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Chapter 16

“Well she’s smart, I’ll give her that,” Kenzi sighed.

They were all running on empty after a day and a half of following the EMT. They thought for sure she’d go straight from the hospital to Lauren, ready to warn her of their presence. That had not been the case. Instead they were left to suffer through her entire work day and get a glimpse at her personal life, as limited as that was.

Each took turns on watch as the other slept. If being trapped in a car for thirty-six hours wasn’t bad enough, Bo and Kenzi had to endure Todd as well. His laptop and phone were abuzz almost constantly as was his complaints, bad jokes and useless facts. If the EMT didn’t reach out to Lauren soon she would suck him dry and leave nothing to mark his grave but his hand sanitizer.

“Maybe we should have stayed at the hospital,” Bo lamented. Lauren was bound to show up eventually.

“Not if she really doesn’t work there. Besides, we’ve been at the hospital quite a bit following the EMT with no signs of Lauren.”

When did Kenzi get so pragmatic, Bo groused. She was hungry and horny, that meant she was short on reason.

“She’s on the move again,” Todd announced.

Bo suspected he was living out some police steak out fantasy. Regardless she followed as the EMT left a diner not far from the hospital.

“Not in much of a rush, probably going home,” Bo said to herself more than anyone else. If they didn’t make a break in this…case? She shook her head. If this didn’t lead to Lauren, Todd would have to put his nose to the ground, in a manner of speaking, again. After that she was out of ideas.

“This is new,” Kenzi noted as they pulled a few cars behind the emergency van.

Bo took a look around the neighborhood her senses going haywire all of a sudden. She opened up the windows to let the exhaust fumes out. “Okay Todd, you’re on. Should I let you out?”

Todd sniffed a few times. “Oh no, that’s definitely not necessary. She’s close, that’s for sure.”

Kenzi and Bo both turned toward the back seat to give him their full attention.

“You’re sure?” Kenzi pressed.

“This is important, Todd,” Bo added needlessly.

“No doubt about it. She smells amazing, by the way.”

“Thanks…I guess.” Bo turned to Kenzi. “Now what?”

“Now you go get the girl,” Kenzi replied without hesitation. “What’s wrong?” she asked when the succubus didn’t sprint from the vehicle.

“Nothing just…” Bo looked around at the quaint little neighborhood filled with normal, everyday people. There was no dark fae lurking in the shadows or ancient evils trying to gain foothold. Bo figured the most pressing issue anyone had here was what to fix for dinner.

“Bo, what is it?”

“Maybe…maybe Lauren is better off here.”


“Think about it Kenz, hell look at this place. It could be on a post card. This block alone is the picture of what the American dream must look like. Lauren is safe here. She’s away from the fae and able to live a normal life away from danger, away from…”

“Stop,” Kenzi demanded. “Lauren could never be better off without you. Granted, the life we live isn’t always the safest, but we help people, you help people. The doc was a part of that.”

“So tell me I’m not being selfish wanting her back. Tell me this whole thing hasn’t been about my desire to get Lauren back.”

“Of course it is, but that’s not a bad thing. And even if she stays here she won’t be totally safe. The fae are everywhere. If anyone gets a whiff of who she is she’ll be in danger. The only difference is now you won’t be there to protect her. Lauren is all alone here and you wanting to bring her back may be selfish, but it’s selfish in the best way.”

“She’s right,” Todd chimed from the back, tears brimming in his eyes.

“Christ,” Bo smiled. “I forgot he was back there.”

“Yeah, well the nose and I are right.”

“It’s Todd!”

“Relax nose boy,” Kenzi shot back. “Think about it some more Bo Bo, you have until the EMT bails to figure it out.”

And think she did as she waited for the EMT to vacate the premises. She had to fight multiple impulses to just run it and kick the door open. Bo didn’t even want to think about what they could be doing. When she considered she had no idea which apartment was Lauren’s, the idea of kicking in ten plus doors gave her pause. Instead she turned her mind to what Kenzi said, Lauren would never be one hundred percent safe without some protection. If Bo had to bring her back to the heart of danger to keep her safe she’d give her life trying.

In the end the light fae and the Ash owed Bo a lot, not to mention the debt the dark should be paying for saving them from the Garuda as well. Bo was fairly certain that she could work out some sort of deal with someone.

With that hashed out, Bo now had to focus on just what to say to Lauren when she saw her. Simply knocking on the door and saying, “Hey, remember me? I’m the one you had mind blowing sex with then left high and dry…again! I came to club you over the head and bring you home.” That just wouldn’t do. Bo needed to say something beautiful, meaningful, something Lauren could never resist.

She wouldn’t get much time to think on it as a light haired figure in dark clothes stepped from the back of the building sticking to the shadows. Bo watched closely, recognizing her even in the dark. She reasoned she’d never be able to forget the sway of Lauren’s hips or her womanly curves.

Wondering if her companions were seeing the same thing, Bo shouldn’t have been surprised to find both Kenzi and Todd sleeping peacefully. Not stopping to think, Bo bolted from the car moving quickly to catch up with the swift doctor.

She was forced to watch from afar as Lauren stepped into the most unremarkable of vehicles and started the engine. Bo broke into a jog in hopes of making it before Lauren pulled out of the parking space. She pulled up short considering going back to the car and following instead. The bag Lauren carried implied she wasn’t planning on returning any time soon. Missing her now would mean losing her all over again.

The hesitation put Bo too far behind. She broke into a full sprint as she watched two red tail lights disappear around the corner.