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Chapter Eight

“Bo, you know I support you—no matter how cray cray the mission—but where exactly are we going?” Kenzi watched her friend move about the room stuffing clothes and weapons into a bag.


“I…have no clue, but we just have to start.”

“Start where?”


“I don’t know!” Bo stopped short. “I’m sorry, Kenz, I don’t mean to snap at you.”


Kenzi held up a placating hand. “You have every right to be frustrated. Hell you should be pissed at me.”


“I could never be pissed at you. You were trying to be a woman of your word; I can’t fault you for that. This was Dyson’s cross to bare and instead of coming to me like a man, like a friend, he stabbed me in the back.”


Bo continued packing. She needed to keep busy, keep moving. It was the only way to tamp down her rising panic. “The person I’m most angry at is myself. I know I need to feed, but I feel totally disloyal to Lauren.”


“She left you, Bo, you can’t forget that.”


Bo turned hard eyes on Kenzi. “No, she was sent away. Lauren ran out of self preservation and advice from someone she mistakenly took as a friend.”


“Why didn’t she just come to you for help? She had to have known you’d do anything to help her.”


Finally deflating a modicum, Bo turned her back to Kenzi. “I don’t know. How ‘bout we ask her when we find her?” She zipped her bag in one swift motion. “Are you ready?”


“As I’ll ever be.”


“Good, because I think I know just where we can start.”




Trick swiped a tired hand over his face. “He did what?”


“You heard me,” Bo stated firmly.


“Your dog is off his leash,” Kenzi said easily. “Now we have to search the country side for the doc.”


“What do you need from me?”


“I have no idea where to start. Lauren could be anywhere by now.”


“That much is true,” Trick agreed. “If she’s as cunning as I believe she is, she’s very far away by now.”


“That’s why we’re darkening your door step—or basement step—for help.”


Trick turned from Kenzi to Bo. “I take it you won’t ask Dyson for his services.”


Bo gave him a look. “He’s helped enough.”


He was pensive for a moment before saying, “What about The Eye? He’s worked for you in the past.”


“No!” Kenzi protested loudly.


Bo smiled for the first time in what felt like days. “I think his fee may be a bit too high for us to pay.” She wasn’t mean enough to make Kenzi kiss a one eyed man again.


Trick pulled a dusty volume from a high shelf. “Let’s see if we can find another alternative.” He flipped through the pages for a long while.


Bo paced like a caged animal. She tried her hardest to put her anger from her mind. The last thing she needed was to let Trick know her powers were changing and she may not necessarily be in control of them yet. She’d spent enough time as a lab rat for Lauren and a field experiment for Trick. Those days were done. Bo would discover how to handle her powers along the way, just as she’d done before. If she never went back to needlessly killing people there was nothing for her to worry about.


“I may have something here.”


Kenzi was only a step away, yet Bo beat her to Trick’s side.


“This is what we called A Sniffer or Smeller. Basically it’s a type of fae that has the ability to find a scent and follow it, much like a dog. The only difference is they can keep a scent over great distances.”


“Like across state or territory lines?” Bo inquired.




“Yikes. I’d hate for this guy to have a thing for me.”

Trick gave Kenzi a patient smile. “Smellers usually don’t form last relationships since their sensitive sense of smell can be just as intrusive to a relationship as it can be helpful in tracking.”


“Where can we find one of these smellers?”


“Well they are huge nerds and meticulously anal about cleanliness—obviously—so they tend to stay in packs in some of these cleanest places they can find.”


“Where is that?” Kenzi began. “Bleach factories?”


“Close, but think more high tech.”


The bulb went on over Bo’s head. “Computer chips.”


“Bingo,” Trick smiled.


“Silicone Valley?” Kenzi perked up.


“Since when does boobs perk you up?”


Kenzi looked stricken. “I don’t know.”


“Where’s the closest place to find one of these places?”


“That’s my area,” Kenzi said happily as she pulled out her trusty smart phone. “I can locate the nearest freak show factory straight away.”


Bo exhaled, feeling for the first time like everything was going to be okay.



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