I know I’m really late, but I’ve never been a big comic book fan, despite loving the characters. That, however, has changed in a major way. I recently picked a copy of DC’s, Batwoman after hearing that she was a lesbian. I’ve heard the rumors that there was a new breed of comic book characters that would gay and lesbian, but I have to admit that I didn’t pay much attention to those reports.

The New 52

After years of hearing such rumors about televisions characters only to get one anticlimactic kiss that was written for the purpose of sweeps week, it goes without saying I’m rather jaded to such allegations, especially in regard to beloved characters such as those found in the DC universe.

BUT, I have been proven wrong, and let me just say I’ve never been so happy about it. Not only is Batwoman a “proud lesbian” by name, but she actually engages in relationships and sexual acts. This is all on top of truly entertaining writing and wonderful artwork.

I encourage everyone to pick up a copy and keep characters like this in heavy rotation. At less than $3 a copy, what do you have to lose?