Hi All,

I’m going to (try to) start doing weekly updates in re: RUSH, Book Three. It’s just a good way to make myself accountable and to get a sense of what you all would like to happen. Unlike books 1 & 2, book 3 is not pre-written so Dylan, Ariana, and everyone else’s fate is still very much undetermined. I know there are some very large and looming questions left to be answered in book three such as:

  • When will Kendra returned, and how will that affect the crew?
  • How will Ariana free herself from the council when she no longer needs their money?
  • Will Ari and Dylan make it?
  • Will Ariana (Dark Angel) get revenge on Natalie (Numero Uno)?

Does anyone have any other, smaller questions? Or perhaps something you’d like to see happen? Since the other books were fan fiction, I had an opportunity to get feedback on practically every single chapter and now I’m starting to see that I really miss that. 

I am in the process of moving from NYC to L.A. (shameless plug alert: GoFundMe), but that is  still a few weeks off so I have some time to devote to this for now. Let’s make the best of it together.

Talk to me people!