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Chapter Four

Bo came floating into the kitchen, kimono fluttering on the breeze.

“Morning—wait a minute.” Kenzi gave Bo a piercing stare. “I know that look, though I haven’t seen it in quite a while. It’s a sexually satisfied slash full look. Kind of gross when you think about it…”




“Sated and full. It’s a weird combination—”




“You’re like eating and doing the nasty. Is that like a fetish? Because—”


Bo grabbed a mug and poured herself some coffee. When Kenzi was off on one of her tangents it was best to just let her ware herself down.


“I’ve heard of these food fetishes, you know? So you’re like—well lookie here.”


Bo didn’t need to look; there was only one thing that could shut Kenzi up.


“Bo Bo’s been snacking on some K9.”


“Morning, ladies.”


“Good morning, wolfie.”


“Um, Bo, I’ll talk to you later?”


She smiled tightly. “Maybe.”


Luckily Kenzi waited for him to clear out before she started in again. “Nice! Now that is what I’m talking about. A little puppy love to help you forget about that back stabbing doctor.”


“Hey!” Bo roared eyes flashing dangerously. “Watch what you say about her.”


Kenzi quickly sobered. “I’m sorry. Clearly you still have feelings for her, so why are you cavorting with the wolf man?”


Bo sighed heavily. “I was starving, Kenz, emotionally and physically. He offered to fill a need. I couldn’t…”


Kenzi followed her to the couch. “I understand. You can’t keep pinning away and a succubus does have her needs.”


“I feel awful about this, Kenz, like I’m cheating.”


“You shouldn’t feel that way. She left you, Bo, not the only way around.”


“I know that.” Bo began to pace. “But the guilt is still there. What I hate most is that it helped, Dyson helped. My almost overwhelming heartache is definitely down to a dull roar.”


“And that’s a good thing, right?”


“Yes, for now until it wares off, until I’m hungry again. Then what? I can’t keep going to Dyson.”


“No kidding,” Kenzi snickered. She thought better of it quickly and sat up straighter.


“What does that mean?”


“Nothing,” she squeaked. “I agree that maybe you shouldn’t keep going to Dyson, you can’t keep going to Dyson.”


“I know why I’m saying it, Kenzi. Why are you?”


“Huh? What? I’m being supportive.”


Kenzi looked so tweaked Bo thought her head would explode.


“You know what’s best for you, Bo, and I support you. Because going to Dyson for help with your hunger and grief over Lauren is just plain crazy. Especially with how he feels for you—crap!”


“What?” Bo knelt at Kenzi’s feet. “What you do mean how he feels for me? He doesn’t feel anything for me does he, Kenz?”


“Um…well…you see…”




“Dyson has his love back!”


Bo staggered back as if she’d been hit. “He what? How did…”


“I sort of…helped him get it back.”


Closing her eyes under the weight of all this news, Bo sat heavily on the coffee table.


“Please don’t be mad, Bo. This was when we were getting ready to fight the Garuda, he just wasn’t the same without his love. You know that too. He was like a heartless zombie. And he’s my friend too; I hated to see him hurting. Dyson was totally screwed by the Norn, something had to be done.”


“Kenzi, he was binded to me. That plus his love could have sent him over the deep end. You’ve seen what that undying devotion did to those slaves my mom kept, you could have ruined him for good.”


“But everything worked out fine. So it was a good call, right?”


“Helping Dyson get a part of himself back is definitely good, the both of you not telling me is inexcusably wrong.” Bo stormed toward the stairs taking them two at a time.


“Bo, wait. Please, don’t be mad at me. He begged me not to tell you. He didn’t want it to make you lose focus.”


“Lose focus, like him offering himself up before the fight with the Garuda? Nothing distracting about that.”


“He what? That slime ball.”


“Yeah, he’s slime alright.”


Kenzi watched Bo get dressed turning her back only when she was getting more of an eyeful then she’d ever want. “Where are you going?”


Fully dressed Bo headed for the stairs. “To give him a piece of my mind.”


“I’m coming with you!”



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