I have been super lazy lately in both posting on the blog and keeping up with MY OWN photo challenge. I apologize for the negligence. The only explanation I can offer is that I have turned my attention to Coming OUT Cards and I’m currently working on our PRIDE Project and securing Kickstarter funds for that (details forthcoming).

Anyway, I am sorry for not keeping up with this. In the very near future I intent to finish New Life, Old Love and I will keep up the posting of Made. I also have an L Word story that I mentioned bringing over, I haven’t forgotten about.

Also on tap, I am a member of a lesbian fiction Yahoo group and I was lucky enough to win two paperbacks. Those prizes have led me to incorporate a fiction review aspect to this site. Again, more detail about that is to come. And most importantly I am finishing/polishing up RUSH Book Three so I can have it ready for release in early March.

Thank you to everyone that has stuck in there with me. Great new things are in the works, stay tuned!

18: On The Bright Side
19: Childhood Memory
20: On My Radio

21: I Have A Dream
22: Favorite Feature
23: I Can’t Stop Eating
24: Page Turner

26: World Outside My Window
26: World Outside My Window