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Chapter 2: The Tour Day 1

If there’s one feeling I’d like to forget it’s the feeling of waking up at five A.M to start a tour. Luckily it’s a summer tour so the sun is up already. Fall and winter tours suck so much. It’s still dark out in the early mornings and it’s the most depressing thing ever. Even the birds aren’t up to greet me.

Madison had my things packed up earlier in the week so all I have to do really is to get showered and to the bus. I don’t worry about how I look that’s what Libby, Simon and whatever her name is for.

There’s that pain again. This is my first tour without Angel. It’s going to be so strange without her there. Who am I going to talk to? Simon is a gossip and Libby can be a bit air headed sometimes. Don’t get my wrong I love her, but I feel like she just doesn’t get it. It goes without saying that talking to Madison isn’t even an option. I keep her on an entirely different bus because of it. Well I have my own bus period, but that’s mainly because I need my space and privacy. Those guys talk way too much.

Angel used to ride with me from time to time. We could talk about anything from the day we met. Thinking back to how she knew when to talk and when to just let things be brings tears to my eyes.

“Okay after the bags are loaded we can all board,” Madison informed Ashley for the third time.

This earns her an eye roll and a frustrated sigh. “You’ve said that already, Mads, we know the drill by now it’s been three weeks.”

“Don’t let her get to you, she’s just overly thorough,” Angel soothes as they all stand on the street watching the bus being loaded.

“She’s going to be overly fired if she keeps hounding me.”

“Maybe we can tape her mouth shot.”

 “Good idea,” Ashley laughed. “Or maybe even glue. That would be much funnier.”

“No one would know. She’d look like Neo in the first Matrix.”

Ashley laughed hysterically at the thought of a mouth-less Madison. “That would have to be the greatest thing ever. You’re funny.”

“Why thank you,” Angel blushed. “I’ll add that to my resume. That’s a big deal coming from a big star and all.”

Ashley rolled her eyes yet again. “Oh please.” She waited a beat before saying, “Hey you can ride on my bus if you want. I know the other one can get cramped.”

“Yeah? Hey, thanks. Let me just get my pillow off the other bus.”

“Pillow?” Ashley looked at her questioningly.

“Yeah, I have to take my own pillow everywhere I go. Lame?”

Ashley smiled as she looked down at her shoes. “Mine is already on the bus.”

Angel laughed saying, “Cool. Be right back.”

Oh speaking of pillows, can’t forget that. I’m going to miss those days. Oh well. I sure won’t miss the other crap I went through with her. Now off to the bus to begin another three months of tour buses, airplanes and hotels. Ah the life of a rock star.


Ashley showed up thirty minutes late to the bus to no ones surprise. They were all waiting on the curb for her to arrive.

“Only a half hour this time, you’re getting better,” Madison says as she releases everyone to board.

“Whatever. Let’s get going I’m beat.”

“Your chariot awaits your highness,” Madison replied with a curtsey.

Spencer leaned over to Libby asking, “She’s not going to say good morning or anything?”

“Hell no!” Libby chortled. “Ashley doesn’t usually speak to anyone until well after two P.M. unless there’s an early session of some sort and even then it is strictly by necessity.”


“Don’t worry, Spencer, you’ll get used to her. She can be really nice once you crack that shell of hers. Even then you won’t get too far, but do your job well and she’ll look out for you no matter what.”

“You’re all are okay with how she treats you most of the time?”
“Look, once my brother got into a motorcycle accident. He was beat up pretty bad. She not only let me leave in the middle of her European tour, but she hired like some specialist to put his leg back together after the doctors said they couldn’t do anything. It cost a small fortune. Ashley didn’t bat an eyelash she just did it. My family is eternally grateful to her for that. If you ask her about it she’ll say she did it because she needed me back as soon as possible, but we all know different. She has a big heart under all that bravado. I think that’s why she tries so hard to protect herself.”

“Alright let’s make moves people!” Madison shouted from the window of the bus. “Spence, honey, come on.”

Libby and Simon made their way onto the bus as Spencer stared at the giant bus with Ashley’s face plastered all along the side. The next three months were going to be something.


The first stop on the tour was a relatively short ride away, a stadium in NJ. Ashley had a two performances there before moving onto Washington D.C.

After Spencer and Madison got their things sorted out in their cabin on the bus Spencer went to join Libby and Simon in the main sitting area.

“Libby, are you excited to be going home?” Spencer was trying to get to know everyone so she wouldn’t have to suffer as the new girl for too long.

“Yes, very. I’ve been with Ashley in L.A. for pre-tour promotions for the last month. This is the first I’m going to be able to see my family.”

“Are they coming tonight?”

“Yep, backstage passes and all. Even my grandmother is coming.”

Spencer smiled warmly. “Granny going to rock out?”

“You know it baby!”

“Awesome.” Spencer turned to Simon who was sitting in front of a mirror at the galley table looking at his pores. “What about you Simon? Where are you from?”

“West bumble,” he laughed. “Well you get the point.”

“I get it. Where exactly though?”


“Oh really? You must be excited for the stop in Detroit then.”

Simon finally looked up from the mirror. “No, not really actually,” he said curtly before retuning his attention to the mirror.
“Yeah I hate going home too,” Spencer sighed.

“Well at least you have a home to go back to.”

Spencer was going to say something before she was interrupted by Madison.

“Spence, honey, we need to go over these themes again so you can be up to speed.”

“Madison we have gone over the themes for the tour a thousand times. I think I got it.”

“I’m sure you do, love, but things can change at a moments notice I want you to be prepared.”

Spencer had to squeeze her eyes shut and take a deep breath. Madison could really get to her at times; then again she could get to anyone. Spencer looked over to Simon with apologetic eyes.

“Go,” he told her. “I really don’t want to talk about it anyway.”

A little while later the buses were pulling into the stadium. The three large tour buses were greeted by a horde of fans trying to get a glimpse of the infamous Ashley Davies. The buses pulled to the back loading dock and the band on the third bus immediately began to get their instruments and equipment set up. The set was already being constructed thanks to the road crew that always left before Ashley did. All she and her design team had to do was get dressed, sing and leave.

Spencer looked out the window at the large crowd already there to see Ashley. There were other performers on the tour, but the majority of the fans were either wearing or waving Ashley Davies paraphernalia.

“These people are all here to see Ashley? There’s four hours until the concert,” Spencer asked Madison who was frantically packing up her things so she could head into the venue.

“I know, insane isn’t it? Who would actually pay to see Ashley?”

“She does have a good voice, you have to admit.”

“I guess so. I have a hard time recognizing it, her bad attitude drowns it out.”

Spencer chuckled. Madison had a point.

Once things were ready the design crew along with Madison would head out first. Last to go in would be Ashley and her three body guards.

“Alright let’s go.” Madison called Libby, Simon and Spencer to the front of the bus.

“Ready for the mayhem?” Libby asked Spencer with an excited smile.

“They won’t care about us. We’re not celebrities.”
“They don’t care that we’re not celebrities,” Simon interrupted. “We’re with Ashley. That’s all that matters.”

Spencer rolled her eyes at the absurdity of it all. “Whatever, let’s just get this over with.”

Madison grabbed Spencer’s hand, her palms sweating. Madison knew her well enough to know when she was trying to act tougher than she really was.

“It’ll only take three minutes to get from here to the door.”

Spencer nodded her reply.

And like that the doors to the bus were yanked open and the four were being surrounded by a pack of screaming fans. The bodyguards did their best to get them moving swiftly through the mob. Soon after they were surrounded by the calm of the arena offices.

“Oh my God,” Spencer said as she tried to calm her frazzled nerves. By no means was she taking the Lords name in vein. She genuinely meant it.

“I know, great isn’t it?” Simon asked as he patted her on the back.

“Great? That was insane.”

“You get used to it,” Libby added.

“Sure hope so.”

“Okay, now that that’s over we better get started. We only have four hours to make history,” Madison cut in.

“History?” Spencer questioned.

“Oh, we here at Davies Enterprises break records every time we go on tour. Only have to wait and see what it’ll be this time.” Spencer stood in confusion until Madison yanked her by the hand and pulled her along. “I’ll explain later.”

Ashley finally decided to get off the bus after about forty-five minutes. She had fallen asleep and no one in their right mind would dare wake her.

Libby was busy unloading the wardrobe as Simon readied his hair products and went searching for outlets for the dryers and curlers. Spencer unpacked her make-up and divided it up by scene and theme. The big shows had four scenes the smaller had three. This show wasn’t a large one so Spencer didn’t have much to prepare for.

Ashley had five members to her band that Spencer had to do make-up for as well. Though there was less pressure in that regard.

It was an hour before the show and Spencer expected Ashley to be either at either hair or wardrobe by now.

She wasn’t.

Out of curiosity to began to roam the halls of the bustling backstage area. She was taken aback as she recognized the faces of other famous bands and acts. She finally found the door marked “Davies” and hazarded a knock. After getting no response she realized that the pounding music coming from the other side of the door may be why she wasn’t receiving a response. She decided full on banging was in order. Still nothing. Thoroughly frustrated she opted to try the handle.


She pushed the door open peeking her head inside. The room was dark except for the lights from the vanity illuminating half the room. The thumping beat from the dubstep music was emanating throughout the room as Spencer looked around to see if she could spot Ashley. Some movement in the shadows caught her eye. She squinted to get a good look. To her complete and utter shock she witnessed Ashley with the legs of some young girl wrapped around her waste as she fucked her against a wall. Spencer’s mouth fell open as she watched the muscles in Ashley’s bra clad back contract and flex. She couldn’t hear anything, but she could tell the girl was more than enjoying herself.

“She in there?” Simon asked as she headed toward the larger dressing room.

“Um…ah, yeah, but she looks…busy,” she stammered nervously.

Simon didn’t flinch, he knew that Ashley would be late and he also knew that one of the reasons would either be a female or a “recreational substance” of choice.

“Well tell her to hurry up, we have a concert to put on,” he said before sauntering away.

Spence on the other hand felt herself blush hot and her temperature rise.  A few moments later she was slamming the door behind her.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Shut up.” Spencer walked over to Madison as she sat behind the desk and straddled her thighs.

“Spenc—” She was cut off by Spencer’s lips latching onto her own. She wasted no time unbuttoning her blouse and grabbing two handfuls of breasts. By the time Spencer reached for the button of her jeans Madison broke the kiss.

“What has gotten into you?” Madison asked with a large smile plastered on her face.

Spencer proceeded to undo the button and slip her hand into her panties. “Do you really want to talk about it now?” she asked in a husky voice

Madison nodded a definite no as she recaptured Spencer’s lips in her own.

Thirty minutes later Spencer was still waiting for Ashley to have her make-up done. Luckily she was finished with wardrobe and almost done with hair.

“Alright, let’s go.”

You’re rushing me? I’ve been waiting for hours now,” Spencer said incredulously.

“Yeah well I was busy. So let’s get started.”

“Yeah well if you weren’t fucking groupies we wouldn’t be running late right now.” It was her intention to say that under her breath.

Ashley never flinched as she grabbed a seat and got comfortable. A large grin spread across her face. “You saw that, huh? Next time, stick around for the whole show. Trust me, it was so worth it.”

Spencer rolled her eyes as she leaned in and began to do Ashley’s make-up. She had thirty minutes to do a job that took an hour. Based upon day one, this was going to be one long tour.