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Chapter Two

“Well, just up and leaving was a shitty thing to do, even from her,” Kenzi slurred.

The idea was to cheer Bo up with a few drinks, but it seemed that Kenzi was doing more of the imbibing than her fae best friend.

“I mean, a note or something. Though you shouldn’t be surprised, Bo Bo. This isn’t the first time she’s rocked your world between the sheets only to disappear leaving you high and well…wet.”

Bo pulled a face.

“You know what I mean!”

She shook her head. “I really don’t need the I told you so, Kenz.”

Finally tuning into the true extent of her emotion, Kenzi placed one of Tricks antique—and utterly heavy—mugs down with a thud. “Bo, I’m sorry, okay? I don’t mean to be so harsh. I hate to see you like this and I hate that this is happening to you yet again. Is there anything I can do?” Kenzi paused. “You know, that I don’t have to get naked and have to go all crying game for.”


Bo finally smiled. If there was one person she could count on it was Kenzi. “No, there’s really nothing you can do. From the looks of it, Lauren is gone and not coming back. The sooner I face that fact the better.”


Bo made very sure that Lauren had indeed left of her own free will and no foul play had taken place. As soon as she realized that Lauren had gone incommunicado she’d immediately asked for Dyson and Hale’s help. While she would have normally just stormed into light fae headquarters, kicked in the door and took a look herself, she thought better of it for once. Her new physical prowess was still relatively secret and she couldn’t risk her actions calling that into question. Bo still had lots of questions about who she was and where she’d come from, pissing off the light fae as they scrambled to retool their hierarchy would not be wise.


Dyson was reluctant, saying Lauren would be found when she wanted to be, but even he couldn’t turn his back on the fact that not only had Bo not heard from her in some time, no one had. The two detectives called in some favors, waved a badge or two and presto, they were given access to Lauren’s living quarters.


Searching high and low, the apartment was in its normal pristine shape. Lauren kept a tidy home; it would be easy to notice anything out of place. The only evidence they could find was a half empty closet and dresser.


Bo stood staring at the clear signs of Lauren’s departure, Kenzi’s hand resting comfortingly on her shoulder. Dyson sniffed around for good measure able to detect that the good doctor hadn’t been there in a few days time. Always a loyal friend, Hale even hypnotized the guard assigned to her door with his siren call revealing only that he usually fell asleep at his post and had no idea where the doctor had gone.


“Don’t give up hope, Bo. For all we know she may have finally ripped off the uptight suit and traded it in for a bathing suit. She could come walking in here tanned and passing out festive shot glasses any minute.”


While the idea of the blonde in a bathing suit made Bo smile, she knew that simply could not be. After the night they’d shared, there was no way that Lauren went anywhere temporarily without telling her.


“Still feeling down?”


Bo and Kenzi swiveled on their stools. Dyson and Hale stood looking sympathetic if not a little uncomfortable.


“Our little Bo Bo has got it bad, boys. I’ve tried to give her the old booze bath, but she still stinks of sad.”


“Speaking of booze bath, how many have you had?” Hale asked with the usual bemused smile he wore when speaking with Kenzi. If nothing else, the girl was entertaining.


“Well I at least have to have as many as she has. Solidarity,” she added solemnly.


“Yet she looks curiously sober.”


“That’s because after drink two, Kenzi felt I wasn’t drinking fast enough and offered to help,” Bo revealed.


“I said solidarity damn it.”


“Come on, solidarity, let’s get some coffee in you.”


“Fine.” She hopped from her perch stopping to give Dyson a wary glance. “Are you going to be okay, B?”


“I’m fine Kenz. Go.”


Hale helped Kenzi stagger away as Dyson claimed her seat.


“You know I really am sorry, Bo,” Dyson began after a few moments of awkward silence. “I know how much Lauren meant to you.”






“You said, ‘meant.’ It should be you know how much she means to me. That hasn’t changed.”


“Right. Sorry again.”


“No, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to snap at you. I think my hurt is finally making way to anger. I mean, how could she just up and leave like that, Dyson? Especially after the night we had after defeating the garuda.” She glanced at him when she got silence in return. He may not have his love for her anymore, but he was still a man. She was sure hearing the romantic woes of her relationship with a female partner wasn’t easy for him. “I don’t mean to lump all the gruesome details on you.”


“No, its fine. I know what you two do. I will admit though, it’s a little hard listening to it.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll save that stuff for Kenzi.” Bo shook her head. “I just can’t figure why she left.”


Dyson looked at his hands. “Maybe she had reason to, Bo. Maybe she saw an opportunity and she took it.”


“What do you mean?”


He looked into her eyes, the glimmer of hope he found there was unmistakable. “I don’t know. Just trying to talk this through with you.”


She almost bodily deflated. “Thanks. You know, I think I’m going to head home.”


He stopped her before she got far. “You know I could help.” Dyson continued at her questioning gaze. “Well for fae, emotional injury is the same as physical injury. If you feed it could help.”


“Look, Dyson, thanks but—”


“I’m serious, Bo,” he interrupted. “It doesn’t have to mean anything. I wasn’t able to help by finding any leads on Lauren. Let me help the only way I can.”


Bo stood for long moments weighing her options. While she no longer had romantic feelings toward Dyson, she couldn’t deny her need for healing and she was growing terribly hungry. The depression from Lauren’s departure had left Bo despondent and close to depletion. This was the first Kenzi had been able to get her to leave their hovel in weeks. Dyson was offering her comfort that she desperately needed.


“No strings?”


“Not a one.”


She turned on her heels and motioned for him to follow feeling the usual anticipation a night with Dyson always aroused. Bo would suck him dry and hopefully in the process she’d learn to live her life without Lauren.


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