Finally took a stab at Lost Girl fanfiction. This will probably just be a two shot, but its a start right? Interested to know what you guys think. This story takes place post season 2 finale.

Read, enjoy, comment.

Rating: PG-13

Part 1

As soon as Bo closed the front door a knock sounded. She cursed the sense of duty that would ultimately make her open it, even as she stared at the door in disdain.

It had been a long day and an even longer night. Champion or not, fighting the Garuda was no small feat. That was on top of the personal drama of seeing to the safety of Lauren, Dyson, Kenzi, Hale and, begrudgingly, Vex.

“Bo, I know you’re in there. I see your car. Open up.”

Of all the people Bo was expecting, Lauren was not one of them. Unless some imminent danger lie ahead she wasn’t known for popping in. That fact sent Bo rushing for the door.

“Lauren, are you okay?”

She stepped in leveling a steady gaze at the succubus. “I’m fine, but you’re not.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about,” Lauren said in her comforting way.

Bo paced back into the living room, should it even be called that, not in the mood for this conversation. She was still teaming with power from the fight and she didn’t want to discuss the effects. Bo didn’t want to admit it because she liked it. The power felt good. It was very similar to the power she experienced daily, but there was an extra little something that made her feel invincible.

“I’m not here to give you a hard time, Bo,” Lauren said sympathetically. “I just want to check you out, make sure you’re okay.”

“I’m fine.”

“Mind if I see for myself?”

Bo heaved a sigh. If there was one thing she was sure of, it was that Lauren cared. She couldn’t begrudge the woman a look.

“Fine.” Bo took a seat on the couch leaving the coffee table free for the doctor. She was hoping no one would notice, to what end she couldn’t say. The number of people she was responsible for increased by the day though, and the added power couldn’t hurt.

“How’d you know?”

Lauren froze. “Your eyes,” she revealed finally. “They always give you away. If you look close enough that is,” she blushed.

Bo smiled. Lauren always looked. “What about them?”

“Since you took down the Garuda and we were no longer bound to you they’ve been positively glowing. I knew something had to be wrong.”

“I feel fine,” Bo admitted. Though truthfully, how she felt was fantastic.

“Based on what I’m looking at here, you should.” Lauren sat back.

“So there’s nothing wrong with me?”

“No, but you should know that you’re changing, Bo. Well, not so much changing as evolving.” Lauren put her equipment away. “I don’t know what brand of fae your father is, but it’s something powerful. That coupled with your mother and being related to the blood king means you could possibly be even more special than we originally thought. Having us bound to you has only sparked a power that lie dormant inside you.”

Bo offered Lauren a rakish smile. “You mean I’m one in a million?”

Lauren’s hand lingered on Bo’s cheek for a moment. “Well, I’ve always been pretty sure of that.”

Their eyes locked for a moment. Neither forgot Bo’s show of bravery and romance. Neither could forget how Bo refused to let Lauren out of her sight.

Bo leaned into Lauren’s hand grateful for the touch, in need of the affection.

“You were fantastic today, have I told you that?”

“Once or twice, but I love haring it,” Bo breathed as her hand covered the doctor’s making the contact firmer. “And I love you touching me,” she sighed.

Lauren leaned in closing the ever-lessening space between them. Bo’s head swam as she reveled in the feel of Lauren’s lips on her own. There was always something, someone needing saving, but in this moment it was just them.

Bo deepened the kiss her tongue being offered access to Lauren’s mouth willingly. Besides the few chaste kisses they’d shared over the passed few weeks leading up to the battle with the Garuda, she hadn’t had any time to enjoy something as sweet and simple as Lauren’s kiss. Now, though, she was going to enjoy, she was going to take advantage because she never knew when life would snatch away such an opportunity.

Lauren moaned and Bo felt truly gifted. Her hands found Lauren’s waste and she came willingly to her lap.

“Wow,” Lauren moaned. “I forget how strong you are sometimes,” she breathed before their lips met once again.

The kiss quickly grew heated, lips and tongues fighting for dominance. Bo buried her hands in Lauren’s lush mane groaning when her teeth latched onto Bo’s bottom lip. The pain sent shockwaves to her core and Bo felt herself losing control. Her eyes burned bright blue even behind their lids and she felt a sudden surge of power.

Bo’s grip tightened in Lauren’s hair and she tugged almost violently. Lauren groaned, emitting an almost painful sound and Bo pulled herself away. “I’m so sorry, Lauren. It’s my power I can’t—”

Lauren placed a finger over her lips. “Shhhh, its okay, Bo, I…” she blushed down to her roots admitting that, “I liked it.”

While Bo was thrilled she didn’t hurt the doctor, for the first time her power was beginning to frighten her. When she was consumed by it she had the ability to hurt almost anyone and that was the absolute last thing she wanted to do.

“I’m sorry, Lauren. I just can’t do this. Not now with my strength changing. I won’t risk it.”

“Bo, you wont hurt me. You’ve proven that time and again you wouldn’t hurt the people that you…that you love.”

“Are you sure of that? Can you definitively say that when I’m off on one of my power trips that I wouldn’t hurt anyone to accomplish whatever it is that I see fit in that moment? Kinsey breaking that spell didn’t work, you said so yourself.”

“Bo, I’ve seen you kill an entire room of people for me, destroy a legion of bad guys for all of us. Never once have you hurt someone you care for. I know you wouldn’t start now.”

While what Lauren was saying was true, she still couldn’t stake too much faith in her words. Bo’s own mother had attacked her forcing her to make decisions she would rather not. As time progressed she was beginning to see that the apple may not have fallen far from the tree.

“No!” Bo shook her head. “I can’t take that risk Lauren.” She stood to her feet after placing the doctor on the couch. Bo put no thought into the strength she was expelling to move Lauren about like some weightless doll. “When I’m drunk off power no one is safe, even you. I refuse to take that risk.”


“Did you hear me?” Bo roared. “I said I won’t do it. So just get out.”

Lauren looked at Bo for the first time with fear in her eyes. Bo hated to see it, but she was happy for it. Maybe Lauren would leave it alone, leave her alone. It was the only way she couldn’t keep her safe.

“Bo, you don’t mean that.”

“I do,” she insisted. “So take your bag and just leave. Maybe I’ll…” Bo’s voice broke betraying her emotion. “Maybe I’ll come find you when I’m sure I can control myself. Until then just stay away.”

Lauren stood to her feet, anger painting her features. “So I’m supposed to just sit around and wait for you to maybe want to be with me. Is that it?”

“Lauren, I—”

“No, Bo, save it. Never once have I feared you. Never have I not trusted you, but clearly you don’t trust me. So I’ll make this easy for you. Don’t bother looking for me because you won’t find me.”

“What does that mean?”

“Ask Dyson. That’s who you really should be with. Violent, irrational,” Lauren paused. “You two deserve each other.”

Lauren turned on her heels and made it out the door before Bo could get another word in. Bo was only looking out for Lauren’s safety, so why was she the one in so much pain?