I’ve been working on Love Square(d), or should I say writing and rewriting it. I think this next book will be a departure for me. As I have mentioned before, I want it to be more episodic. Instead of the long string of events that get the characters from point A to point Z only highlighting a few of the letters in between, I want to really explore each letter and remove the string. It’s hard for me to really explain what I’m trying to say. When we think back on our lives or the events in a certain time, we remember highlights. Certain events and conversations really stick out while the others fade into the background. LS will focus on these important events and conversation while omitting the mundane, trite or unnecessary others that usually are added just to make a story flow.

That being said, There’s an Emeli Sande song called Breaking the Law that really resounds for me and this is  the result. I’m interested in what you think and how it makes you feel. I want to know what emotions this passage evokes, if any. I’m just feeling my way through this one and I’d love to start a dialogue. I know forming an opinion will be hard without knowing more about the characters, but I want to focus on the experience more than the people.


Silence. It was virtue as vital to Riesa as air or water. As an only child she often welcomed the presence of others. People helped keep the boredom and loneliness away in the past, now they helped keep the memories and loneliness at bay.

There were times though, when she depleted her tranquility and became overwhelmed by the rigors of every day life. That deficiency forced her into seclusion. When she could handle it no more, she’d shutter herself away, undergo a brief hibernation.

Now in the near silence of her apartment she felt trapped, confined, even as she felt the necessity of this ritual. This was her ablution, the only way to cleanse herself so she could begin again. It was in these moments that her mind would race, tracking through memories long stored away in nothing more than a diagnostic of her emotional capacity.

Salvation was on the other side of the door in the form of someone, anyone, but it was too soon. She needed the silence as much as she dreaded the moment it would demonstrate its necessity.

A knock soft and rhythmic sounded like a pinprick of light in the darkest of tunnels. It was too soon; the structure was yet to be fortified. The slightest movement could send it all crashing down around her, burring her deeper, making her begin again.

Again it sounded and Riesa recognized it’s cadence, longed to open the door. The brass knob gleamed brightly in the semi-darkness of her apartment. It shined brighter than she could ever remember and she took it as the sign people prayed for in dark hours such as this.

Riesa struck out, risked the structural integrity of the house of cards that was her sanity to open the door.

Even in the time passed Sam stood patiently waiting. Her eyes found Riesa’s, the greeting dying on her lips.

She wanted to turn way. Sam’s gaze was knowing and struck a cord of fear in her that was sure to send her flying into pieces. Her eyes searched unseeing looking for a route of escape. Her foundation was shaking violently and she couldn’t bear to let Sam see the wreckage. Instead she turned inward searching for comfort only to realize her reserve of inner peace had been tapped and this lack is what started this exercise that left her stripped and shaking for all to see.

A confident hand touched her softly on the arm drawing Riesa’s attention back to the present, away from the past filled with doctors visits, life insurance policies, funeral arrangements and grief that clung to every surface like heavy soot from a four alarm blaze.

Sam’s attention left Riesa only when they both recognized the sound of Frankie clamoring up the stairs. She led them inside closing the door and thus locking out the danger. She didn’t utter a word, only slid out of her shoes and onto Riesa’s unmade bed.

Her face was so endearingly understanding and expectant that Riesa could have screamed in pure joy when she opened her arms in welcome.

“Yo, Reese!”

The world sent Riesa racing into Sam’s arms, her had firmly cradled in her lap.

It wouldn’t be until much later that Riesa knew Sam too required silence to survive. All she knew now was that under the watchful eye and comforting embrace of another, the darkness of silence in pursuit of tranquility was not so bad.