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Chapter 11: What now

A nice feeling to have is butterflies. You know the ones when you realize you like someone. That tight feeling in the pit of your stomach whenever you’re around them, or the feeling of anticipation you feel when they’re about to touch you. Even the most innocent of touches can send your heart all aflutter.

 Those are all wonderful feelings… But they never last. They’re short lived and either fade into nothingness or become tarnished. What you’re left with when you realize those feelings are gone, is one of the worst feelings in the world.


The pair finally made their way back to the hotel. Ashley offered to help Spencer with Madison with Spencer declining. This was her situation that she needed to fix.

As expected Madison was less then thrilled to hear Spencer had been with Ashley.

“Are you trying to hurt me Spencer?!” Madison yelled as she threw her arms up in the air.

“What? Of course not! Madison you’re being unreasonable.”

“Unreasonable? Okay, let’s think about this. We were having an argument about you being with Ashley all night then you run off to be with Ashley all night again!”
“First of all, that whole thing about you being mad for taking care of Ashley was irrational. She was drunk. I wasn’t going to leave her in the hall like that. Especially not with that bimbo.”

Madison stopped rolling her eyes long enough to realize what was said. “What bimbo?”


“You said you weren’t going to leave her in the hall drunk and with that bimbo. She was with someone?”

“Yeah. So what?” Spencer sighed.

“So that’s why you even went out there. It had nothing to do with being concerned with Ashley’s well-being or safety. It had everything to do with the fact that you were jealous of whatever trash she brought with her.”

“Madison that’s ridiculous. She was falling over and that…that…groupie was doing a shit job of simply keeping her off the floor.” Spencer wasn’t sure who she was trying to convince herself or Madison.

“I may sound ridiculous, but I’m making perfect sense to anyone paying attention. Maybe you need to think about this whole Ashley thing because I don’t want to fight about her anymore.” Madison hung her head as she walked out the room leaving Spencer alone with her thoughts.


The tour continued its march toward Chicago. Though Madison and Spencer were having their issues they were still dedicated to working through them.

Ashley tried to be as supportive of Spencer as she could, but she was having a rough time getting used to Spencer being with Madison. Yes, she knew they were already together, but it never meant anything to her before. Now Spencer was starting to mean something to her. It was painful knowing that Madison was the one she went to bed with at night.

On the bright side, Spencer and Ashley’s friendship seemed to be growing stronger every day. When they didn’t have shows and Ashley didn’t have any publicity, they were always together. Madison would bitch, but she knew it was only natural for Spencer and Ashley to interact with each other. Often the entire group would go off to amusement parks, or jet skiing, or ballooning. In spite of everyone else’s presence, it was Spencer that received the majority of Ashley’s attention.

“Great news, glam squad!” Madison said as she burst into the dressing room before the show.

“Style Magazine wants to do an article on the crew that keeps Ashley Davies so fashionable year round.”
“Finally!” Simon exclaimed.

Libby clapped her hands as Spencer sat speechless.

“Congrats, Spence,” Ashley smiled.

“Thanks. But I’m not sure I understand what this means.”

“It means shows, boutiques, clients, fame!” Simon supplied.

“I wouldn’t quite go that far,” Madison interjected. “I just means that you’ll be a lot more famous than you were before. It’s up to you what you do with it from there. You write you own ticket.”

“From one interview?” Spencer was incredulous.

“From one interview,” Madison confirmed.

Spencer turned to Ashley. “And deal with what you deal with? No thanks.” They both shared a laugh at the memory of what led to their Disney Land excursion.

“Don’t be too quick to write it off, Spence. Fame is a Siren few people can resist,” Ashley warned. “Even if it does have its consequences.”

“Why deal with that head ache when I can just share your fame?” She teased.

“Share? Hell to the nizzo.”

“Hell to the nizzo, really?”

“I have creative flare,” Ashley defended.

“The clown face I’m about to paint on you is creative flare.”

“Okay well unless you two want to go hump in the bathroom, we do have a show to put on. Two hours, Ashley. Style interview tomorrow afternoon, don’t be late.” Madison sent Spencer than Ashley a scowl before storming from the room.


The next day Spencer, Simon and Libby were all up earlier than usual to get ready for their interview. Since they themselves were the glam squad they had to get each other ready. It would only be a half page on each of them with a small picture, but it was a big deal none of the less. The three ran around frantically helping each other with one thing then having to help themselves with the others.

Simon sat with a flurry. “Okay, Spence, I want just a little color on the cheeks, a colorless gloss will do. What do you think of some bronzer just to give me that sun kissed look?”

“You want me to do your make-up?” Spencer asked.

“Of course. You did yours and Libby’s, why do I have to be left out?”

Spencer was stumped. “You don’t have to be,” she paused. “Um…sit back.”

“Alright, done,” she told him a little while later.

Simon was silent for so long Spencer was afraid she got it all wrong.

“I’m beautiful,” he finally gushed.

After Madison approved their collective look, the group headed for the elevator. As they each filtered on they heard a voice call from down the hall.

“Hey, wait up,” Ashley called.

“You’re up early,” Libby scoffed.

“Yeah, I know. I just wanted to say good luck,” she looked away from Spencer “—To you all.”

“Thanks, Ash. Am I fabulous or what?” Simon struck a pose.

“Such a diva he is,” Libby said with a laugh.

Ashley couldn’t take her eyes off Spencer as they stood smiling at each other. She’d never seen her so put together before and it was making her speechless.

“Babe, we have to go.” Madison eagerly pushed the close door button.

Spencer and Ashley never lost eye contact as the doors came to a close with Ashley mouthing, “good luck,” right before they came to a close.


The photo shoot went well and everyone gathered in one of the rooms to celebrate.

“Okay, I want to make a toast!” Ashley announced, holding her glass of champagne in the air. “You guys are the best glam squad a girl can have. May no one read this magazine so you can all make me look good forever.”

The group erupted in laughter as she reclaimed her seat on the couch across from Spencer.

“How sweet,” Spencer smiled.

“I’m a sweet girl.”

“Oh, please,” Libby said nudging Ashley in the shoulder.

“So when do you think the Bravo channel is going to call so I can have my own show?” Simon asked the group.

“Bravo?” Madison asked, feeling in good spirits along the group. She helped erect this team and this was sweet validation.

“Yes! It’s the only network featuring shows about hair stylists.”

“He’s right,” Libby agreed.

“Well regardless of when they call, it better be one of those shows that follow you around because I’m so not letting you out of your contract for that,” Ashley said nonchalantly.

“Bitch.” He squealed as she lunged after him.

“You’ll have to kill me to get out of your contract,” she declared while trying not to spill her drink on the carpet.

Madison’s phone interrupted the festivities.

“Who is it?” Spencer asked.

“Who else?”


“Bingo. I better take this. Don’t drink my champagne,” she said after placing a quick kiss on Spencer’s lips and running out into the hall for privacy.

Simon finally climbed off of Ashley and began chatting with Libby about his new show.

After Madison had been away for a while Ashley got a refill of her drink before joining Spencer on the love seat.

“Franklin?” she asked.

“Yeah. He calls all the time.”

“I know. It’s always been that way.”

Silence hung between them for a few moments.

“So you guys seem to be working things out.” Ashley stared down at her champagne flute.

“Yeah, it was rough for a while, but we seem to be pulling through.”

“I’m happy for you.” Ashley finally brought her eyes to meet Spencer’s. She was trying to convey her genuine happiness the best she could.
“Thank you,” Spencer said while losing herself in brown orbs.

Ashley cleared her throat then looked away. “So I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go out and celebrate some more. Just you and me like in Orlando.”

“I would love to…but—”

“There’s always a but.”

But Madison would flip if she knew I was out alone with you again. She’s just forgiven me about last time.”

Ashley nodded, trying to be understanding. “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. I hate that I can’t spend more time with you, but it’s just right now I can’t. In time I’m sure that’ll change.” Spencer looked apologetic.

“Don’t worry about it, Spencer. We see each other all the time anyway, right?”

“Right,” Spencer agreed. “Do you ever feel like—”

Just then Madison burst back into the room. “O-M-G that man pisses me off sometimes!” She squeezed into the tight space between Spencer and the arm rest.

“Something wrong?” Spencer had to tear her eyes away from Ashley.

“Just this stupid photographer got the promo pictures wrong. I have to fly back to New York and select a whole new set, which is going to push back the new release date even further.”

Ashley pretended not to listen as she sipped her champagne. She didn’t care much about the album release date being pushed back either. Tour time, though very daunting, was her closest thing to down time. The months before and after the album was released were her busiest. She not only had to perfect her new songs, but promote the new album, do countless performances, make music videos, radio and television appearances, magazine shoots and so much more. The three plus months before and after the release of an album were the worst part of the year. And if the album did well, which it always did, that time would be extended.

“Ash.” Madison jarred Ashley out of her thought making her spill champagne on herself. The moisture made the already thin white t-shirt she wore practically transparent.

Spencer laughed at Ashley’s misfortune before she glanced down and saw a hint of her peach and yellow lace bra showing through. Her eyes were riveted to Ashley’s chest, which fortunately went unnoticed by Madison.

“If you could stop daydreaming for a minute I was going ask you if you still had those proofs on your laptop. If so can you send them to me, better yet can I just hold your laptop and pick what I need? I can take them with me back to New York and it‘ll save me a lot of work.”

Ashley ineffectively patted at her shirt before looking directly into Spencer’s once sky blue eyes, which were not a several shades darker.


“Huh?” Ashley ripped her eyes away from Spencer’s.

“The laptop?”

“Oh right. Yeah I think I still have them. Help yourself.”

“Um. Okay, thanks.” Madison turned to Spencer. “Spencer, baby?”

Spencer composed herself enough to make eye contact with her girlfriend.

“I have to go pack. How ‘bout you come and um…see me off.”
“Alright,” Spencer smiled. Her libido was in high gear. She couldn’t say no to Madison right now if she tried. “Can I finish my drink first?”

“Yeah. I’ll meet you there.” She kissed Spencer again before calling over her shoulder as she went, “Congrats again guys. See you later.”

Spencer and Ashley watched closely as she left the room, each sitting and looking at the door for a few minutes.

“So where would we go if we were to go out to celebrate?” Spencer asked, still intently interested in the hotel room door.
“That would be a surprise, of course.”

Without a word Spencer got up and left the room. Ashley watched her leave knowing that in a few short seconds she would be with Madison. She would be touching her, kissing her and making love with her. All things she wished she could do.

Her cell phone buzzed the screen reading, “We’re on for tomorrow.”

Maybe she’d get her chance.