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Chapter 9: Come Away With Me.

After a night of heavy drinking the feeling I’m accustomed to is nausea and pain. I usually wake up expecting it so it’s not a big deal. Some Tylenol, a little coffee and I’m right as rain in less than an hour. This morning I’m waking up feeling strangely…content.


Ashley awoke at an ungodly hour. It was the buzzing of her cell phone that brought her from her blissful slumber. She didn’t bother answering. More than likely it was Madison calling to nag her about something she neglected to do, as usual. As sleep faded and her consciousness became a little clearer, it was evident where that feeling of contentment as well as the call were originating. All signs led back to the blonde beauty currently lying in her arms.

At some point during the night the pair must have shifted positions, which resulted in Ashley spooning Spencer with an arm thrown possessively across her midsection. It took a few moments for Ashley to realize who she was with. It wouldn’t be the first time she woke up with some stranger in her bed. She lifted her head, peering over Spencer’s shoulder to make sure it was in fact the make-up artist and not a drunken figment of her imagination.

Ashley’s phone continued to buzz on the nightstand until it finally fell off onto the carpet. She was positive it was Madison looking for her girlfriend. Ashley thought for a second that if Spencer were hers she’d be freaking out right now too, so she couldn’t even blame Madison for her incessant calling.

As much as Ashley would love to have the girl in her arms a little while longer, she was going to have to send her back.

“Spencer,” called softly, but Spencer didn’t stir. Rubbing her arm gently seemed to also have no effect.

“Spence.” Ashley finally opted to gently shake and jostle her awake, but even that wasn’t working.

Who’s the one that was drinking all night, me or her? Ashley pondered.

At a loss for ideas the light bulb went off over Ashley’s head. A sly smile crossed her features as she mused; I know how to wake her up.

Ashley tried her foolproof method to wake any women, no matter how hard of a sleeper she is. She took the free hand she had thrown across Spencer’s midsection placing it on her hip before sliding closer so they were firmly pressed together. She slowly began to slide her hand up Spencer’s side to just below her breast then back down again just across her hip. She repeated this motion getting closer to both erogenous zones with each pass. She applied a bit of pressure with each pass, sliding her hand forward when she neared the very top or the very bottom.

As it had many times before, the method worked. Ashley began to feel Spencer grind her ass into her front each time her hand came in contact with her hip. Ashley wasn’t one hundred percent sure if Spencer was awake or not, but the steady grinding motion was an indication that she was stirring.

Ashley felt a flood of wetness when she heard a soft sigh cut through the silence of the hotel room. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to enjoy Spencer’s contours. She didn’t place her hands anywhere inappropriate, mindful of the circumstance; she simply caressed the dips and curves of the blonde’s body enjoying what little she could.

They were both shocked out of their reverie by the sound of someone banging on the door. Spencer shot awake scaring Ashley and causing her to hit her head on the lamp that hung just above her side of the bed.


“Oh my gosh, Ashley, I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Who the hell is banging like that?”

“Spencer, I know you’re in there!” Madison yelled from the hall.

“I can’t believe her!” Spencer said as she got up out of bed.

Ashley followed Spencer to the door. She had a few choice words for Madison herself.

Yanking open the door Spencer shot her girlfriend a stern glare asking, “Mads, are you crazy? Its seven A.M.!”

Madison forced her way into the room leaving the door wide open. “Am I crazy? You’ve been here all night and I’m crazy?”

“I was taking care of Ashley.”

Madison turned to face Ashley briefly before returning her focus to Spencer. “Oh you were taking care of the freak. I’m supposed to just except that? Except the fact that my girlfriend didn’t come back to bed all night because she was taking care of another woman?”

“Nothing happened, Madison.” Ashley finally chimed in. “Calm down.”

“Fuck you, Ashley. And stay out of this.”

Ashley was stunned into momentary silence. How dare Madison talk to her like that?

“Maddy, you’re out of line!” Spencer yelled when she saw the stunned look on Ashley’s face. “She was fall down drunk last night. I couldn’t just leave her in the hall.”

“I’m out of line? You have to be kidding me. You’re falling for her game.”

“Oh please,” Spencer scoffed.

“Do you know how many girls I’ve seen her with in the past five years? Do you?”

Spencer looked away.

“Hundreds. You’d just be another one.”

“No she wouldn’t,” Ashley said without thinking.

“Oh, please…” Madison was interrupted.

“Shut the fuck up, Madison.” Ashley’s eyes blazed brightly. Not only was she defaming her character, but she was doing it in front of Spencer. “You work for me, not the other way around. I told you nothing happened. She was being nice.” Ashley paused for a moment before adding, “She means nothing to me.”

Spencer looked at Ashley disbelievingly. It was naive of her to believe she meant anything to Ashley, but she still allowed herself to hope.

“I was sick, she held my hair. That’s all. So the two of you can take your relationship issues back across the hall.”

By now Libby and Simon were standing at the door along with the body guards and band members all curious about the yelling.

“Everything okay in here, Ash?” Barry one of the the 300 pound body guards asked.

“It’s fine. Everyone go back to bed.” The crowd began to thin with Libby and Simon lingered a little bit longer than necessary.

“In the future don’t worry about me, Spencer. Just leave me be.” Ashley couldn’t meet her eyes.

Spencer gave Ashley one more pain filled glare before making her exit, Madison right behind her.

Simon and Libby still stood in the hallway looking into the room.
“You want to talk about it?” Simon asked.

She went to the door and slammed in their faces cursing herself all the way back to bed.


Across the hall Spencer sat on the couch in the lounge as Madison paced back and forth venting about how she felt. Spencer wasn’t listening. She was too angry about Ashley leaving her to fend for herself. It was true that nothing happened, but Ashley gave Madison a big “I told you so” window by refusing any future offers of assistance. She was relegated to listening to Madison for the better part of an hour.

Despite the plethora of emotion circulating amongst they group, they all had a show to do. Madison had to deal with Ashley for the pre-show press conference and Spencer had to deal with Ashley to do her make-up. Ashley had to deal with them both. This was on top of having to endure the suspicious and inquiring glances she was getting from Libby and Simon whenever she was in the room with either Madison or Spencer. They were still clueless to the details of the morning’s events and were dying to know just what went down.

Ashley plopped down in the make-up chair preparing herself for a long night of performing.

Spencer wouldn’t even look her in the eye as she got to work covering the dark circles under her eyes. Ashley could feel the frost blowing off of Spencer as she worked diligently if now hastily. Spencer hadn’t been fond of Ashley in the beginning and was starting to warm to the rocker. Even during their most tense times there was a tinge of caring in her touch while she worked. Now none of that was there. It was work and nothing else.


“Quite, please, you’re going to mess up your liner.” Spencer was in no mood to hear Ashley’s complaints.

“No, I won’t be quite. I want to talk to you,” she said in a hushed whisper wary of Simon and Libby’s presence.

“Talk to me? You should have been talking to Madison when she was hitting me with the ‘I told you so’ for helping you.”

Ashley put a hand up to stop Spencer from resuming her work. “I’m sorry, okay. I just didn’t want to make trouble for you.”

“Yeah well that’s just what you did. Now can I finish you please? I still have four more people to do.”

“Fine. But can I just say—”

“Okay, Ashley, People, Rolling Stone and Sound Scan are all out there to have an interview with you. Remember that the next stop is Chicago. You got that wrong last time. Oh, and we still have no release date for the new album, so just tell them you’re still working on it. Sounds better then ‘I don’t know’.” Madison said oblivious to the tension between Spencer and Ashley.

“Yeah alright, Madison,” Ashley replied never taking her eyes off Spencer. Her brown orbs were burning holes into blue as she tried to convey her feelings through them.

Unfortunately for Spencer, she was staring right back.

“Spencer?” Madison barked.


“Hurry up and finish so we can go out to eat.” She said before storming out.

Spencer stood staring at the door for a few moments releasing a frustrated growl. She got back to her work, happy to see Ashley wouldn’t be pressing the issue any further. Now was not the time to talk.


 After her show Madison wasn’t there with Ashley’s customary water, towel and show debriefing.

“Good help is so hard to find,” she muttered under her breath as she went back to her dressing room.

After changing and getting her hair touched up by Simon she noted that Spencer wasn’t there to fix her make-up either. Luckily she didn’t look too horrid after the show and was able to make herself look presentable enough to face any lingering fans.

Madison was still no where to be found so she had her bodyguards escort her to the lobby of the convention center for her autograph signing and meet and greet.

Forty-five minutes had passed, and as much as Ashley loved her fans, she was glad that her hour was almost up. She had a lot on her mind and just wanted to either be alone or talk to Spencer.

Speaking of Spencer…

Ashley saw through the crowd as the blonde went running toward the door of the convention center and stood on the curb looking back and forth down the street.

“Thanks everyone! I have to go. I love you all!” She said as she blew kisses to the crowd eager to see what was happening. “Get me out of here.” She whispered in Barry’s ear.

He spoke into the walkie-talkie attached to his massive chest and men flew into action getting her through the crowd and to the door. Whether she had them or not she wouldn’t have been stopped. When she got to the door, crowd still following, she instructed them to keep the crowd back. Ashley opened the door and felt the night breeze blow through her hair as she found Spencer still searching the street.

“Spencer.” The body guards formed a human chain around the two women.

“Leave me alone.”

Ashley could see that she had been crying. “What’s the matter? What happened?”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine,” she said mimicking Ashley from earlier that morning.

“Yeah, well I am worried, nothing you can do about that. Who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for the damn bus,” she groused.

“It’s not coming. It left already to meet us in Chicago.”


“Look, I know I’m not your favorite person in the world right now, but clearly you’re upset and—”

“Ash, we can’t hold them back much longer,” Barry intoned.

“I’m about to get mobbed,” Ashley said in clear panic. “So just…just-come away with me.”

That finally got Spencer’s attention.

“Come away with me,” Ashley reiterated.

Spencer looked toward the crowd that was closing in on them and it was clear that the bus wasn’t coming any time soon.

Ashley turned to her bodyguard one last time and whispered into his ear. He nodded then handed her a set of keys. She hugged him briefly before turning to face Spencer with an outstretched hand.

Spencer was apprehensive. It seemed all her problems began and ended with Ashley. She could see Madison coming in their direction through the giant glass window and she turned to Ashley again looking in her eyes. Throwing caution to the wind Spencer grabbed Ashley’s hand. She felt like she could faint when she saw the magnificent smile spread across Ashley’s face. Never had she’d seen a smile so bright and so beautiful directed in her direction and it dazed her for a second.

“Okay, now comes the fun part,” Ashley warned.

“Fun part?”


The pair ran hand in hand across the parking lot with a mass of screaming girls right on their heels. They were several rows in when Ashley suddenly stopped.

“What is it?” Spencer asked frantically as the crowd of screaming fans approached.

“I don’t which one it is!”

“Are you serious?” Spencer screeched.

“It’s a rental!”

“I have an idea.” Spencer snatched the keys and began pointing the key fob in random directions until they noticed blinking lights a few cars down.

“Over there!” They continued sprinting toward the dark SUV.

Both jumping into the driver’s side door they slammed the door shut just as the crowd descended.
“Oh my gosh, Ash! They’re everywhere.”

“I know.”

“You’re used to this kind of thing?”

“Yeah, occupational hazard.”

“So how do we get out of here?” She asked as she looked out on the crowd that was covering every side of the vehicle.

“We drive very slowly.”

Spencer blanched. “What if you hit someone?”

“Their fault for being in front of a moving vehicle.”

Spencer laughed as Ashley started the engine and began to inch the vehicle out of the parking spot.

“Wow. I thought we would never get out of there,” Spencer breathed when they made it to the highway.

“I know, that took like an hour.”

Silence fell between the girls. They knew they needed to talk, but neither wanted to broach the subject just yet.

Spencer broke the silence first. “So where are we going?”

“Um, a little place I like to go when I’m feeling down and out.”

“You’re not going to tell me where, are you?”

“You know we haven’t known each other very long, but you seem to know me pretty well,” Ashley said with a smile.

“I know…” Spencer paused. “…That’s my problem.”

The SUV continued to slice through the night.