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Pairing: Rizzoli & Isles        Rating: NC-17

“Fuck, Jane.”

“Tisk, tisk, Dr. Isles, what a dirty mouth you have.”

Maura smiled through her rapidly approaching orgasm. “The better to lick you with, my dear.”

Jane continued to pound away at Maura relentlessly. It had been two months, two months since their liaison at the cabin. Even after all the time passed the moment right before Maura’s orgasm was no less sweet. Maura’s body began to shake as Jane sped up her ministrations. Her fingers were buried deeply within Maura’s core, restricted by clenching muscles.

“Jane,” she moaned unable to say anything more coherent. Maura was no more accustomed to their electric sexual chemistry than Jane. If anything the love they shared for each other only intensified the sex.

“Keep it down,” Jane smiled.

They were indeed pressed against the door of Maura’s office. Maura knew she could only stay but so quiet. With Jane inside her even her career didn’t matter for a few short minutes. “Close,” she breathed urgently.

Jane didn’t need the notice. She knew Maura was close to coming and she knew how to push her over the edge. Her thumb found Maura’s hardened clit as she kept a steady pace with her fingers.

“Jane, shit…” Maura murmured a few more incoherent words before she shattered into a million pieces.

Jane covered Maura’s mouth with her own to muffle her sounds of ecstasy. Maura’s smile was bright when she got a hold of her senses and Jane felt her good fortune acutely.

“Wow,” Maura breathed. “That was just what I needed.”

Jane smiled sadly. “It has been a while. I’m sorry.”

Maura gave Jane a sweet kiss saying, “Don’t be sorry, sweetheart. You’re out saving the city. I can’t complain that you don’t always have time for intimacy.”

“I can.”

“Well I’ll take what I can get. And that was amazing.”

“You’re amazing.”

“You know flattery isn’t necessary at this stage in the relationship.” Maura frowned, but only because she always felt bereft when Jane removed her fingers from her inner depths.

Jane shrugged. “Kind of girl I am.”

“Very true.”

“I better get back, I think the guys are beginning to suspect that my trips down here aren’t always work related.”

Maura thought for a moment. “You know, only about sixty-five percent were work related before we started dating, it shouldn’t be any different now.”

“Oh, its different,” Jane admitted. “Before we were friends just hanging out, nothing note worthy about that. Now every time I come down here they think it’s for something sexy, makes them more than a little jealous. Especially since they’ve all had the hots for you at one point or another.”

“Really?” Maura was flattered. “I thought I was Dr. Death.”

“Trust me, death has never looked so good.”

“More flattery, Jane,” Maura warned.

Jane held up her hands. “Sorry. I’m leaving. I’ll pick you up around seven.”

Maura froze. “Pick me up?”

“Yeah, we need to make the eight-thirty flight.”

Maura stared at Jane blankly.

“We have a long weekend, Maura. The cabin?”

“Oh, you must have forgotten,” Maura cringed.

“Why are you flashing your worried face?” Jane crossed her arms over her chest. That face was never a good sign.

“We agreed to have dinner with Angela tonight. Don’t you remember?”

Jane scowled. “We agreed, or did you agree for us?”

“I may have…agreed for us.”

“Damn it, Maura! Why didn’t you tell me?”

Maura was contrite. “Tell you? Jane, I’m reminding you. I agreed to this a few weeks ago before I knew we’d have a long weekend. You were fine with it then.”

“Well just cancel it.”

“Last time I checked we were having dinner with your mother not mine.”

“So you can make the plans with her, but you can’t break them? That’s fair.”

“She begged me. Angela is feeling lonely now that we’re together. I don’t think you realize how much time we used to spend with her. Now with us both working all this overtime and Frankie trying to make detective she’s alone most of the time.”

“We just saw her last night, when she interrupted us on the couch.”

They weren’t able to finish what they started and Jane was positive women could get blue balls.

“She left as soon as she came in. Jane, you can’t deny that you haven’t been spending much time with your mother. She asked and I said yes,” Maura said resolutely.

Jane narrowed her eyes. “Shit, just forget it. Guess I’ll see you at dinner,” she groused before swiftly storming out the morgue.

Truthfully she didn’t know why she was so frustrated with Maura and her mother. She should consider herself lucky that the pair got along so well. Jane’s main concern was that the passed few weeks had been especially busy for the homicide team. The beginning of summer always brought with it the stirrings of gang violence and suburban unrest alike. While Jane and Maura spent some time getting…acquainted, they still weren’t able to see as much of each other as she would have liked.

She was being unreasonable, of course. Jane had the opportunity to see Maura every single day at work and often outside of it. It was the time outside, though that was the issue. There just didn’t seem to be enough of it. Jane never much considered herself a romantic, but she wanted to build with Maura, something more significant than the already substantial friendship they had. That wasn’t going to happen with them seeing each other a few hours every other day.

But such was the nature of the job and Jane could do nothing about that. So the problem became just what else to do.


Maura too was at a loss. Jane pretended to not be able to tolerate Angela, but the reality was she and her mother had a close relationship. If the problem wasn’t with Angela then Maura had to reason that the issue was with her.

They did spend a great deal of time with each other, what with working together and dating. Maybe Jane was feeling smothered, stifled. Both she and Angela worked in the same building as Jane, that could be the reason for Jane’s ire, she’d had enough of them both.

Sitting heavily in her expensive desk chair, the ergonomic design did little to sooth away her racing thoughts. Maybe Jane was rethinking their relationship. Maybe she didn’t want to date a woman. Maybe they rushed things after returning from the cabin. Maura hated speculating, but the evidence was beginning to present itself quite clearly.

It was difficult, however, to believe that Jane wasn’t interested in being with her anymore. To her utter surprise Jane was an imaginative lover. Every time they were together was new and exciting. Jane didn’t like to discuss it much before hand, but she was willing to try almost anything at least once.

One particularly invigorating night after an impromptu online purchase had resulted in absolutely no conversation, but an endless night of sex. Maura knew the deal. After cleaning it thoroughly she put on an expensive bra and panty set, though the set appeared rather simple. Jane made sure that Maura knew that she liked simplicity. To her a woman looked best when naked, Maura anyway. Jane barely batted an eye as the toy landed in her lap. She spied the need in Maura’s eyes, gave the strap-on a good look and immediately began to undress. That was all it took.

If Jane’s behavior was any indication though, their relationship was heading for some serious trouble and Maura had no clue how to remedy it. Staring at her top desk drawer, she wondered if that stop she’d made just that morning had been the wrong choice.



Maura felt moderately better when she saw Jane later that evening. “You’re not still upset with me are you?”

Jane heaved a deep sigh. “I was never upset with you, Maur, just…I don’t know. This whole thing with us—”

“I’m not interrupting anything am I?” Angela walked into the kitchen from the back  with a hand over her eyes.

Despite the immense frustration from having their conversation interrupted, they both had fond memories of the first time Angela interrupted them.

Since it’d only been a couple days after their initial union at the cabin, Jane and Maura were hard pressed to keep their hands off each other in the morgue with a dead body between them. It went without saying that when they were alone at Maura’s all bets were off. Somehow they both temporarily forgot that Maura didn’t necessarily live alone.

Maura certainly didn’t care as she straddled Jane’s hips, their lips tangled in a passionate kiss. Her hips couldn’t keep still and Jane’s hands on her ass only exacerbated the situation.

They were on fire. It was a mutual burn that simmered throughout the day and was able to blaze brightly during small pockets of time between cases. Now was a rare moment for them to quench their insatiable desire for each other.

Jane’s left hand crept up Maura shirt taking a firm hold on her breast while the other continued to help Maura keep pace. This was their foreplay. Jane would make Maura come knowing the second orgasm would be more explosive, Maura knowing Jane always came harder after making her come first.

“So good,” Maura murmured as she hips ground more firmly.

Jane smiled against Maura neck loving how vocal she was during their lovemaking.

Maura’s breathing became labored from the pulsing deep within her core and the steady pressure on her nipple. Any moment now a small orgasm would radiate her body, a precursor of what was to come later.

“You know that Dancing with the Stars is something. Maura, you should really—OH MY GOD!”

Maura scrambled off Jane’s lap in a haze of embarrassment and unfulfilled lust.

Jane growled in frustration running impatient hands through her hair. “Don’t you knock, ma?”

“Not when I live here, no,” Angela shot back. She stared between the pair. “What’s going on here?”

Jane stood to face her mother. “ Isn’t it obvious?”

Maura watched Jane closely unsure of how to handle this situation. They had agreed to tell Angela and everyone else, but hadn’t gotten around to it in between the constant cases being handed to them and trying to find time for each other.

“How long has this been going on?”

“Only about a week.”

Jane didn’t flinch as Angela gaped at her for long moments. She finally asked, “Were you going to tell me?”

“Eventually.” Jane may have been worried if she weren’t so damn wet at the moment.

Turning her eyes to Maura then back to her daughter Angela finally nodded. “I suppose I’ll start knocking then.” She sent Maura one last wink and made a hasty retreat.

“That’s it?” Maura asked Jane disbelievingly. “Should we be worried?”

Jane smiled. “You can rest easy, at least until artificial insemination brochures start popping up.”

Frankie and Tommy seemed to know soon after. Jane got a high five from Frankie and had to slap Tommy on the back of the head and that was the end of that conversation. Frost and Korsak regarded Jane’s announcement with incredulity as they thought the pair were a couple long ago. It had been the simple.

“Uncover your eyes, ma, we’re just talking.”

“Good.” Angela busied herself in the kitchen. “ Wouldn’t want an incident like last time.”

Jane rolled her eyes.

Maura watched Jane worriedly. More than anything she wanted to know what Jane had to say. While she was behaving nicely enough, her frustration was still evident. Just when she was about to ask Jane for a brief word the doorbell rang. They both shot Angela wary glances.

“What are you looking at me for?”

“Who’s at the door, Ma?”

“Probably Frankie or Tommy. Who else could it be?”

Relief was in the air. With Angela almost anyone could be at the door.

Dinner was pleasant enough. Angela prattled on happily and Jane almost felt guilty for how long she’d neglected her mother. Almost. She was more aware of her feelings of regret at not being able to spend the long weekend with Maura at the cabin. More than anything she wanted to be alone with her new girlfriend for a significant amount of time. Was that so much to ask?

“It’s so nice to have all my kids around again,” Angela beamed. “Everyone is so busy now with work and relationships. You can’t forget about your mother.”

Maura felt guilty too. She was eager to claim any of Jane’s time that could be spared for her own. Family meant everything to the Rizzoli’s and Maura certainly didn’t want to come between that, even as she longed to have Jane all to herself. She glanced in Jane’s direction, their eyes locking for a moment.

Tommy cleared his throat noisily, breaking the moment. “What’s keeping you two so busy lately? Frankie and I have plenty of time for ma.”

“Besides the homicide spike?” Jane began. “Not much else,” she finished quietly.

Maura flushed even as the light bulb over her head came to life. She understood now. It wasn’t that they were spending too much time together it was that they were spending too little.

“Excuse me a moment.” Maura rushed to her bedroom finding a bag and throwing a few things into it hastily. She even skipped folding her underwear. Mindful to grab Jane’s emergency overnight bag, she took the back steps out of the house. Composing herself as much as possible, she joined the family as the table was cleared for desert.

Jane sat the table, her despondency as plain as day.

“Well I am too stuffed for desert.” Maura was thrilled she was indeed telling the truth. “That meal was fantastic, Angela, thank you.”

“My pleasure.” She turned to Jane. “Janie, do you want some pie.”

“I’m afraid we don’t have time for pie,” Maura interjected. “We have a flight to catch and we’re already behind schedule.”

Jane looked startled. “Flight?”

“Yes, we have a long weekend and I know my girlfriend is very much looking for some time away.”

Jane smiled. “But what about…” she turned to her mother.

“I’m fine,” Angela smiled. “I just wanted to catch up with you girls. I didn’t mean to keep you away from your plans.”

“What about the dishes?” Tommy barked.

“You better get to them,” Angela instructed. “You girls go on now. Tell me all about it Monday.”

Jane gave her mother a big hug and kiss promising, “We will.”

They were in the car speeding toward the airport before Jane asked after her things.

“Emergency overnight bag in the trunk. Also, I don’t suspect you’ll be needing any clothes, do you?”

Jane chuckled sexily. “Very true. Though I don’t think your neighbors will appreciate me kayaking in the nude.”

“They’d be crazy to not appreciate that. I see you’ve taken a liking to the sport.”

“I’m liking all types of new things these days.”


It wasn’t until they were driving through the protective darkness of the Virginia interstate that Maura broached the topic of their relationship. “Jane, what were you going to say back at the house, before we were interrupted?”

She sighed. “Now that I’ve had time to think about it, its silly really.”

“Your feelings can never be silly, and I’m very interested in hearing them. Please,” Maura pressed.

Jane figured she might as well share. She’d acted to irrationally earlier; she owed Maura some type of explanation. “I was being totally and utterly childish. We haven’t had much opportunity to spend any real time together since we were here last. That’s why I was looking so forward to this trip. When we couldn’t go because of my mother I was frustrated for the time we’d lose and for the time I haven’t spent with my family either. I hate that I was so immature about it and just didn’t talk to you.”

Maura was relieved her second hypothesis was correct and not her first. “Well, if it makes you feel any better, I agree, we haven’t had much time for each other lately. But neither of us have much control over that. Just, please, talk to me next time I thought…”

“What?” Jane pressed when it seemed Maura wouldn’t be continuing.

“I thought you were unhappy with me, with our relationship. That maybe I was taking you away from your family and distracting you from your work.”

Jane nodded. “You do take me from my family and distract me from my work, but that’s a good thing. I’ve never had someone do that to me before, Maur. I’m starting to see that I can’t live for my family and for the job for the rest of my life. I need to focus on myself and hopefully my own family one day and I certainly can’t do that if I’m devoted to everyone else’s cause.”

“Your own family?” Maura stammered. “With…with me?”

Jane was glad for the darkness that hid her apprehensive blush. This was a relatively new relationship, at least the sexual part . She certainly didn’t want to mess things up by springing things on Maura too soon.

“Jane?” Again, Maura knew she was pressing, but she also knew with Jane sometimes that was necessary.

“I don’t want to rush things or scare you away…but, yes. I can see us starting a family together…one day. It scares the hell out of me to admit, but with you I can see a future.” Jane words were rushed. She wanted to be honest, but she wanted this moment to be over with quickly.

Maura smiled into the darkness. “That’s good because that’s what I’d like too.”



The rest of the ride to the cabin, while pleasant, was always interminably long. It was made especially so with Jane’s hand on Maura’s thigh making delicious patterns with her fingers. They were both feeling the arousal that synchronicity often brings. That was coupled with the heady knowledge of what they were going to do when they arrived. Yes, they were going to reconnect, spend some time together, but they were also about to have sex…and lots of it.

“I can’t tell you how good it is to be back here!” Jane heaved a contented sigh. “I was almost afraid we’d never get back.”

Maura rolled her eyes. “That’s a bit over dramatic, don’t you think?”

Jane shrugged. “How I felt.”

“Well you’re here now.” Maura placed a gentle kiss on Jane’s lips. “And I’m thrilled about it.”

“You know what I’ve missed the most?” Jane’s hands found Maura’s hips naturally. Time could never dull her sense memory of Maura’s figure and where she liked to touch it most.

Maura prepared herself for a naughty reply. She herself couldn’t remember anything outside of the mind-blowing sex they shared those few short months ago. Maura had never experienced such chemistry with a lover so quickly. First times with her previous partners had involved some awkward fumbling and uncomfortable exploration in an attempt to find what everyone liked. With Jane though, it had come naturally to them both.

“The shower,” Jane beamed before moving swiftly toward the bathroom, clothes accumulating in her wake.

“The bathroom?” Maura murmured.


Maura turned to find Jane in all her naked glory.


She smiled brightly saying, “I most certainly am.”

Maura’s perplexity at Jane’s choice of activity was quickly washed away on a wave of luxurious bubbles when she found the red mood light shinning seductively in the shower. Her worries were completely put to rest when Jane proceeded to wash her entire body from head to toe with no erogenous zone left untouched. Unfortunately, that was the extent of their aquatic activity as Jane hastily put an end to their shower fun when they were both clean.

“Are you hungry,” Jane inquired.

“No, I’m still quite full from the fantastic meal your mother prepared.”

“Thirsty? Want a snack, a drink maybe?”

“No, I’m quite comfortable, Jane, thank you. Why the sudden inquisition in regard to my dietary inclinations?”

Jane smirked in the way that always told Maura she was thinking far more than she was saying or was going to say at the moment.

“Just wondering.” She gave Maura a chaste peck on the lips. “Do me a favor and stay in here for a moment. Okay?”

“Fine, I’ll just get the moisturizer so I can—”

“Don’t worry about that for now, please?”

Maura huffed. It was clear Jane had something up her sleeve, that didn’t mean she had to offer up her complete cooperation. “Okay, just…hurry up. Skin is the most receptive to moisture while the pores are still open.”

Jane rolled her eyes as she closed the door behind her. “Got it.”

Wrapped only in a towel Jane hastily made her way down the loft stairs and to the pantry. She spied candles in there when she went in search of matches on her first visit. An idea formed even before she knew her relationship with Maura would take such a dramatic turn.

Finding all the necessary supplies, she quickly made her way to the loft placing candles on all the available flat surfaces. Lighting them quickly, she took a step back to survey her work. It was perfect.

This is what she wanted. Jane wanted romance and cuddling after lovemaking. She wanted to love on Maura and damn it that was what she was going to do.

“Jane, can I come out now? My skin is shriveling.”

I’m coming in to get you, but you have to close your eyes first,” she instructed through the frost glass door. Taking a closer look at it she suspected her plan had long been discovered. “Crap.”

“Is that totally necessary?”


“Fine. They’re closed.”

Opening the door just a crack Jane snuck into the bathroom to place a hand over the doctor’s eyes.

“You don’t trust me to keep my eyes closed?” Maura smiled.

“No…Yes…I’m making sure you don’t walk into anything. We both know how terrible your sense of direction can be.”

“I neglect my skin care regimen for you and I get insulted as thanks? Nice, Jane.”

She laughed in spite herself. “You are going to regret your grousing, doctor,” Jane said before pulling her hand away from Maura’s eyes.”

“Am I permitted to look now?”


Maura opened her eyes, gasping in surprise. The entire loft glowed softly, shadows bouncing seductively off the walls. “I do regret my grousing.”

Jane’s chest swelled with pride. She took Maura’s hand leading her to the bed flanked by candles on both night stands. Removing Maura’s towel she instructed her to lie face down.

Jane retrieved the massage oil she had popped into the microwave for a few seconds and joined Maura on the bed.

“You’re the one who’s been working twelve hour days, yet I’m the one getting the massage?” Maura questioned. She couldn’t ignore how hard Jane worked. It’s the reason she originally brought Jane up to the cabin and why they had returned.

“You work ten hour days, you’re just as deserving.” Losing her own towel, Jane straddled Maura’s lower body.”

Maura hummed. “Suddenly a massage is the last thing on my mind.”

“Just relax,” Jane smiled. “We’ll get to the really good stuff in a bit.”

Doing just that Maura closed her eyes as the smell of white musk and lavender permeated the air. Seconds later she felt warm oil being slathered across her back by strong hands. She enjoyed the texture of Jane’s palms as they worked her admittedly tight muscles. Almost immediately she began to feel all the tension begin to melt away.

Jane started at the top of Maura’s shoulders slowly working her way down. She used deliberate, sure movements careful to leave no trace of tension unchecked, pressing and molding Maura’s muscles into compliance. Maura’s backside pressed into Jane’s core causing moisture to gather at a time when her intentions were to offer pleasure of a different brand.

Maura moaned raising her rear into Jane feeling the moisture and looking to create more. Unfortunately, Jane continued on her mission. Her strong hands massaged the globes of Maura’s behind ignoring her own moisture that  painted her skin.

Applying some more oil to her hands, Jane paid special attention to Maura’s thighs. Lower and lower she traveled, rubbing the insides of her lover’s thighs dangerously close to her need before moving on to Maura’s calves and feet.

“Turn over,” she said softly.

Maura was eager to comply. Her physical tension was being pressed and prodded away, but the sexual tension was quickly mounting. She was enjoying the attention beyond measure, but she was ready for more. The quick love making session they shared earlier in the office only worked in whetting Maura’s appetite for Jane.

Jane, however, had other plans. Yes, she was eager to take Maura, but she wanted to draw it out. It would be so much more delicious later. She drizzled more warm oil on Maura’s body and continued to kneed her tense muscles. Just as before, she started with her shoulders slowly working her way south. Her hands circled Maura’s breast, sure to avoid rapidly pebbling nipples.

Maura’s breathing became shallow her eyes firmly shut. She knew that if she were to look into Jane’s eyes all control would be lost. Jane’s smoldering gaze had the power to push aside all reason. Lower and lower Jane traversed and Maura’s thoughts became less pure the closer she came to Maura’s core. She wanted to feel Jane’s hands on her most intimate places forcing an orgasm from her body just as she was forcing away the tension.

For her part, Jane was exercising great control. She smiled as she watched Maura bite her lip in an effort to not cry out, demand more. This is what Jane wanted, she wanted to torture Maura with her passion. Her hands worked on the muscles of Maura’s thighs, hands encountering moisture she had not produced artificially. She could smell Maura’s scent in the air telegraphing her desire. It wouldn’t be long, Jane knew, before the doctor began to beg.

Ever so slowly her hands massaged Maura’s inner thighs. She repositioned her own legs to the inside of her companions, happy to see Maura’s legs open wider accommodate her.

Maura’s skin broke out in a light sheen of sweat sending a chill down her spine. She couldn’t deny her arousal now if she tried. Positive Jane was aware of the affects her ministrations were having, she finally decided to speak up asking, “Just how long do you plan on torturing me, Jane?”

Jane’s smile was wicked. “I was waiting for you to beg.”

“I’m begging.”

Continuing to rub tantalizing circles on Maura’s inner thighs, fingers sliding easily through her arousal and the oil, she husked, “That doesn’t sound much like begging to me, Dr. Isles.”

She sighed heavily as she tried to organize her thoughts. All Maura could focus on was Jane’s hands and attempting to use some sort of osmosis to get them to slide one millimeter higher. “Jane, please, I need you.”


“Jane,” Maura ground out between clenched teeth.

“Not good enough,” Jane all but growled. “I want to hear you tell me exactly what it is you want, demand it, Maura.” She was speaking not only to Maura’s sexual desires, but her every desire. Jane knew there were things her partner just wouldn’t ask for if she didn’t think it fruitful. She wanted Maura to require and demand every single part of her and never be afraid to ask for more. “Say it, Maur.”

Using courage that she only felt with Jane, Maura opened her eyes staring straight into the eyes of the woman she loved. “I want you to take those beautiful fingers of yours and slide them inside of me. I don’t want you to be gentle and I certainly don’t want you to take your time. And when I’m about to come your going to put that pretty little mouth of yours on my clit and suck it until I scream your name. Is that good enough?” Maura’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as Jane slammed her fingers into her core.

“Perfect,” Jane growled. Leaning on her right hand to hover over partner, she started a steady pace with her fingers. Heeding Maura’s request she started with two fingers and quickly moved up to three. She watched in wonder from her perch as Maura became to mass of incoherent babble and expletives.

Jane was sure to give her exactly what she wanted leaving out their usual kissing and close body contact. Maura needed to be fucked and Jane was perfectly happy accommodating her. When she felt the walls of Maura’s depths begin to close tightly around her fingers she raced to wrap her lips around her pulsing clitoris. It was only seconds before Maura’s back bowed sharply and she screamed out Jane’s name, the sound echoing off the cabin walls.

She collapsed long moments later with Jane’s fingers still embedded deeply within her. “Christ,” she breathed when she could speak.

Jane laughed from her position between Maura’s thighs. “Well that’s a new one.”

“That orgasm warranted it.”

“I aim to please.”

Maura stretched languorously. “Give me a minute and I’ll be ready to return the favor.”

Jane yawned widely. “You mind if we wait until tomorrow? I’m done in.”

“Are you sure?” Maura craned her neck to see Jane’s face. After such a monumental love making session she couldn’t imagine Jane not wanting her turn.

“I am.” Jane smiled up at Maura. “It’s fine, really. I’m so tired I can’t move from this spot.”

Running her fingers through Jane’s locks Maura was loath to deny Jane the simple pleasure of sleep. “Okay, sweetheart, rest. Because tomorrow all bets are off.”

Jane joined in on her laughter. “I can’t wait.”

It was long moments later when she was almost asleep that she heard Maura whisper, “Thank you, Jane.”

“For what?”

“Making sure I always speak my mind.”

“My pleasure, babe, my pleasure.”


It was almost noon the next day before either woman began to stir. Jane awoke from her spot stretched across Maura’s lower half with a smile.

Only when Jane began to stir did Maura. “I can’t believe you slept down there all night.”

“It’s extra toasty down here. And it smells wonderful.”

Jane’s voice was even lower and gravely than usual and it sent chills down Maura’s spine. It helped her conjure up a terrific idea.

“Are you hungry?” she asked innocently. Maura knew to pull this off a little finesse was needed.

“Starved,” Jane groaned.

“Okay, let me just freshen up a bit then I’ll make you some breakfast. How does that sound?”

Jane smiled. “Want some company?”

“Not just now,” Maura hedged. “You just rest here, I’ll only be a minute.”


Maura hated to see the disappointment on Jane’s face, but she knew once her plan had been enacted all would be forgiven. Hopping quickly into the shower, Maura ran through her morning routine in record time. She appeared shortly after in a terry cloth robe, hair blow dried and ready for styling. “All yours,” she smiled

“That was fast, geez.” Jane stretched, her naked breasts distracting Maura momentarily. “Do you need help?” She frowned when she got no answer. “Maura?”

“Huh? Oh! Help, no.” She paused a beat. “Certainly not the kind you’re offering.”

Rolling her eyes on the way to the bathroom, Jane smiled. “You have a one track mind, you know that?”

“Yes, with you it would seem so.” Maura admitted. “Jane,” she called through the door. “Do you think you could put your suit back on?”

“What, now? Are we going someplace fancy?”

Maura gave it some thought. She considered her cabin fancy enough. They weren’t necessarily going somewhere, but really they were already someplace different from their usual so, “Yes, in a manner of speaking.”

“Okay,” Jane sighed.

With step one complete Maura grabbed a dress, her makeup bag, and made haste downstairs. The eggs and bacon she was preparing wouldn’t take much time at all. It was her look that would take some tending to. Knowing how quickly Jane could be through her morning routine the pressure was on.

She was almost done when she heard the bathroom door. “Jane,” she called.


“Do you think you could put on the um…you know…thing?”

“The thing…oh!” Jane thought for a moment. “The thing. Maura, you want me to wear that thing out in public?”

“No one will see it, you just…tuck it.”

“Tuck it,” Jane groused. “Easy for you to say, you’re not the one wearing the thing.”

“Please, Jane,” Maura said in her sweetest voice. She knew Jane could never deny that tone, even before they were dating.


“It’s in my bag,” she informed never stopping her preparations.

Having bought herself some more time, Maura put the final touches on the meal and her look.

“Alright, I’m dressed and packing heat,” Jane joked as she trudged down the stairs. “I’m telling you this place better be damn fancy and open minded for me to go through all this because…” The words died on Jane’s lips as she found Maura standing at the foot of the stairs. Her hands were folded neatly in front of her as she stood wearing a navy blue polka dot, 50’s style dress with a white apron tied around her waste and pearls adorning her neck. The bodice of the dress was pulled dangerously low revealing more than an eyeful of cleavage.

“Sweet, Jesus,” Jane murmured.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Maura said sweetly. She reached for Jane’s hand. “You must be famished. Come sit down.”

Jane tripped clumsily after Maura until she was sat in a chair at the island. A plate of food appeared before her along with fresh squeezed orange juice and a glass of milk.

“You eat, sweetheart. I’ll be right with you when you’re done.”

Finally finding her voice Jane asked, “ Aren’t you going to eat?”

“Not now. There’s so much to be done.”

Jane dug into her plate, eyes tracking Maura around the entire place as she produced a feather duster and flitted around from one spot to another. She’d tisk in annoyance occasionally adding to the theatrics.

When her meal with finished Maura appeared at her side. “Come along, dear. You must get some rest now before your big day.”

“Big day?”

“At work, silly,” Maura laughed prettily.

“Oh, right.”

Jane sat heavily on the cough her increasing wetness making her ever more uncomfortable. She’d never seen Maura like this and it was doing strange things to her libido.

Maura perched along side her practically on the edge of the seat, her back ramrod straight. Her hand rubbed the inside of Jane’s thigh as she prattled on about what Jane couldn’t tell. All she knew was that Maura’s hand was getting closer and closer to her need.

“Maybe a nice walk later would—” she stopped with a gasp. “My, aren’t we feeling frisky this morning.” Maura’s hand rubbed the bulge in Jane’s pants.

Jane knew what Maura was doing and she would have gladly played along if she could clear the fog in her brain. All she could focus on though was Maura’s milky breasts barely confined inside that dress on top of the hand rubbing her crotch.

“Well you can’t start the day like this, now can you? I guess I’ll just have to see to this.”

Before Jane could say a word Maura was off the couch and on her knees before her. She couldn’t protest—not that she ever would—as her fly was pulled down and her pants unfastened. It was with lightening speed that Maura had her half naked the phallus gripped firmly in her hand.

“And just what should I do with this?”

Jane wanted to shout the words, to scream them at the top of her lungs, but before she could grapple with her ornery vocal cords Maura was already doing that which she was trying to vocalize. She was putting it into her mouth.

Her eyes threatened to fall clean out of her head as she watched the woman she loved take the head of the strap-on into her mouth giving it a gentle suck and coating it in her saliva. She went in for another taste taking more of it into her mouth. Jane’s core clenched tightly, the visual stimulation threatening to send her to climax instantly. The bottom of the dildo pressed tantalizingly against her clit and she hissed in pure ecstasy. Maura’s head bobbing up and down in her lap was doing almost sinful things to Jane’s senses.

After a few moments Maura pulled away lifting the phallus making room to find Jane’s drenched center below.

“Shit!” Jane cried from the sudden change in sensation. Maura’s tongue snaked between her drenched folds finding her engorged clit and causing her head to fall heavily against the back of the couch. She almost felt like she was being attacked by sensation.

While she was receiving pleasure on a level she’d never experienced before, Jane knew she needed just a little more of push to climax.

“Get up here,” she growled.

Maura turned dilated eyes on her lover. “As you wish, dear,” she rejoined seductively.

Jane could tell Maura was getting just as much from their role playing as she was, that assuaged a bit of the guilt she felt as she roughly pulled Maura to the couch and climbed on top of her. “Tell me if I—”

Nodding her head emphatically, Maura cut Jane’s words short. “Anything, everything,” she breathed as she helped Jane hike up her dress.

Quickly Jane was inside Maura only stopping for a second to make sure she was ready for her. Maura was beyond wet enough and Jane slid easily inside. She developed a blistering pace almost immediately needing to feel the pressure from the base of the phallus against her core.

Maura latched onto her back pulling her ever closer as she released sounds of passion into Jane’s ear. That was just what Jane needed. She needed to see Maura’s face twisted in ecstasy and hear her breathless whispers begging her to never stop.

“Maur, I’m going to…”

“Me too.”

Losing a bit of her rhythm, Jane was still able to keep stroking away sending her off into a powerful climax. Her forceful thrusts were enough to drag Maura right along with her shortly after.

She collapsed out of breath and smiling. “How did you know about my Joan Cleaver fantasy,” she asked when she could speak again.

“I didn’t,” Maura giggled. “It was mine.”

The pair fell into a fit of giggles.

Jane hovered over her lover wondering at her post-coital glow and luminous smile. She would never know how she got so lucky. “I love you,” she said after a few moments of staring.”

Maura smiled back. “I know. I love you too. And I think I’ve found a way to resolve our problem.”

Jane watched curiously as Maura blindly felt around on the side table. She retrieved a small metallic grey box and handed it to Jane.

“What’s this?” the detective asked curiously.

“Open it and see.”

Doing just that, Jane reached inside producing three keys dangling from a leather Coach key chain in the shape of a J.

“You’re giving me keys to your place? I already have an emergency set.”

Maura nodded. “Not quite. I think…” She looked into Jane’s encouraging eyes and continued. “I think maybe it’s time you move in with me. Your mother can take your place, or she can stay. But this may help rectify some of our quality time issues.”

Staring at the brand new pieces of brass, Jane couldn’t deny Maura’s reasoning. This would help them see more of each other and Jane was there all the time already so it only made sense. More than anything she was trying to contain the giddy peal of girlish laughter that was threatening to escape.

Maura was beginning to worry with Jane’s silence until she said, “Oh, ma definitely has to go.”

“You’re moving in?”

Jane kissed Maura lips. “I’m moving in.”

Again they began to laugh like two schoolgirls as they held each other closely on the couch.

“Hey, Maur?”

Maura was wondering how long it would take. She was almost surprised it took this long. “Yes, dear.”

“What’s this third key for?”

Maura looked smug. “Why, it’s for the cabin, of course.”

Jane smiled at her lover and best friend. “Of course.”


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