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Chapter 16: So cold


I’m done with feelings and emotion. What’s the point? It’s like I’ve always said, none of it lasts. Its fun for a while, everything is great in the beginning, and then like a ton of bricks something happens. I mean I never would have imagined that something of this magnitude could have happened but hey, that’s life right? Or at least that’s what most people say to explain things away. For today, that’s good enough for me.


After showering Aiden made his way to the dressing suite to see if he could catch up with Spencer. He wasn’t exactly friends with her, so he couldn’t just come out and say “hey I know you and Ashley are falling for each other and I’m sorry about your dead baby, but you gotta move on from Madison.” He was going to have to come in at the ground floor starting from scratch just like with Ashley so many years ago.

Spencer seemed pleasant enough from their initial meeting so he was sure it would be much easier than it had been with Ashley. She had been a tough nut to crack, but he had done it. So he was optimistic about this current endeavor.

He knocked and of course was greeted by a squealing Simon.

“Oh my God, Aiden!” he said while throwing himself into Aiden’s reluctant arms.

“Um, hey.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Just hangin’ you know.” Aiden squirmed trying to pull his arm out of Simon’s surprisingly strong grasp.

“You going to be here for the rest of the tour?”

“Most of it, yeah.”

“Oh, yay! We can have so much fun together.” Simon skipped off to tell Libby the good news. Never mind that she had just heard the entire exchange.

“Hey, Libs.”

“Hey, Aid. Good to see you.”

“You too.”

He finally spotted his target, happy when he was received a cheery, “Hey Aiden.”

“Spencer. How are you?”

“I’m okay. How ‘bout yourself?” Spencer replied as she began to arrange her make-up table for the evening.

The band would be coming in soon to get their makeup done while Ashley was in wardrobe and hair. Ashley was always last. This gave Aiden plenty of time to try to befriend Spencer, or pry, depending on how you looked at it.

He followed her as she prepared. “So nothings been up? That’s not what I heard from Ash.”

She whipped around to face him forcing him back a step. “What did you hear from Ashley?”

“That you guys have been really busy.” He took a long pause. “You know with the tour and stuff.” He feigned a look of total and utter bewilderment at Spencer’s behavior.

“Oh, right.” She laughed nervously. “The tour. Its always crazy, but we pull it off somehow.”

“Good, good.”

“Ash is really lucky to have you,” he said suddenly. “I can tell she’s happy that you’re here.”

“You can?” Spencer gave him her full attention, her task totally forgotten.

“Of course, she said so herself,” he smiled.

“What did she say?”

He cast his eyes to the ceiling in thought. “Just that you’re a great makeup artist and she’s lucky to have found you on such short notice.”


He almost laughed aloud as he watched her deflate then recover quickly when he added, “Yeah, much better than Angel.”

“She said that?”


Spencer couldn’t reign in her smile. Aiden let her enjoy the moment before he interrupted again.

“Yeah, you’re a lot smarter than she was too.”

“How so?”

“She pretended to be so into Ashley and then it all turned out to be a lie. Ashley gave that girl everything and she left anyway. It sucks. I know you would never do anything like that, toy with Ashley’s emotions. I can sense it. You’re just a better person than Angel was. I mean you’re seeing someone anyway, but even if you weren’t I just know you wouldn’t do that. You’re good people.” He ended his little spiel with a smile.

“You think so?” Spencer swallowed.

Aiden nodded in reply not wanting to lay it on too thick. He could see his message had hit home.

“Well, thank you. And you’re right I wouldn’t do that. I mean I am taken, but even if I wasn’t I wouldn’t do that to her. Ashley is a sweetheart and I would never do anything to hurt her. You know, if put in that situation, which I’m not. So…yeah.” Spencer confused even herself with that one.

Aiden just smiled. “So what are you doing during the show? Wanna hang out?”

“Well it depends on what Maddy is doing, but she’s usually really busy so sure.” She shrugged. She felt almost like he was asking her out on a date, but she knew that wasn’t the case. He was a friend of Ashley’s, it was only right that he became a friend of hers too.

“I think there’s a bar near the arena we can go to if that’s cool. The hotel bars are always filled with old businessmen and angry flight attendants. ”

Spencer laughed saying, “Sounds great. I’ll meet you there if I can get away. Just can’t go too far, I need to be available for mid-show touch ups.”

“Excellent.” Aiden breathed a sigh of relief as Ashley came trudging into the suite. The last thing he needed to was to arouse Ashley suspicions. She could be like a bloodhound chasing a scent.

Ashley made her way behind the screen they used to keep her band mates from ogling her goodies. Aiden followed casually behind receiving a slap on the head before being chased out. “Beat it, ass hat!”

“What? Come on, I want to help, I’m the fashion specialist. Besides, its nothing I haven’t seen before.”

He tried to pout and Ashley quickly noted it wasn’t anywhere near as cute as when Spencer did it. She relented  for nothing more than the distraction. “I guess he has a point there,” she said to Libby who nodded in agreement.

Spencer nearly poked the drummer in the eye when she saw Aiden disappear behind the screen with Ashley. Aiden had seen Ashley naked? When? Why? Did they date? She had to know. And to top it off he was in there with her now, seeing her nearly naked. Where she wanted to be without Aiden and Libby. Hell they could have stayed for all she cared. An almost naked Ashley was conducive to flexibility in Spencer’s modesty department. She had to snap out of it so she could finish up in time.

Boy was this going to take some serious concentration.

After about forty-five minutes the three emerged and Spencer breathed a silent sigh of relief. Her reprieve was short lived as Ashley would soon be in her chair. She’d have to smell her scent, lean in close and feel her skin for interminable minutes as she applied Ashley’s makeup. This was the closest they would be since the night they almost slept together and the memory of it still sent chills down Spencer’s spine.

Spencer could remember everything from the smell of Ashley’s breath to the way her skin tasted. She remembered how forcefully gentle she was even from the bottom. Spencer even allowed herself a moment to imagine what would have happened had they not stopped. If her phone hadn’t rung and she had successfully undid all the buttons of Ashley’s jeans. She continued to let her mind wander to the sounds Ashley made and the sounds she would have made had Spencer been able to slide her fingers through slick folds, had she been able to be inside her, to taste Ashley and love her the way she truly deserved to be loved. She was so lost in thought that she had done the four band members and Ashley was sitting down right in front of her.

Spencer was noticeably flustered, finally getting her bearings back after several long moments. She was almost afraid someone would be able to see the dirty thoughts ticking across her skull like the stock quotes on CNN. It didn’t help that she had questions about the status of Ashley and Aidens relationship on top of the issues they had with each other. When she chalked it all up she just wanted to get Ashley over and done with as soon as possible. There was no question now that she would be meeting Aiden for that drink. She too felt his friendship was crucial.

Ashley could feel the difference in Spencer’s touch as she applied her makeup. It was cold and rushed, nothing like the tender and caring touch she grown accustomed to when they were…well when they were speaking. Ashley wanted to be away from Spencer just as badly as Spencer wanted to be away from her. Ashley’s reasoning was she couldn’t take the smell of Spencer’s perfume because it made her mouth water and she hated the feel of Spencer’s breath against her face because it made other parts water. The biggest reason, however, was she couldn’t take it if Madison came in and laid a finger on Spencer. She wouldn’t be to stomach it.

As soon as Spencer did her finishing touches Ashley was up and out. Madison got Ashley prepped to go on stage and Spencer quickly made an excuse before running to her room to freshen up. She had to meet Aiden and this was one appointment she would never miss.

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