I am very much guilty of remaining silent on issues that concern me, which are many. It annoys me beyond measure when people become too preachy about their ideals and morals. Since I hate to experience it, I’m careful about not doing precisely that which I hate. I came across a two documentaries in the last few months that I thought worth sharing. One is about breast cancer, more specifically the pink ribbon culture. The trailer for that documentary, which can be found on Netflix if you’re in the US, is below. The other video below is a short film about GMO’s, especially those sold in Whole Foods supermarket chain that we’re told aren’t in fact sold there and the large corporations that don’t support recent anti-GMO legislation.

All told both these issues are far too integral to remain silent about and affect almost all of us no matter where we live. So I’m sharing. The links to the sites I discover and feel worth sharing will now be found on the Friends and Affiliates page. Take a look or don’t the choice is yours. The goal of this site first and foremost is to share my writing with my fans and I appreciate every single one of my visitors.