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Chapter 8: Fight the Future

The feeling now? Anger. How could she do that? How could she say something to blow my mind like that and not explain? What does, “I see you,” mean? What does she see? Maybe there was something on my face? This is killing me!

 There is a good chance that it doesn’t mean anything. Yeah that’s it. She sees me in a literal sense is what she meant. Duh, she see’s me, anyone with sight and a television can see me. That’s all. See, I’m just overreacting. I’m just going to lay back and enjoy the ride. Once we get to Orlando I have the rest of the night to myself to kick back and relax…yeah right. 

Ashley sighed heavily as she fell back into the pillows that lined her cabin. It was going to be a long, sleepless ride.

Meanwhile on the other bus.

“What the hell was that about?” Madison barked.

“Nothing. Why are you yelling?”

“I’m yelling because I am upset, Spencer!”

“Upset about what? We were just talking. Well, I was apologizing actually.”

“What could you possibly have to apologize about?”

Spencer shook her head. “I was really mean to her last night, hell since I got here. I wanted her to know it wasn’t personal.”

“It damn well better not be personal.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Spencer was the one getting angry now.

“It means you need not be too concerned about how you, or anyone else treats Ashley. I know her and she doesn’t care about anyone or anything except for her career. You’re wasting your time if you think you can save her by reaching out to her.”

Spencer relaxed a bit when she realized Madison wasn’t suspecting anything more than simple concern. Not that there was anything to suspect, of course.

Madison sat down next to Spencer on the bed in their cabin. “I know how kind hearted you are. I also know that you think you can save everyone, but you can’t save someone from themselves, especially not Ashley. Okay?”

Spencer looked over at the window and subsequently the large dark circle that was Ashley’s eye on the side of the bus. In that second it felt like she was actually seeing things from Ashley’s perspective. She was seeing Madison from Ashley’s perspective. Suddenly another puzzle piece fell into place. “Okay.”

Madison enveloped Spencer in a reluctant hug.

The bus pulled into Orlando around midnight. Madison checked in the crew before waking everyone and informing them of their room assignments.

It took Ashley a moment to remember why it had taken so long for her to fall asleep, but soon enough it all came flooding back. She wasn’t sure if she was anxious to see Spencer or terrified. It was difficult for her to understand how three little words could throw her into a tailspin. She decided that avoidance was the best thing to do in this case.

Throwing on her shades she grabbed her pillow and purse on the way off the bus. In her determined haste she dropped her grape soda and had to chase it a few steps before it was retrieved. So much for that avoidance thing.

“Thanks.” Ashley was thrilled she was wearing her dark sunglasses as it made eye contact impossible. She was afraid of what she might see there.

“No problem. I love Grape soda too.” Spencer smiled at Ashley’s down turned faced.

“I buy it by the case. Just tell me if you want one.”

“Thank you.” She kept trying to follow Ashley’s line of sight, but it didn’t seem to want to target Spencer.

“Yeah, well, I better get to my room.”

“Not going out tonight?”

“Um, I don’t know, probably not. Kind of tired after the ride.”

“Okay, well—”

“I really have to go, Spence. I’ll talk to you later.” Ashley quickly scurried inside leaving Spencer standing on the curb.

“Spencer! They have a Jacuzzi! Care to soak with us?” Simon asked poking his head out front door of the hotel. “Hey, Ash, want to come?”
“Shut up,” Ashley growled as she blew past him.

“Well that’s an answer.” He rolled his eyes not a bit surprised. “How ‘bout you my blue eyed beauty?”

Spencer smiled. “Sure.”

“Let’s do it!” He said offering his arm.


Around four A.M. Spencer heard a loud thud outside her hotel room. She looked over at Madison who was sound asleep. Using the light from television to navigate the plush hotel suite, she opened the door to find Ashley giggling on the floor with some blonde standing over her.


Ashley looked almost terrified as she looked across at Spencer. “Spencer.”

“What are you doing?”

“She’s having a little fun. You can go back to your room now,” the petite blonde interrupted.

“She’s drunk. Or do you even care?”

The girl shot daggers at Spencer with her eyes. “Who the hell are you?”

“Me? Well I’m the ah…I’m the make-up artist.”

The blonde thought for a few moments before bursting into hysterics.

“Yeah, she’s the make-up artist!” Ashley chimed in.

So not the right time for your help Ashley, Spencer thought.

“Well, Ms. Make-up Artist, as much as I’d like to chat it up with all night, me and Ash here are kind of busy.” She reached down and attempted to pull Ashley to her feet with little success.

Spencer rushed to her other side as she began sliding down the wall laughing the entire way.

“She’s fine, I got her,” The woman shot.

“Fine? She’s falling over for Christ’s sake.”

“Well if you’d just get off of her—”

“Look whatever you’re planning with her tonight is not happening. So you can either leave or I can have you removed. You decide,” Spencer said through clenched teeth.

The girls’ eyes widened momentarily in fear before narrowing in annoyance. “Whatever. I don’t need this. Call me when you lose the nanny, Ash.”

She let Ashley go causing her to fall fully into Spencer before turning to leave.

“Whoa, Spence, I’m fallin’,” Ashley slurred.

“I got you.” She stood Ashley on her feet by pressing her body fully against her own.

Madison came out the room just then.

“Spencer, what’s going on?”

“Nothing, Mads. Ashley is in a bad way. I’m just going to put her down.”

Madison looked at Spencer like she was crazy. “Put her down? Spencer she’s drunk not sick. She’s like this all the time. Just leave her. She’ll be alright.”

Spencer was the one looking at her like she was crazy now. “Madison, she can’t even stand on her own. What am I supposed to do, leave her in the hallway like a bum or something?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time.”

Spencer was dumbfounded at Madison’s lack of compassion toward the brunette currently teetering in her arms.

Usually Ashley would have broken in long ago with a quick-witted retort, but she was far too drunk to defend herself. She simply allowed herself to be held.

“Okay, Madison, this is what’s going to happen. I’m going to help Ashley to her room and into bed. Then I’ll be back. Is that clear?”

“Yeah, it’s clear only I wont be here.” She turned on her heals and tried to slam the pressure release door.

Spencer sighed then looked down at she Ashley as her head rested comfortably on her shoulder. “Ashley, do you have your key card?”

She began to snicker. “Key card. Key card. That rhymes.”

Spencer smiled. “Actually, it doesn’t. Do you have it or not?”

Ashley attempted to take a step away and staggered a bit as she held her arms out at her sides. “You have to find.”


She just smiled, arms still extended.

Spencer signed heavily. “Are you really going to make me search you?”

“Yup,” Ashley replied happily.


Spencer began to pat Ashley down. She wasn’t wearing much clothing, so it wouldn’t be terribly difficult. Unfortunately, she wasn’t carrying a purse, so it had to be on her person. She slid her hands across Ashley’s front jean pockets and felt Ashley lean into her touch, but she chalked that up to her drunkenness. The card wasn’t in either front pocket so Spencer felt her two back pockets as well getting a nice sampling of Ashley’s ass, but still not finding the card.
“The key isn’t in your jeans. Where else could it possibly be?”

The brunette shrugged her shoulders then looked down at her chest.

“You didn’t.”

Sly grin.

“You’re really going to make me do this?”

Silent nod.

Spencer looked apprehensive for a moment realizing she would have to bite the bullet. She glanced in the direction of her room before taking a deep breath and running her hand across Ashley’s exposed cleavage to the front of each breast.

Right one. Nothing.

Left one. Pay dirt!

She took her fore and middle fingers and gently reached in to Ashley’s shirt and pulled the card out.

“Found it!” Ashley exclaimed with a laugh. “That was fun.”

“Thrilling,” Spencer sighed. “Come on.”

Spencer grabbed Ashley’s hand then keyed into the room. There were clothes and shoes everywhere. Spencer tried to let go of Ashley’s hand so she would clear a space on the bed for her to lie. When she tried to pull away she found herself being pulled back, Ashley’s body pressed against her own.

“Was falling.” Even drunk Ashley was a horrible liar. Well not so much horrible as insincere.

They stood there like that for a while enjoying the heat of each other’s bodies.

“You smell nice,” Ashley complimented.

“And you smell like liquor.” They shared a laugh. “But still nice.”

Silence fell between them as their faces inadvertently drift closer.

Ashley was the first to break the silence. “Spencer?”


“I’m going to be sick,” was all she could say before taking off for the bathroom.

Spencer followed and quickly pulled her hair back as Ashley released the contents of the night’s activities.

Ashley groaned loudly into the toilet as her stomach allowed her a brief reprieve.

Spencer went to get a cool washcloth. “You okay?” She asked as she placed the cool rag to Ashley’s forehead.

“I’m dying.”

“That’s how I know you’ll be fine,” she said with a smile.

After Spencer was satisfied that Ashley had nothing left to purge, she helped her to the bed. She made quick work of clearing off the clothes then returned to face Ashley. “We have to get this shirt off of you, Ash. Can you do it yourself?”

Ashley groaned and nodded in the negative.

Spencer found a t-shirt lying on the floor and turned back to Ashley. She motioned for her to lift her arms, which she did willingly. It was only then that Spencer noticed that Ashley wasn’t wearing a bra. The shirt was so tight it made it seem as if she was. Spencer had to will herself to not stare at Ashley’s bare chest as she quickly retrieved the shirt and helped her into it. It was then that she made the choice to forgo helping her out of her jeans. A few hours sleep in them won’t hurt, she reasoned. Threat of Ashley not wearing any underwear was far too great for her to handle.

She pulled back the covers and helped Ashley lie down. Spencer brushed the hair out of Ashley’s face wishing her a good night before turning to leave.



“Will you just stay till I fall asleep? In case I get sick again,” she rushed to add.

Spencer smiled in the darkened bedroom. “Sure, Ashley.”

Spencer went to the other side of the bed and climbed in along side Ashley. They both lay on their sides facing each other and staring into each other’s eyes. When Ashley felt sleep overtaking her she rolled over on her other side so her back was facing Spencer. A few moments passed and Ashley slid back a little. Spencer took her lead and closed the gap between them. There was no holding and barely any touching, but for Ashley just having Spencer pressed so closely behind her, being able to feel her heat and smell her scent was enough for her to drift into peaceful sleep.

It also seemed to be enough for Spencer as she too drifted off right behind her.