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Chapter Twelve

“You’re sure this is the place”

The sniffer put his nose in the air for good measure. “No mistaking it. This is it.”

Kenzi looked at Bo, worry coloring her features. “You think she’s hurt?”

Bo stared at the hospital slow to process what was happening. She’d been thrilled beyond measure when the sniffer indicated they were close. Her disappointment was hard to reign in when they pulled up to a hospital. “Hopefully she’s working and not being treated,” she said with false optimism. Bo had nothing to go on but blind faith. No matter what state Lauren was in, she would support her and move heaven and hell to get her back.

“So how do we play this? We can’t just go in here and just ask for the doc,” Kenzi pressed on. She knew better than anyone that they couldn’t harp on what the situation appeared to be. In the fae world nothing was ever as it appeared.

Bo nodded in agreement. “You’re right. Chances are she’s not even using her real name anyway.” Her mind turned over the milieu of possibilities and she felt sickened. “We just have to check every room, every patient, every doctor until we find her,” she added with resolution.

“Um, I don’t even know what she looks like,” the sniffer pointed out.

“Look, sniffs, use that schnoz of yours to locate her. She’s blonde, about Bo’s height and probably one of the doctors here. Got it?”

“My name is Todd,” he rejoined indignantly.

“Bo pulled Todd to the side and effectively away from Kenzi. “Todd, I really appreciate what you’ve done for us so far. Just help me find my friend and we’ll have you back in the lab in no time.” Her smile was sickeningly sweet, but he didn’t seem to notice how disingenuous it was. All Bo needed to do was keep him happy so he finished the job. The only other alternative was sucking the very life out of him out of pure frustration and hunger.

“My pleasure!” he beamed and she sighed with relief.

Kenzi rolled her eyes. “Let’s go. Sniffs—I mean Todd—take the ground floor where the scent will be the strongest.” She turned to Bo. “You have a preference for the top or bottom?”

“Top, for sure,” Bo replied without hesitation.

“Why am I not surprised? If anyone’s looking for me, I’ll be on the second floor.”

Bo shook her head and followed her rag tag search party inside. She thanked any deity listening that the hospital only had three floors. Anymore and someone could get seriously hurt.


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