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Chapter 14: Let’s be together

Comfort, safety, elation and then some. Those are the feelings I’m experiencing right now. And I hope they never go away.


Spencer’s cell phone ringing brought the girls from their restful slumber. They woke still in the position they came to rest in; Ashley with her head on Spencer’s shoulder, arm lightly draped across her midsection with Spencer’s arms around her.

Luckily Spencer was prepared, her phone at the ready on the nightstand. Ashley rolled away, frustrated by the disturbance.

“Hey Maddy,” Spencer greeted, voice heavy laden with sleep. “Of course I’m still asleep,” she laughed. “Oh? What’s wrong?” She listened a beat. “How much more? Two?” More listening. “Yeah, it’s going to have to be, right? Alright…okay…alright….yeah…okay…” There was a long pause before she said, “I ah…you too. Bye”

She replaced the phone on the nightstand before rolling over and cuddling in close to the drowsy rock star. As they drifted off again Ashley’s phone rang.

“Hello? Okay, good. I don’t care which one, you decide.” She listened a moment. “Mmhm. Okay. Alright. Yeah. Really? That’s great.” Listening some more. “How much more? Two?” She listened. “Yeah its fine. Alright…okay…alright…okay. Bye.”

Ashley rolled on her side. It felt weird having Madison call both she and Spencer as they were sleeping in the same bed.

Spencer slid up behind her wrapping her arms around her waist. “Madison?”


“Two more days.”

“I know.”

“What do you want to do today?”


Spencer laughed pulling Ashley even closer. “Okay.”

With that they both drifted back to sleep.

When they woke again it was mid afternoon. With limbs still intertwined, they took the opportunity to just enjoy the closeness they were able to share.

Ashley in particular enjoyed the heat radiating off Spencer’s body. She loved the feeling of Spencer’s heart beating almost flush against her own.

Spencer enjoyed the feeling of waking up in someone’s arms as. Yes, she had a girlfriend, but times like these were few and far between with Madison. Long gone were the days of innocent cuddling and pillow talk. Spencer missed that more than anything.

“So what do you want to do today?” Ashley decided to ask this time.


Ashley smiled asking, “All day?”


“Well as nice as that sounds, we can’t stay in bed all day. We’ll appreciate it much more when we come back tonight.”

Ashley blushed under the assumption that she and Spencer would be sharing a bed again. She was relieved when Spencer replied with an absent, “Yeah, you’re right.”

“My interview was cancelled today so what do you say we just hit the city? See where the day takes us.”

“Sounds like a plan.”


The pair took to the streets of Chicago. They were lucky enough to take a boat through the harbor, and have lunch in a lush garden restaurant before people began to notice that Ashley wasn’t just another tourist.

They shopped downtown and had to hire a car just to carry all their purchases. After that Spencer was able to talk Ashley into a Segway tour. Ashley came to love the ridiculous device so much she purchased two. If asked she’d swear that other one was for whoever wanted to take it for a spin and not for Spencer.

After an extravagant day they decided dinner at the hotel was in order. They sat in the lounge of Ashley’s suite waiting for their room service and resting their tired feet.

“I cannot believe the amount of stuff you bought me today, Ash. It’s too much, really.” Spencer was in awe as she separated her bags from Ashley’s.

“It’s my pleasure. It feels good to spend my money on someone besides myself.”

“Well don’t think this is going to become a habit. I have my own money and can buy myself things. I can even buy you something sometimes, it won’t be as nice as most of this, but I can do it.”

“I know you can. You’re a very capable artist. I don’t doubt you are able to take care of yourself and probably even me. But you have to understand that I have an insane amount of money that I only use to pay for houses I never sleep in, cars I seldom drive, and clothes I can only wear once. Besides booze and drugs, I have nothing or no one to use my money on. So you, my friend, are my new doll that I get to spoil. Sorry you’re going to have to deal.”

“Wow.” Spencer thought for a second. “I don’t how Madison’s going to take that.”

“Screw Madison. If she asks where it came from tell her you bought it.”

“I bought the two Tiffany’s necklaces and the fifteen hundred dollar pair of sneakers? Yeah right.”

“Tell her I gave you a raise.”

Spencer laughed and threw a pillow at the brunette.

“Fine. I’ll lay off for now,” Ashley conceded. “But when I finally make you mine, all bets are off,” she said with a sudden seriousness that sent Spencer’s insides into a riot.

Lucky for Spencer room service interrupted the moment.

It was several moments later before either of them could concentrate on their meal.

“You were so terrible on the Segway,” Spencer laughed.

“Me? You were totally about to fall.”

“They don’t fall!”

“Yeah well you were still going to go down.”

“I can’t believe you bought two of those things. I’m still dumbfounded.”

“They’re awesome. Can you blame me?”

“Not one bit.”

“They’re going to kick ass back stage at the stadiums in those long winding hallways. I might even come out on stage on one.”

Spencer laughed. “Lazy much.”

“Lazy always.”

“How ‘bout that guy thinking we were a couple?”

Ashley laughed aloud. “‘These for you and the little lady’,” she mocked.

“I know! Little lady? What the hell is that supposed to mean? I’m bigger than you are.”

“Hey! Size has nothing to do with it, thank you. And I could still so totally take you.”

Spencer placed her lemonade down. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me, blondie. Or is the rumor about blondes true?”

“You’re going down, Davies,” Spencer said as she made chase.

They both almost took a header turning the corning into the bedroom on socked feet. Ashley dove on the bed trying to scurry across, but it was too late. Spencer grabbed one of her ankles and yanked her back toward the side of the bed. Ashley rolled onto her back and screamed as Spencer leapt onto the bed straddling her hips.

“You’ll never take me alive!” Ashley bellowed trying to push herself away from a laughing Spencer.

Spencer used her position to take either of Ashley’s hands and hold them above her head. “I don’t hear you talking now, little lady,” she taunted, her tone dropping an octive.

“Let’s not talk.”

All talking ceased as Spencer’s lips came crashing down onto Ashley’s. Ashley was right there to meet them this time. No surprises here. It was long before Ashley’s tongue was begged for entrance that was immediately granted. They both groan in unison at the feel of their hot tongues swirling around each other’s sensually. Spencer kept her grip on Ashley’s wrists as she lowered herself, pressing her body fully into the woman beneath her. She sighed at the feeling of her breast being pressed against Ashley’s. Spencer relinquished control of Ashley’s hands so she could steady herself as she began to work her way down her jaw line and to her pulse point.

With her hands now free Ashley used the opportunity to pull Spencer even closer. She pushed Spencer’s Free City t-shirt up allowing her hands to run the expanse of her back as she moaned out her pleasure. Spencer felt a tremendous chill run down her spine straight to her core when Ashley’s moan cut through the silence of the hotel room. She began to unbutton Ashley’s shirt as she continued to work on Ashley’s neck, then lips, then back again. Ashley grabbed Spencer’s ass in a desperate need to hold on to something, anything as she was ravished.

Ashley felt her shirt coming undone but couldn’t protest, not when warm lips met the top of her breasts while a hand encompassed the other. Ashley pushed Spencer’s shirt up till it could get no further and was surprised when Spencer sat up and pulled it off in one swift motion. Ashley used the brief reprieve to shift her position and her knee nestled snuggly between Spencer’s thighs. Quickly Ashley grabbed a hold of the back of Spencer’s neck pulling her in for another scorching kiss.

They were lost in each other. Ashley raised her knee and hit her target directly. She was rewarded with a guttural moan of pleasure. She was also rewarded with a matching nudge to her center causing her to arch her back searching for more contact. Instead she received a bite to her left nipple through her bra that sent lightening shooting through her very being.

Spencer slid down Ashley’s body placing wet kisses wherever she could reach. She used her tongue to trace the lines of the rock stars abs. Spencer was in heaven and relished the idea of being able to do what she was doing now, forever.

Ashley core flooded with passion at the sensation of having Spencer’s tongue working its magic on her body. Spencer continued to lick and tease as she began to work on the button of Ashley’s jeans. To her dismay they were button flies and she growled in frustration as she went from one button to the next. Ashley too felt her frustration level rise at the painfully slow process. She grabbed the sides of Spencer’s face so they could resume their kiss.

Spencer’s knuckles brushed Ashley’s sex and she moan into Spencer’s mouth. They gasped with delight as the last button snapped open. Spencer broke the kiss to look into Ashley’s eyes as she placed two fingers in her mouth before sliding them under the barrier of Ashley’s panties when…


Spencer’s phone sliced through the silence shattering the mood into a million pieces. She slumped against Ashley with a frustrated groan.

Ashley laid stock still feeling like she’d be doused by ice cold water.

“Hi Maddy,” Spencer greeted after rolling away from the rocker.

Ashley could bear to listen. She headed toward the mini bar in the lounge as Spencer continued talking with Madison.

Three mini vodkas and two tiny rums later Spencer emerged from the bedroom. She looked over at Ashley who was sitting in a chair in the corner right next to the mini bar. Not wanting to overstep her bounds she opted to grab a seat on the couch across the darkened room.

The silence was deafeningly loud as the two just sat there. Ashley was the first to break it. “I can’t do this anymore. It’s too hard.”

“We can’t be friends?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“But Ash—”

“No Spencer!” She roared. “It’s too hard being your friend when all I think about is touching you, kissing you, holding you. I can’t pretend to only want your friendship anymore. It’s just not the truth.”

“It’s just as hard for me.”

“Is it?”

“Yes! You don’t think I have a hard time keeping my hands off you, pretending we’re just friends?” Spencer asked incredulously. “I do. Not a second goes by when we’re apart that I don’t think about you.”

“Then leave her Spencer.” Ashley got out of her seat. “I know you’ve been with her a long time, but sometimes you just have to let things go. It’s clear you care for. So why not tell her that? We can be together.”

“No, we can’t.”

“What? Why not?”

“Because I cant leave her!”

Ashley knelt at Spencer’s feet. “You can. You and I can be together. No hiding, no fighting it.”

Tears streamed down Spencer’s face as she shook her head. “Ash, I can’t, I just can’t.”

“Why. Tell me why and I’ll leave you alone. I promise. I just need to know why.”

Spencer brought her defeated gaze to meet Ashley’s. “We have a baby together.”