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Chapter Nine

“Let’s push more epi…Clear!”

The woman on the gurney convulsed violently before her muscles relaxed. Lauren, Dr. Kenner and the nurses watched the monitor on bated breath. This was her trial day at the hospital; Lauren couldn’t afford to lose a patient. Especially since she was bating a thousand thus far.

Dr. Kenner hovered for the first hour or so of her rotation. Not many major cases came through the small hospital, and he’d quickly seized on the extra time to see to other matters when Lauren’s competence was confirmed. On the few serious emergencies she’d encountered she could tell he was physically restraining himself from intervening. Each doctor had his or her own style, which always took some getting used to. So long as the result was the same, saving lives, he stayed in the shadows.

The patient on Lauren’s table now was hands down the most severe case of the day and had been a challenge from the moment Jess wheeled her in. Drinking before twelve indicated a serious and long term drinking problem, one that made resuscitating this traffic accident victim twice as difficult.

“She cursed at us the entire ride before going unconscious,” Jess huffed good-naturedly. “Good luck when you get her back.”

“If,” Lauren corrected as she snapped on a pair of gloves and began checking vitals.

“When.” Jess smiled before shuffling her partner out of the emergency bay.

Seconds tricked by and Lauren’s mental wheels went into overdrive. She was momentarily thrilled to be thinking of a medical alternative as opposed to asking what type of fae she was. After the third blank stare from Jess and the other doctors, Lauren finally got it.

“We need to push more epi and—”

“Don’t you think that’s a bit much, Dr. Lewis?” Dr. Kenner finally piped. He was long satisfied with her ability, but any deaths would be on his head.

“She has a drinking problem, the damage to her liver is prohibiting the epinephrine from absorbing quickly enough.”

After only a second of thought he nodded and took a step back as she got to work. It was a bit of a gamble, yet they certainly didn’t have the time to debate on it.


Everyone’s eyes found the monitor and for the first time that day she felt truly worried about the result. The flat, monotone pitch of the monitor was the only sound to greet them.

“Call it—” Dr. Kenner moved to the monitor. “Wait. We got a sound, thready, but she’s back.”

Lauren beamed even as she exhaled.

“Dang it, Lewis, is there anything you can’t do?”

A sad smile crossed her features. “You’d be surprised.”


Lunch was a welcomed reprieve. Lauren couldn’t remember the last time she’d worked so hard. The fatigue felt familiar and almost comforting.

“Told you that you’d get her back.”

Lauren smiled up at the EMT. “How’d you know?”

“You’re drinking soda, not coffee.” Jess continued at Lauren’s curious look. “Soda is cold, sugary, bubbly. Happy. Coffee still has the caffeine kick, but it’s warm, soothing. Sad. Trust me, I’ve been here for years, you’d be surprised what I can predict.”

Lauren motioned for her to sit. “What else can you predict?” If Jess could manage to offer insight on the mundane, maybe she could offer a hand on some of the more difficult issues in Lauren’s life.

“Well,” Jess began. “You’re enjoying your day, but you’re still apprehensive about coming on full time.”

Her eyes went wide. “That’s freakishly good,” Lauren complimented.

“I’m in tuned to people.”

“I see.”

“So, why are you still on the fence?”

Lauren sighed. She so wanted to discuss her situation with Jess—with anyone—but knew that she couldn’t. It would put them both in danger. She opted to get as close to the truth as possible offering, “This isn’t home.”

Jess didn’t blink. “You can’t go back there?”

“No, I cant.”

She could have assumed the worst, jumped to conclusions; instead Jess just smiled and said, “So make this your home. It may be small, but it’s not too bad.”

Lauren was floored. “No, it isn’t so bad.”

Dr. Lewis to Dr. Kenner’s office…


“Why do I feel like I’m being called to he principles office?”

Jess smiled. “You sort of are.”

“Well, I guess I’ll see you…” Lauren searched for the right word, everything seemed inappropriate when any moment she could disappear and become almost a figment of these people’s imagination.

“Later,” Jess supplied. Her face was open and devoid of guile.

Lauren didn’t know if “later” was true, but she offered Jess a sincere smile before departing just incase she never saw her again.


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