I got some rather strange feedback from this story on ff.net so I wanted to make sure to point out this is AU. Maybe it will help the reading experience. Sorry I failed to mention that earlier.

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Chapter 6: The Outing

In my life I’ve run the gamut of emotion. There is one feeling though that I’m not really accustomed to. That would be excitement, genuine happy-go-luck, schoolgirl excitement. There have only been a few moments I can think of that I experienced that feeling, like when I got signed to the record label. The other would be right now.


“A strip club?”

“Of course,” Ashley said, never taking her eyes off the flashing red sign.

“This is your idea of a good time?” Spencer sputters.

“Duh. There’s boobies in there.”

Spencer shrugged saying, “I guess…but still.”

“Still nothing, face painter, we’re here to show my good friend Aid a good time. And from the looks of it you’re pretty uptight yourself. Probably from dating ‘the mouth’.”

Aiden started to giggle at the nickname he and Ashley made up for Madison years earlier.

“So let’s go!” Ashley finished

The bouncer took one look at Ashley and immediately kicked into high gear. Soon the clubs owner was greeting them and leading them to the back of the club.

“Where are we going?” Spencer asked Libby.

“It’s better if you see for yourself,” she said excitedly.

They went behind a curtain then down a long hallway before being keyed into a locked door. The owner smiled at Ashley, whispered in her ear then walked away.

“Shall we?”

“Please,” Aiden eagerly answered.

Ashley turned the nob revealing what would soon be paradise for the group. It was like a mini club within the club, but much nicer. No tiny sticky tables or tacky shag carpeting. No crowded bar or strange blading men to avoid. It was the classy version to all that. There was a fully stocked bar and a mini stage with complimentary pole. To the left there were several large booths covered with plush cushions. Cherry hard wood floors ran throughout and the walls were tufted with colorful fabric. It was like being inside of a genie bottle.

The group poured into the empty space all resuming their respective favorite places. Ashley to the bar, Aiden and Libby to a booth and Simon somewhere near the stage. They all sat and waited leaving Spencer to just stand in the center of the room and wait to see what happened next.

No more than five minutes later the door opened and strippers and staff poured into the room.

A bartender manned the bar with a waitress to assist him. A stripper dressed like a scantily clad batgirl headed for the stage and a few others meandered around the room.

Aiden went for a blonde who immediately began a table dance for him. Libby sat next to him watching and laughing. Simon was chatting with a few girls in the corner, getting hair tips no doubt. Ashley sat at the bar giving her orders.

Spencer decided to sit next to Ashley and get a drink herself. She was going to need it.

“What can I get you ma’am?” The bartender asked.

“I think I’ll start off slow, amaretto sour please.”

“Right away.”

“Didn’t take you for a drinker.”

“You don’t know me.”

“Touché.” Ashley never looked up as she worked on her personal bottle of Patron. “So how you liking the place so far?”

“It’s nice,” Spencer admitted. “Nothing like I expected.”

“Well, you don’t know me.”

“Dually noted.”

The two fell into a comfortable silence as the music pounded through the room. It wasn’t so impede conversation, but loud enough for everyone to enjoy.

“You going to sit here all night and get drunk?” Spencer asked Ashley.

“That’s the plan.”

“What are you trying to drink away?”

“What makes you think I’m drinking something away and not just a drunk.”

“If you were a drunk you’d be drinking far more often than you do.”

Ashley turned and looked at Spencer then suddenly hopped off her stool.

“Samuel, my good man, a bottle of your finest champagne for my crew here.” She turned to face the group. “We’re here to party!”

Everyone began to clap and cheer.

Spencer spun around on her stool to face Ashley and the rest of the room.

Ashley took the opportunity to get closer to Spencer, standing in between her legs. “So what’s your type blondie?”

Spencer squirmed under the attention. She invaded Ashley’s space almost every day of the week, but that was work. Now it was sending little shockwaves through her belly making her fidgety, which was rare.


“Yeah. What turns you on, blonde, red head?” She stepped a little closer flinging her curly locks over one shoulder as to hear her better over the music.

Spencer swallowed hard. She wasn’t about to let Ashley knock her off her game. “Brunettes obviously.”

“Ahh that’s right, Mads.”

“And how about you?” Spencer shot back.

“Me? Um, I’m a blonde kind of girl.”

Spencer found Ashley’s eyes. “Really?”

“Yeah I like ‘em dumb.” Ashley spat as she reached over Spencer’s shoulder to get the champagne before going to join Aiden and Libby.

“Let’s get this man a lap dance,” Ashley ordered. “Pick one out Aiden and she’s yours.”

“Hmmm…the short brunette over there is kind of cute. Reminds me of you,” he smiled at his best friend.

Ashley smiled in return and nodded. “Done.” She waved the woman over and she quickly climbed on top of Aiden and got to work, so to speak.

Ashley handed him a knot of cash. “What about you, Libs. See anything you like?”

Libby mused for a bit. “I think I like the one with the short hair over there.”

Ashley turned and took a look. “Whoa, Lib’s, very nice.”

Libby blushed as the woman approached the table.

Ashley noticed Spencer still sitting at the bar and waved her over. Spencer rolled her eyes before turning her back to the fray.

“I’m not really accustomed to people telling me no,” Ashley scowled.

“Well get used to it,” Spencer replied shooting daggers through the mirror.

Ashley found another stripper. “Excuse me, but it’s my friend’s first time at a strip club. I was wondering if you could help her loosen up a bit.”


The strippers loved when Ashley came around. She would usually bring a group of friends, half women and half queer. It was a great departure from the men they usually had to deal with. Ashley was harmless, hot, and tipped extremely well.

Spencer spun around on her stool again to face them. “No, no that’s okay. I’m fine.”

“Aw come on, Spence, don’t be afraid. She won’t hurt you.”

“Yeah, I promise I won’t bite…unless you want me to,” the stripper interrupted.

“No really—”

“This time I’m not taking no for an answer,” Ashley insisted.

Spencer didn’t have a change to protest again before the stripper pushed her legs apart and began to do a seductive dance. Ashley pulled another knot of cash out and peeled a singled off. She stood behind the writhing stripper and placed the dollar bill in Spencer’s hand. Placing her hand over Spencer’s, she slowly grazed their hands up the strippers thigh.

Their eyes locked over the strippers shoulder as their hands made the painfully slow accent up the smooth thigh. Their hands reminded connected over the dancers abs and up to her breasts. Ashley watched as Spencer fought to keep her control as they deposited the bill in her bikini top.

When that was done Ashley gave Spencer some more bills before backing away slowly their eyes still locked before turning away.

Spencer finally looked at the stripper for the first time. She was getting less interesting by the second.

When Ashley was satisfied that everyone was content she made her exit. Spencer saw her leave assuming it was to use the restroom. After an hour had passed she began to worry.

She found Simon flirting with the bartender. “Hey, Simon, you know where Ashley disappeared to?”

“She’s probably off doing her usual.”

“What’s that?”

“One of the strippers,” he replied as if it were obvious before turning back to the bartender.

Spencer felt bile rise in her throat. She couldn’t believe that Ashley would actually have sex with one of these dirty strippers. Granted they were beautiful, but they were playthings to hundreds of people a week. Spencer couldn’t understand how Ashley couldn’t recognize that.

After about another hour of partying Ashley finally returned. She seemed to be a bit tipsy, but not too drunk. Spencer shot off of her tool, a bit tipsy herself.

“Where were you?” she asked, anger lacing in her tone.

“You miss me?” Ashley asked with a smile.

“Hardly. Did you go off with one of these disgusting strippers?”

Ashley’s face fell as she looked Spencer square in the eye. “First of all, I don’t appreciate you calling my friends disgusting. Secondly, what or who I do is none of your business, don’t forget that.”

She turned on her heels and stormed off.