluded she felt now, in less than twenty-four hours they’d be back in Boston and back to their lives.

“No, what did you have in mind? I’d like to hear.”

“Even after that disaster of a game last night?”

Maura smiled. “It wasn’t a disaster, Jane. It was…revealing.”

“Nice way of putting it,” Jane agreed.

Jane took a rather despondent seat on the couch and Maura knew it wasn’t the rain that was bothering her. “So tell me what you had in mind,” she pressed as she took a seat next to her.

“Forget it, Maur. It’s stupid and just…risky.”

“Well now you have me downright intrigued. You have to tell me. After last night I would think that there’s nothing you can’t tell me.” Maura felt a wave of embarrassment from her own admissions.

Jane’s eyes fell to the floor. “Well I thought maybe we could…you know…maybe pick up where we left off last night.”

Maura was taken aback to say the least. “Oh.”

“Look, I said it was silly. So just forget it.” Jane stood up, but was quickly pulled back down.

“No, wait.”

Jane waited on bated breath as Maura tried to collect her thoughts. While she didn’t think she would have the guts to tell Maura exactly what she wanted from her, the words seemed to form unbidden. It was her only hope that her instinct hadn’t led her astray.

“Do you understand the implications this could have on our relationship?” Maura wanted Jane to understand the path they were about to travel. There was a very big part of her that wanted Jane more than anything. But she wouldn’t be a placeholder for the men in her life and she certainly couldn’t handle being an experiment for someone else.

“Of course I do. Do you think I could possibly misunderstand what this could mean for us? But frankly, it’s all I can think about.” Jane turned pleading eyes on her best friend. “Do you understand how much thought I’ve given this? I’ve tried to fight it, but I can’t.”

“I don’t want to be another experiment, Jane. Not again.”

“That’s not what I want either. Is that what you think, that I just want to find myself with you?” Jane made sure Maura was looking deeply into her eyes. “I found myself when I met you.”

Maura was shattered. Jane had said exactly the right thing. There was plenty they still needed to discuss, but much, much later. There was no talking now as Maura’s lips found Jane’s. It was clear that the alcohol, moonlight, and fire played no part in the magic she’d felt from Jane’s kiss. The flame of arousal that tore through her was from Jane and Jane alone.

Jane too was surprised to find that their second kiss was just as powerful, if not more so, than the first. All trepidation was pushed aside as Jane deepened the kiss almost immediately. She needed to feel Maura, to taste her. Jane was hungry for something she couldn’t define and it would seem that she could only be satiated by this one woman.

Their lips never parted, no air was needed. They were like teenagers eager to explore as much as possible as quickly as possible. Even as they knew they had an endless amount of time to explore each other, an urgency still swept through the cabin that neither wanted to resist.

Maura took the lead. Her previous experience, as fleeting as it was, made her confident enough to do so. As she pressed her body into Jane, lying atop her on the couch, she was grateful to be given the permission.

Jane moaned at the feel of Maura’s slight weight pressing her into the cushions. She relished not feeling stifled or suffocated. For once she didn’t have the weight of a man pressing into her. There had always been a nugget of fear as she yielded herself to men. That tiny awareness of her surroundings that she kept in case the situation turned into something she was no longer comfortable with. Now, her mind was totally free and clear. She was focused on one thing only and that was the woman slowly writhing on top of her. Jane was slowly letting go and she had total trust that Maura would be there to support her.

Maura adjusted her lower body, pressing a knee firmly between Jane’s legs. She smiled within when she felt Jane’s hips raise to meet her. Maura could feel Jane slowly but surely passing the reigns to her in an unspoken show of trust. That realization alone was enough to ratchet her arousal up to an almost unbearable level. She also came to the realization that she’d have to put the breaks on her passion. A part of her wanted to just rip their clothes off and make them both come as fast as possible, but she knew that couldn’t be her approach. This needed to be a special experience for Jane and a quick and dirty session on the couch was not exactly the stuff of fairy tales.

It was with absolute jubilation that she realized she might have been wrong when she felt her shirt being pulled from her jeans and Jane’s warm hands ghost across her skin. Her flesh prickled with goose flesh and she felt a flash of heat from a simple caress.

Jane’s hand swept across Maura’s endlessly soft skin before making a detour south. She firmly grasped her ass pulling Maura more firmly into herself. Jane was feeling a deep seeded need, one that made her almost crazy with arousal. She was wetter than she could even remember being and as Maura’s lips left her own and began to work her pulse point, she was frightened to realize that she was going to lose control much sooner than she expected.

“Maura,” she moaned. Never a particularly chatty lover, Jane was coming to see that there would be a never ending list of changes she’d experience when making love to Maura.

Hearing Jane’s plea was like a shot to Maura’s groin. Her hips writhed against Jane’s, hands on her ass working as a  guide.

“Shit…I think I’m going to…”

“It’s okay,” Maura ground out. She could feel the frantic pace Jane was setting and knew her first climax wouldn’t be too far off. A strong sense of pride welled up inside at the prospect of making this strong, beautiful, heroic woman climax while barely even touching.

“Oh Go—Maur…” Jane couldn’t find the words to say how she was feeling. She was overwhelmed from the sensations seeming to bombard her from every direction, even as she was totally aware that they were still fully clothed. Jane had never been so completely stimulated in her life. This wasn’t just physical, this was mental and spiritual. What she was feeling transcended mere sex or even love making, this was the joining of two souls and she prayed she wasn’t jumping the gun in hoping that this feeling never ever went away.

Before she could follow the implications of that thought down the rabbit hole, her body was wracked by a powerful climax. “I’m comin—”

“Give it to me,” Maura begged. She used her arms to hover over her new lover. Watching Jane’s expressive face, she was fascinated by the plethora of emotions that skittered across in quick succession. “Are you okay?” She asked when Jane began to calm.

Jane looked away.

“Please, look at me, Jane.” Fear welled up inside Maura. The idea that Jane could say that this was all a mistake made her nauseous. “What is it?”

“I’m fine,” she finally began. “Just embarrasses by how…fast I…”

Maura smiled with relief. “Don’t be embarrassed. That was beautiful.”

“Me blowing my load in five minutes? If I were a guy you’d kick me out.”

“Well that’s the beauty of making love to a woman, we can make love as many times as we want and almost in immediate succession.”

Jane felt moderately better. “That was amazing,” she finally smiled.

“You’re amazing.”

Jane reached up and closed the space between them. There lips brushed gently at first, but the passion quickly began to build again. Jane disengaged from Maura’s lips, peppering her face and neck with kisses. She found her sensitive lobe with her teeth and relished the quick intake of breath she was rewarded with. “Let’s go upstairs.”

Maura didn’t utter a word as she reluctantly pulled herself away from Jane before reaching a hand out to help her up. The pair made their way up the stairs hand in hand. Maura turned to Jane when they reached the foot of the bed. There was still some part of her that expected Jane to change her mind, to reject what was happening between them. She need not worry. As soon as she found Jane’s eyes with her own they were again engaged in a heated lip lock.

Jane had given up control before, but that part of her, the alpha part, sprung into action now. She was looking forward to being dominant with Maura.

The kiss deepened and Jane began to undress Maura with eager hands. “I don’t want to rush,” she admitted between kisses.

“I don’t know if I can wait,” Maura rejoined. Slow and sexy would be great, but it would have to wait. Watching Jane climax had almost made her come too. It wouldn’t take much to get her off and she wanted Jane’s hands on her quickly. “Hurry, Jane. I need you.”

Those words hit Jane like a ton of bricks and made her understand the urgency Maura was feeling. She put an end to the buttons she was fumbling with, ripping the shirt open in one quick motion. Jane took a moment to appreciate the lacy white bra Maura wore, which probably cost a week of her salary.

She didn’t have long to appreciate it before Maura was pulled their lips back together. Maura reached for Jane’s pants and was startled as her wrists were held in a tight embrace.

“It’s my turn. Hands at your sides.”

Maura smiled, reaching out once more. Her wrists were grabbed more forcefully, Jane jerking her forward.

“Did you hear me?”

Biting her bottom lip Maura dropped her hands to her sides.

When Jane was satisfied that Maura wouldn’t be moving she pushed her ruined shirt from her shoulders. She luxuriated in Maura’s flesh. Her lips and tongue found every bit of skin she could find before she even entertained the idea of removing Maura’s pants.

Jane found a button Maura had only been aware existed for a few short years. Being dominated was highly arousing, especially as a career woman that tended to intimidate most men. This desire was acute, she was willing to admit, but Jane had effortless found her dirty little secret.

She finally decided she was finished with Maura’s upper body and moved on to what she truly desired. Maura’s pants were discarded in short order. Jane was eager to give Maura what she wanted, though she was going to take a little time to enjoy the view.

Kneeling on the floor, Jane continued to lavish attention to Maura’s calves and thighs. After worshiping Maura’s lower body, much as she had the upper, Jane stood to her feet only when the smell of Maura’s arousal began to drive her to distraction.

“What do you want?” she asked looking deeply into Maura’s eyes.

“You,” she replied with absolutely no hesitation. “Anything, everything, just…please quickly.”

Jane smiled. She’d never seen Maura like this and the sense of power was heady. She needed Maura too. Without warning she literally swept Maura off her feet, legs instinctively circling Jane’s waste.

“I can’t wait any longer,” she panted after gently placing Maura atop the bed. “I need to be inside you.”


Jane quickly discarded Maura’s bra and underwear. Again she pushed Maura’s hands away when they reached for her clothes. Maura found her hands pinned above her head.

“Not yet.” Jane gave Maura a quick peck on the lips before her mouth found an erect nipple. Her eyes rolled back into her head at the pure eroticism of tasting Maura’s skin. She no longer had to imagine how soft she was, or how sublime she’d smelled; she was experiencing it all in the highest of definitions.

Maura hissed as her back arched sharply. Her right breast tingled as Jane laved at the sensitive flesh with a surprisingly agile tongue. She teased the stiff peak with quick movements before engulfing it in the warm cavern of her mouth and biting gently.

“Oh, God,” Maura moaned.

Jane moved to the other giving it equal attention as her free hand found the inside of Maura’s thigh. They slid apart easily giving Jane full access to the copious moisture that added even more urgency to Jane’s movements.

“Please, Jane, please.” Maura wasn’t above begging. Her body writhed with need and the friction from Jane’s clothed body sent shock waves everywhere they touched.

Jane finger’s breached the folds of another woman for the first time and she was lost. The silken warmth could only be likened to heaven and she quickly realized this was where she should have always been.

“You have to guide me, Maura,” she admitted. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Yes, you do,” Maura panted. Jane’s fingers running across her labia were driving her to distraction. “Do to me what you’d want done to yourself.”

Eureka! That put everything in a totally new context and Jane immediately knew what to do. Her fingers ran the length of Maura’s core, skirting her sensitive clit each time. Maura’s moisture helped Jane easily slip two fingers into her best friend and new lover.

Maura cried out from the sudden intrusion.

“Did I hurt you?” Jane shifted.

“No!” Maura’s closed her legs trapping Jane in place. “You just surprised me. It’s good. Please, don’t stop.”

Jane smiled. “Okay.” Again she slid her fingers in, pulling them out almost completely before pressing them in again. Quickly she found a rhythm.

“Yes,” Maura breathed. Jane was doing exactly the right things, using the right amount of force. Jane’s lips never left her body as her tongue found erogenous zones previous lovers took months to find.

Jane felt tell tale clenching around her fingers and knew it wouldn’t be long before Maura came. She put a knee behind her hand for leverage and began short hard thrusts, just as she liked right before climaxing. It was pure instinct that told her to use her thumb to press Maura’s clit.

“Oh, fu—Jane!” Maura all but screamed. She couldn’t remember anyone being this deep inside her, or manipulating her body in just the right way. Every time she tried to move her arms it was a reminder that she was being restrained by this powerful woman as she ravished her body. “So close.”

Jane didn’t need the heads up, though anything Maura said in the throws of passion was welcomed. She too was experiencing a passion unparalleled. Giving Maura pleasure was giving her just as much.

They panted, lips joining sloppily as Jane continued to pump her fingers inside the doctor. Her forearm burned from the effort and she relished the addendum her work out would need.

Her teeth found the muscle between Maura’s neck and shoulder and they sunk into the soft flesh. She was marking her territory and she’d gladly deal with Maura’s complaints if it kept possible suitors away.

The sudden pain sent a lightening bolt to Maura’s core and she froze for an undetermined amount of time prone on the wave of bliss before careening down the waterfall of her climax. She moaned loudly, repeating Jane’s name over and again.

Jane released Maura’s wrists before slowly pulling out of the warm cavern of Maura’s very being.

Maura watched as Jane looked at her fingers inquisitively. Her entire hand glistened with Maura’s passion. She would have been embarrassed had she not been totally sated at the moment. Maura didn’t think it was possible, but her lust almost returned full force when she watched Jane place her fingers into her mouth happily sucking them each clean.

“God, that’s sexy,” Maura breathed.

Jane smiled. “Saw that in a porn once, always wanted to give it a try,” she revealed before leaning in for a kiss.

Maura moaned as she tasted herself on Jane’s tongue. “You, watch porn?” she giggled when they pulled apart. “I don’t believe it.”

“You think I’m a real stick in the mud don’t you?”

“Now, I never said that.”

“You’ve strongly implied. I’ll have you know that with the right partner I can be very sexually adventurous.”

Maura rolled on her side so she could face Jane more fully. “And am I the right partner?”

Jane mirrored her pose. “So far, so good.”

Their already kiss bruised lips came together again as the storm continued to rage outside.

“You must take these off. Now,” Maura demanded.

Jane didn’t protest and her clothes were quickly discarded.

“Do you know how sexy you are?” Maura asked.

They sighed in unison as their naked skin came into contact for the first time.

“Nowhere near as sexy as you.”

“We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.”

The air shifted between them, the harried pace they’d set earlier being replaced by a slower more languorous one. They’d both been satisfied and that would hold them over while they took their time to explore.

Maura relished the opportunity. She used stolen moments to quietly admire Jane’s body for quite some time. Slowly her lips traveled down the column of Jane’s neck and between her breasts. Each of her hands grabbed a modestly sized, yet wonderfully proportioned breast, her palm grazing Jane’s nipples and feeling them harden at her touch.

“I’ve thought of doing this to you for so long,” Maura said between kisses and nips.

Jane could only sigh her reply as she stretched like a contented house cat and enjoyed the attention being paid her body. That content would be replaced by arousal as one of Maura’s hands was replaced by her mouth.

Maura smiled at Jane’s groan. She was learning that to be a good sound. Maura went from breast to breast for long moments. Only when Jane’s hips began to find movement, painting her abdomen with moisture did she continue her journey.

Never increasing her pace, she traveled to Jane’s muscled abs, praising her for the hard work she put into them. Maura found Jane’s scar from the shooting and she took a moment to place a reverent kiss there. She moved away quickly though, not wanting to cast a pall over their love making. Besides, she had other destinations she’d much rather consider.

Skipping some crucial real estate, Maura settled comfortably between Jane’s thighs.

“Planning on a long stay?” Jane joked.

“You have no idea.”

The seriousness in Maura’s tone made Jane gulp with anticipation. Her head fell heavily to the bed in preparation.

Maura nipped and sucked at the skin of Jane’s inner thighs alternating between them. It was with excruciating slowness that she ascended, inching closer to her destination, her prize. A hunger welled up inside alerting her to the end of their foreplay. Maura needed to taste Jane, to feel her texture on her tongue. She needed to put all her wondering to rest and possess Jane’s body in a fashion she had only dreamed of.

The first swipe of her tongue made Jane moan loudly, hips lifting off the bed seeking more contact. Looking down the length of her body she was shaken to her core by the sight of the doctor between her thighs. She could seldom remember a sexier sight.

“Jesus, Maur,” she called out as Maura licked up one side of her clit returning down the other.

Maura had never actually done this before, but lapping at Jane’s passion felt oddly comfortable. She wanted to perform this act for Jane. Her desire was to please Jane in any way possible and she poured all her efforts into the task at hand. Jane’s moisture was ambrosia, a gift being given to her in endless supply and she’d drink from the well for as long as she was allowed.

“Maur,” Jane moaned. Maura was slowly taking Jane to heights she’d never experienced before. Her tongue paid homage to her very being and she never wanted it to end, even as her climax came rushing toward her.

Maura placed a steadying hand on Jane’s hips as they began to writhe uncontrollably.

“I’m going to come,” Jane warned breathlessly.

Maura didn’t reply, instead she redoubled her efforts. Finally taking Jane’s clit into her mouth, she sucked with relish.

“Oh, shit…God…” Jane felt her world begin to spiral out of control. Maura’s mouth had a commanding hold on her and was not letting up. “I’m co—coming!” was the last thing she said before she shattered into pieces.

Maura drank in every drop of Jane’s come, thrilled to be given the opportunity. Slowly her tongue worked to capture every drop of Jane’s passion.

Jane ran a hand through Maura’s hair. “Stop, I can’t take anymore.”

Maura smiled. “Now that’s something I can get used to hearing.”

Jane pulled Maura fully on top of her burring her face in blonde locks as her muscles continued to spasm. “Man, you are good at that.”

“This feels curiously natural,” Maura said softly. “Being here with you like this feels…right.”

Jane sighed. “I know exactly how you’re feeling.”

“We should talk about this, I suppose.”

“After?” The sun had long disappeared through the course of their lovemaking.

Maura’s brow furrowed. “After what?”

“A shower and a nap.”

Maura laughed. That laughter lasted through most of the shower until their passion returned full force and Jane found a handy use for the stall bench.


“Do we have to go back?” Jane asked as she watched Maura cook their breakfast. It wasn’t the first time she’d noticed how good Maura looked in her clothes.

“Yes, unfortunately.” Maura said sadly. “But we can come back whenever we have a spare moment, I promise.”

“I guess that’s something,” Jane paused. “I’m just in no rush to deal with Ma, especially when she hears this news. Lord, she’s going to be so annoying.”

Maura froze. “You…you plan on telling your family about us?”

“Yeah,” Jane state obviously. “Would you rather I didn’t?”

“No, not that. It’s just…I don’t know, I thought maybe you’d want to keep us a secret or something.”

Jane laughed. “Are you kidding me, a hot doctor? Who could keep that a secret?” Her smile faded when she didn’t see any humor on Maura’s face. “Hey, we can keep this between you and I if you want.” Jane wrapped Maura in her arms.

“Jane, I’d tell anyone who’d listen if I thought you’d be comfortable with that.” Maura hated that her insecurities were being brought to light, but some pain you can’t disguise.

Jane looked relieved. “Tell away. I don’t want us to be a secret. I want us to be together, out. I’m sorry I haven’t made that clear.” She placed a kiss on Maura’s lips. “I hope that’s what you want too.”

“More than anything,” she replied before pulling Jane into another kiss.

Unsurprisingly their need for each other arose again and everything else fell away.

Jane lifted her t-shirt off of Maura’s body revealing naked flesh below. “You look great in my shirt, but so much better with it off.”

Maura smiled as she was pushed against the counter. That smile went up in flames when Jane took a rapidly stiffening nipple into her mouth. “Your mouth is so good,” she moaned.

Jane quickly lifted Maura up onto the counter. “It could use a little practice.” Her lips traveled the length of Maura’s body before settling at the apex of her thighs. Jane didn’t think she’d ever tire of Maura’s flavor. She lapped at her passion with a flat tongue relishing the sounds she pushed from Maura’s body.

Maura gathered Jane’s hair to keep it away from her face. It was a welcomed surprise when she found that she could use that hold to guide her partner to the places she needed her most. “There,” she moaned.

Jane allowed herself to be led and become endlessly aroused knowing Maura was watching, guiding, taking from her what she wanted.

It was Maura’s turn to be embarrassed as her climax ripped through her. “Sorry,” she panted. “I’ve never climaxed that quickly before.”

Jane looked smug. “There’s more where that came from.”



“The eggs are burning!”

After another breakfast was made, a shower was taken and more love was made, the pair finally left the cabin.

Jane glanced at Maura as they backed out the drive. “Boy, am I relaxed!” She reached for Maura’s hand.

“Yeah, me too.”


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