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Rating: NC-17

Chapter 22

Spencer Carlin: 4:36:19
Ashley Davies: 4:39:22

Spencer was elated. Ashley was hers. Her joy was stunted from its potential heights when she finally noticed the expression on Ashley’s face. She could swear she saw disappointment there. Spencer followed Ashley’s line of sight up to the jumbo screen as everyone around them celebrated.

The underwater cameras witnessed almost every stroke the girls took. Spencer watched Ashley’s approach to the far wall for her return. Ashley turned to flip in the water far slower than she was capable followed by the worst push off Spencer had ever seen. Spencer pulled her eyes away from the screen finding Ashley’s eyes already on her glowing with mirth. Joy and relief flood her senses as she quickly swam under the dividing rope into lane ten. Ashley was waiting there with open arms.

“You let me win,” Spencer accused.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“I’ve never beaten you before.”

“There’s a first time for everything.”

Spencer smiled as she grabbed the back of Ashley’s neck crashing their lips together. It had been so long, too long and they were both reveling in the fact that the spark they felt hadn’t disappeared.

McKenzie shook her head. “Well isn’t that cute.”

“It is,” Stacey admonished. “Stop being such a scenic.”

“I’m not, I think it’s adorable.”

“It so is.”

McKenzie took a pensive pause. “Want to make out on the bus?”


Spencer and Ashley were met with a barrage of photographers and interviewers as soon as they pulled themselves from the pool. They graciously answered as many questions as they possibly could never once releasing hands.
“There’s my family,” Spencer noted when the press seemed satisfied.

“Oh, okay, I’ll meet you—”

Spencer tugged on Ashley’s hand. “Come on you have to meet them.” She never let go of Ashley’s hand as they approached.

“Congrats baby girl!” Arthur Carlin beamed as he enveloped Spencer in a hug.

Glen grabbed her next. “That was freakin’ awesome.”

“I’m so proud of you honey,” Paula said sincerely.

Clay stood back and smiled. “Who’s your friend?”

Spencer smiled at him knowingly. “Mom, dad, Clay, Glen, this is Ashley…my new girlfriend.” She offered those last three words with a smile that Ashley returned.
Arthur managed to take the announcement in stride. “Nice to meet you, Ashley.”

She stuck out her hand for him to shake, which he refused grabbing her for a hug instead.

“Man, you’re gay? Sucks.”

Clay punched Glen in the shoulder.

Paula was the only one that didn’t say anything right away. “Do you go to church Ashley?”

Leave it to Paula to ruin a lovely moment, Spencer thought.

Ashley never flinched. “Um, no ma’am. I wasn’t raised that way.”

Paula’s face turned into a tight scowl.

“But if invited,” she went on. “I don’t see the problem in it.”

The muscles in Paula’s face relaxed immediately. “Well, we’re going to have to take you girls out to celebrate.”

Spencer smiled breathing a sigh of relief as Ashley gave Spencer’s hand a happy squeeze.


Ashley found her tiny sister in the bustling crowd. “Kyla, over here. Excuse me, that’s my sister.”

“Sister?” Glen and Clay asked simultaneously.

Arthur smiled. “Down boys.”

Kyla ran into Ashley’s arms. “Oh my gosh, that was so good! Second place. I can’t believe it.”

Ashley looked at Spencer. “Me neither.”

Kyla shook her head. “It’s finally nice to meet you, Spencer.”

Spencer frowned. “How do you know my name?”

“Well let’s just say my sister here is quite smitten with you.”

Spencer looked into Ashley’s in eyes. “Well that feeling is very mutual.”

They were interrupted by a man in a suit baring an Olympic crest on the jacket. “Ms. Davies?”


“I’m Tom Osiris of the Summer Olympic Swim Committee.” He extended his hand for Ashley to shake. “You were great out there today. The committee has had its eye on you for some time now. I would love it if we could schedule a meeting sometime.”

“As flattering as that is, Mr. Osiris, I—”

“She’d love to,” Spencer interjected.

Ashley looked at Spencer with confusion in her eyes. “Spence, what about the bet?”

“It’s my bet I can change the rules if I want,” she said with a smile. “I would never take your dreams away, Ash.”

“What if you are my dream?”

“Well then you’re one lucky girl because a lot of yours a coming true today. Now go talk to him. We’ll wait over here.”

Spencer and Kyla began to walk away to give Ashley some privacy.

“Oh, Ms. Carlin?” Mr. Osiris called after them.


“I would like to speak with you too, if that’s alright.”

Spencer turned to her family, then Ashley, then back to him. She didn’t know what to do.

“Come on Kyla,” Arthur interjected. “We can all wait outside for them to finish up. You hungry?”


After the award ceremony Ashley, Kyla and Spencer’s family went out to celebrate with dinner. They entered the restaurant with their medals around their necks causing a few stares and a couple random high fives from people in the know. The bar had been playing the meet on one of their flat screens.

Ashley was grilled by Paula on her goals and aspirations and seemed to be fairing well considering. Clay and Glen were pestering Kyla wanting to be sure she was straight. Arthur was watching them to make sure they didn’t get out of line. Spencer sat back happily watching as her family and new extended family got along.

From time to time Ashley would find Spencer already watching her with nothing but love and adoration in her eyes. Her heart would flutter and she’d have to quickly resume her conversation or she’d get completely side tracked.

Arthur had a twinkle in his eye as dinner ended and he asked, “I’m sure I can trust you to get my baby girl here home, Ashley?”

“Of course, Mr. C.”

“Ashley, I’ll be seeing you both next Sunday for mass?” Paula smiled.

“Wouldn’t miss it, Mrs. C.”

“So, Kyla, what do you say we hang out next Saturday?” He asked with a smug grin.

“Sorry, I can’t. Clay asked me already.”

Glen shot Clay and glare before he took off for the car.

Everyone laughed as they watched Glen chase Clay round the parking lot.

Spencer took the opportunity to step behind Ashley whispering, “Take me home…now.” Her lips brushed the shell of Ashley’s ear as she spoke.

Ashley’s mouth went dry. “Well we better…” She cleared her throat. “We better get going, I’m really tired.”

“After day like today it’s no surprise,” Paula unknowingly commiserated. “You girls should get to bed early.”

“Oh, we will.” Ashley grabbed Spencer’s hand and they shot across the parking lot toward Ashley’s Porsche.

Kyla trailed behind them. “What’s the rush?”

“No rush. Are you going home now?”

“No, Aiden called. I was going to see what he’s up to.”

Ashley never broke stride. “After accepting a date with Clay? Aren’t we quite the playa playa.”

“Not even, Ash. Clay is a nice guy, and as for Aiden, we’re just friends now. Nothing else.”

“Mm hm, just like me and Spence here are just friends.”

Kyla playfully pushed her sister. “I’m serious.”

“Whatevs.” Ashley opened the door for Spencer. “Okay, well we’re going to head to the house and um…hang.”

“Okay.” Kyla started walking toward her BMW. “Have fun having sex all night guys.”

Ashley blushed hot as she started the car.

“Thanks, we will!” Spencer called back as she was jerked back in her seat by Ashley peeling out of the parking spot.

A little while later they were pulling up to the Davies mansion.

“This is your house?” Spencer wondered.


“How many people live here?”

“Let’s see.” She began to count on her fingers. “Two.”


“Just me and Ky. Mommy dearest left a few years ago and thankfully so.”

Spencer didn’t know much about the dynamic of Ashley’s relationship with her mother, but she would make it a point to find out.

Ashley cleared her throat. “Come on let’s go. We can stay the whole weekend. Two pools.” She opened the door for Spencer again.

“I didn’t bring any clothes.”

Ashley stepped closer speaking in a husky voice that sent Spencer’s libido all aflutter. “You so will not need any clothes.”

Spencer bit her lip in anticipation of a kiss that didn’t come, Ashley pulling Spencer by the hand instead.

Ashley opened the massive door. “Welcome to casa del Davies. The bachelorette pad of the Davies sisters.”

“That whole bachelorette thing is so about to change.”

Ashley froze. “Promise?”

The sudden seriousness in Ashley’s tone almost scared Spencer. “Swear.”

Ashley smiled adorably, nose crinkling. “Want the tour?”


Ashley showed Spencer the weight room, the pools, pool house, guest rooms, play room, movie room, after about the seventh room Spencer had seen enough.


“Yeah, babe?”

Spencer tilted her head to the side. “Can you show me your bedroom now?”

Ashley smiled. “No problem.”

She gently reached for Spencer’s hand as they began the accent up the stairs. Spencer briefly glanced at the pictures on the walls. She made a mental note to get a closer look at those later. Now there was only one thing on her mind.
“Wow, this is a really nice bedroom.”

“Thanks.” Ashley didn’t bother with the lights as she approached Spencer from behind. The sun was setting casting an alluring orange glow on the bed. Ashley wrapped her arms around Spencer’s waist placing her chin on her shoulder. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Me too.” She turned within the circle of Ashley’s arms taking the time to look at the beautiful woman before her. Spencer used an index finger to trace the planes of Ashley’s face, eyebrows, cheeks, lips. It had been such a long road for them. Spencer blamed herself in many ways, but despite that, here they were.
Ashley sucked the finger now tracing her lips into her mouth deftly rolling her tongue around it. Spencer could feel a tug at the apex of her thighs. She pulled her finger away so she could capture Ashley’s lips with her own. Just as before there was electricity. Spencer parted Ashley’s lips with her tongue to seek out its twin, which was anxious to meet it. She sighed at the feel of Ashley’s soft, hot mouth on her own.

Their tongues dueled as Ashley backed them toward the bed. The back of Spencer’s legs hit the mattress and she yelped in surprise as she fell backward.

Ashley laughed at her brief expression of terror. “Oh my gosh, are you alright?”

“Fine. I had no idea we were by the bed.” She reached for her hand pulling Ashley on top of her. “You keep me so preoccupied.”

Ashley smiled leaning in for another kiss. She laid her body fully along Spencer’s as their lips connected over and over. Spencer reached for the bottom of Ashley’s sweatshirt revealing two perfect breasts in a blue lace encasing. Ashley straddled Spencer’s thighs as she looked to do the same. Spencer quickly obliged. She ran her hand down Ashley’s abs loving how they tensed under her attention before tugging on the elastic of her bottoms eager to resume their kiss.

Ashley released Spencer’s lips moving on to her neck and pulse point. She found that sensitive spot behind Spencer’s ear and was rewarded with small gasps and whimpers in response. Sucking an earlobe between her teeth as she said, “You sound so sexy.”

Spencer slid an index finger into each side of Ashley’s sweats. She couldn’t remember ever wanting someone naked this badly in her life. When her arms couldn’t reach anymore Ashley was happy to offer assistance. She shifted positions so she was straddling one of Spencer’s thighs and pressed her own into Spencer’s center making them groan in unison. Spencer raised her hips seeking more contact.  When she couldn’t it, Spencer flipped them over to remove her own pants. When those were gone she pulled off Ashley’s panties in on swift motion. She could already see the moisture gathering between Ashley’s legs and her mouth watered with the desire to taste.

Spencer looked away only to ask permission. “May I?” She already knew the answer, but she found the pretense arousing.

“Please,” Ashley rejoined without hesitation.

Without another word Spencer’s mouth latched onto Ashley’s sex. She groaned at the taste. It was far better than she could ever imagine.

The vibration from Spencer’s groan sent shock waves through Ashley’s body. Spencer began to lick tight circles around her clit and Ashley latched onto the sheets trying to anchor herself to something, anything.

Spencer continued her assault on Ashley’s body until she felt her getting close before stopping.

“Inside,” Ashley whined.

“In time baby, I want us to come together.”

Ashley grabbed as much of a hold of her senses as she could as she helped rid Spencer of the last of her clothing. She captured a nipple in between her teeth and began to flick her tongue over it while sliding her fingers through slick folds. Ashley teased her entrance as Spencer’s hips began to buck and swirl.

“So close…come here.”

They rolled onto their sides both sliding two fingers inside each other. They began with a slow, steady and deep thrust that soon built into a hard, fast assault. It wasn’t long before they could feel each other contracting around their fingers.

Their eye’s locked as they drank in the significance of this moment. A few more long hard strokes and Ashley slipped off the edge with Spencer right behind her. There was no competition here and they both hoped there never would be.

Ashley collapsed as Spencer began to stroke her matted hair and sweat slicked chest. She nuzzled deep into Spencer’s neck breathing in her scent. Ashley had never felt so cared for by anyone after sex. It seemed everything would be different with Spencer.



“Do you um…”

Spencer shifted forcing Ashley to meet her eyes. “What is it?”

“Do you want to go for a swim?”

Spencer smiled at Ashley’s adorably apprehensive expression. “I thought you’d never ask.”

“I knew you were the one for me,” she said as she planted a kiss on Spencer’s lips before hopping out of bed.

Spencer shook her head. “I don’t have a bathing suit.”

“You won’t need it. I’m not done with you yet Carlin.” Ashley slowly crept in Spencer’s direction.


Spencer took off toward the pool with an equally as naked Ashley right behind her.