It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of these and its not from being busy. I’m terribly picky about what I listen to. Being a writer, music can affect my mood greatly so I’m careful about what I allow into my head space. Also, mainstream media has been pushing some real crap on us lately. Eh, could seem that way because I’m getting old. Either way here is what I’ve been listening to.

Jamie N Commons has an amazing voice. His band opened up for Lianna La Havas at the concert I went to this weekend and I was blown away. The other three ladies don’t even have albums out yet, only mix tapes and singles. Check out Tori Kelly & Bridget Kelly (no relation) on YouTube, they do AMAZING covers. If you’re looking for something that will put you in a relaxed and almost somber mood so you can get out those demons, Alex Isley is the way to go. Her voice is melodic and smooth and she sings tortured love sick music that I can’t live without.

Tell me what you think.