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Chapter 14

Hours. That’s how long Bo had searched the third floor of the hospital. It may not have been big, but it certainly had a lot of rooms.

She’d heard nothing from Kenzi or Todd and she was beginning to feel disheartened. Bo certainly didn’t want to face that they may need to search the morgue. Pushing that thought aside renewed her vigor. Lauren would be okay as soon as Bo found her.

Moments later her phone rang and she eagerly answered. “Anything?”

“The nose thinks he found her. First floor emergency,” Kenzi said before disconnecting.

Bo frantically searched for the stairs as her mind immediately went to the worse case scenario. Even as she pictured Lauren lying bloodied and bruised on a gurney she was buoyed by the simple notion that Lauren was indeed alive and could be saved.

She found Todd with a brunette kneeling at his feet as Kenzi approached moments later. He looked relieved to see them.

“Are you sure you’re hurt, sir? Your ankle looks fine.”

“Um, you know what, I think I’m okay now.” He smiled up at Bo and Kenzi before whispering, “I found her.”

Kenzi and Bo shared a look before Bo said, “That’s not her.”

“Were you listening? We said blonde doctor, not brunette EMT,” Kenzi barked. She too was expecting the worst while hoping for the best.

Todd frowned, “Can’t be. Do you have the sweater?”

Bo handed it over and Todd sniffed it again before sending his nose in the EMT’s direction. “Damn, you’re right. But she is wearing her scent.”

Bo squinted.

“What’s going on here?” the EMT asked.

Kenzi could already discern the anger that was slowly rising in the succubus and eagerly jumped in. “We’re looking for a friend of ours; blonde hair, blue eyes, about 5’ 7”. She may be a doctor here.” They were trying to fly under the radar, but Todd had put them smack on the EMT’s so why bother being covert now.

Bo watched closely as the EMT observed them each thoroughly before speaking. “No, I don’t think we have any doctors here that fit that description.”

“Are you sure? She’s really pretty, hard to miss,” Bo pushed. She hated that something seemed familiar about this woman.

“Positive. Look I have to go, and if you’re not hurt or visiting someone you do too.”

“Who the hell are you—”

“Sure,” Kenzi interjected. “No problem.”

“But—” Todd and Bo protested simultaneously.

“Let’s go guys!” Kenzi stressed before grabbing a hold of their ears and dragging them out.

“What the hell, Kenzi?” Bo barked when they made it outside. “She was totally lying.”

“Yeah, she wreaks of your friend,” Todd added.

“Obviously, but she’s clearly not going to tell us that.”

“I could have done something.”

“All your plans involve violence of touching, neither of which are appropriate in the lobby of a hospital.”

Bo hated that she was right. “So now what do we do?”

“We follow that EMT. She knows something and we’re going to figure it out.”

“Did she seem familiar to you?” Bo asked Kenzi when they retured to the car.

“Um, besides the fact that she’s your doppleganger?”

“Yeah right,” Bo scoffed.

“She’s right,” Todd interjected as he scrolled through his phone. “That chick was like a hot EMT version of you. Probably why the doc’s scent was all over her.”

Bo and Kenzi alike scowled at him so hard that he didn’t speak again for hours. In that silence all Bo could think about was losing Lauren and killing that EMT.


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