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Chapter Ten

The smell of petrol and exhaust are making this far more difficult than I’d like.”

Both Bo and Kenzi rolled their eyes. Trick never told them that smellers were obsessive compulsive, anal retentive and assholes. In the hour since they’d met he’d issues several requirements and even more complaints.

“Should I rent a car?” Bo may be annoyed, but she was also determined.

“No, no, that won’t be necessary. This car may be an automotive and environmental nightmare, but it looks cool.”

Kenzi caught Bo’s eye and she had to try her hardest not to laugh aloud. The last thing she wanted to do was offend their new…friend; it was hard enough to find him, never mind getting him to agree.


“Is this the place Kenz? I would have expected something more high tech-y.”

Kenzi stared up at the plain brick building. “True, but this is what Google maps gave me. The googs never lies.”

Bo shrugged. “Let’s do it.”

“Wait.” Kenzi stopped the succubus with a hand on the arm. “What’s the plan here? We can’t just walk in and ask for the best sniffer they got.”

Bo looked stumped. “I’m not sure really. I thought I’d charm a few people, get to the chip room and…see from there.”

Kenzi shook her head. “That’s way too difficult.”

“You have a better plan?”

“As a matter of fact I do. Mind if I captain this ship?”

Thinking for a moment, Bo ultimately gave in. This was a very important mission, Lauren’s life may eve be depending on it. Who knew what the light fae would do to her when they discovered her absence. However, she had no solid plan of her own. If Kenzi did then they had no choice but to try it. “Lead on, Cap.”

“May I help you?” a perky twenty something receptionist asked the moment they crossed the threshold.

Bo liked her immediately, but only because she was blond, svelte and smelled amazing. She was sure, however, not to miss the presence of two security guards not very far away.

“Hi, I’m Ken—ny, Kenny um…Hale from techno bloggers weekly. This is my assistant Bo—nnie, Bonnie. We have an appointment to interview one of your chip specialists.”

Bo glanced at Kenzi with pride even as she took offense to being the assistant.

“Okay, let me check the schedule here.” The receptionist, whose pin read Becky, tapped computer keys in rapid succession. “I don’t see anything on the schedule for today. Which of our data chip engineers are you slated to speak with?”

“Um, well you see, Becky, I’m not quite sure. My scatter brained assistant here seems to have misplaced the contact information.”

“Oh dear, well I’m afraid I can’t let you in without verification.”

Kenzi half turned to Bo when she noticed they were gaining the attention of security. “I think something can be done about that, don’t you Bonnie?”

Bo stared blankly back at Kenzi while Becky watched them expectant

“Bonnie, do you think there’s something you could so to help jog Becky’s memory?” Kenzi’s eyes went round in an effort to make Bo understand her point.

“Right. I can!” she said too loudly as realization finally took the time to dawn on her. Bo turned her attention to the receptionist. “Becky, may I borrow a pen?” She reached for her pen, but in stead grazed the back of the receptionist’s hand. Bo turned her charm to ten and felt the blue pulsing waves travel through their tenuous connection. “I can’t remember the chip specialist’s name, but I’m positive we have an appointment today. You know which one to let us talk to don’t you, Becky. One of your best one’s. Maybe one that looks a little…strange. This is a blog interview after all, looks don’t matter.”

The receptionist nodded dumbly.

“And you can give us a space to speak in private for as long as we need, isn’t that right Becky?”

“Oh sure. These techno types always forget to fill me in on important details. I know just the engineer and just the room.”

Bo leaned across the small partition. “Fabulous. You are so helpful.”

Kenzi gave her a forceful nudge.

Clearing her throat Bo said, “You tell us where to go and we’ll get straight to it.”

The receptionist dialed the phone eagerly as Kenzi shot daggers in her succubus friend’s direction.

Moments later they were seated in a surprisingly plush conference room waiting.

“Really, Bo?”


“We are here on a mission to find your girlfriend and you can’t keep your hands off cheerleader Barbie long enough for us to find the smeller.”

“I can’t help it okay? Lest you forget I’m starving and she smelled amazing.”

Kenzi rolled her eyes. “Fine. I can’t argue either point. This whole place smells like the inside of a Downy bottle.”

They were interrupted by the door, watching in bated breath as a decidedly plain young gentleman came in clad in baggy denim and flannel. He would have been completely forgettable if it weren’t for the sizable nose that dominated the majority of his face.

“I think we hit the jackpot,” Kenzi whispered.

Bo silently agreed.

“Let’s get this over with. You bloggers always have the worst hygiene, but I will admit you two are the better smelling ones I’ve come into contact with.” He took a seat across from the pair at the large, high gloss conference table.

“There’s no interview actually,” Bo said sharply. They had not time to play games.

“Then I’m out of here.”

“Wait!” Kenzi shot to the door. “This is fae business.”

He stopped short for a moment. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Bo rolled her eyes. She knew how these exchanges went. Fae were very wary of both each other and humans alike. No matter which side you aligned with though, humans were a universal enemy. She scanned the ceiling and corners for cameras. When she was sufficiently satisfied that they were alone Bo reached deep within herself for some of her newfound strength. Finding it she drew a deep breath and all of her succubus abilities to draw the life-force from the smeller from several feet away. When she saw his eyes roll back in his head she stopped. Not only would this speed up the proceedings, but it also served to slack her hunger.

“Shit! You two aren’t kidding.”

“No, we’re not,” Bo assured. “Please sit.”

“So you can kill me?” he asked warily.

“Not if you don’t piss me off.”

The three took a seat at the table and Bo wasted no time getting started. “I came to employ the talent of a smeller.”

“We prefer sniffer.” She squinted menacingly at him and he stiffened. “What do you want with me?”

“I’ve lost someone and I need help finding them.”

“I’m supposed to help you find someone so you can kill them, succubus? Never.”

Bo rolled her eyes. “I’m not trying to kill anyone, I’m trying to help them actually.”

The smeller looked to Kenzi. “It’s hard to trust you when you’re in the company of humans and displaying your fae ability.”

“This is my human and I assure you we’re both safe in her confidence.”

The smeller, or sniffer as it were, was silent for long moments. “What’s in this for me? I have a good job under the radar here. I’m not risking my safety for a stranger.”

Bo felt her ire rise. “Who are you to question me?” Kenzi placed a placating hand on her arm and she felt immediately remorseful. This newfound power of hers came with barely restrained arrogance. “I’m sorry.” She shook her head. “What do you want?”

“Well if I’m going to miss the days from work then the equivalent financial sum is required.”

“Done.” Bo ignored Kenzi’s incredulous look.


Of course there was an and.

“A kiss…from her.” The pimple faced smeller looked at Kenzi with hungry eyes.

“You have to be kidding me!”

Bo fought back a smile as she pleaded with her friend. “Kenz, please. This is for Lauren.”

“Last time I checked you were sleeping with her, not me.”

Bo quickly lost her humor. “Kenzi, I will make it up to you however you like. I can’t help it if you’re a fae sex symbol. And you know she’d do it for you.”

“Not funny, Bo.” She capitulated for long moments. In comparison, the sniffer was far less offensive than the eye and he smelled amazing. “Fine.”

“And I’ll be needing a little more of that sucky sucky from you,” he smiled.


Bo put her inordinately long morning aside as they barreled down the highway. She glanced at the sweater of Lauren’s, that she kept and wore on those especially lonely nights, glad she hadn’t discarded it in anger. They were on Lauren’s trail and the sniffer had assured them that she wasn’t far away.

“Don’t worry, Lauren,” Bo thought. “No matter what I’ll find you.


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