As you may know I am very green and conscious of my carbon footprint. This is my first truly green Christmas and I’m very much looking forward to it. Below are some ideas I’ve had for a truly green Christmas.

1. Fabric Gift Wrap:


I used fabric leftovers to wrap my holiday gifts (I shopped early this year!).

2. DIY Pillows


My friends and I decided to make our gifts for each other. My gift will be pillows made from fabric that I had lying around from the clothing line I used to have. I binded the pillows (pictured below) with twine.

3. Homemade Gift Labels

Labelsl 3 Labels 2 Labels 1

I used card stock that I already had on hand and used coffee to stain the paper before cutting them into size. The longer you keep the paper in the coffee the darker it’ll be. I also put fun little messages on the back telling my friends what they should (and shouldn’t) do with their gifts.  A sticker placed where the hole will be punched helps keep it from ripping.