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Chapter 22: Indifference Part 2/2


After sound check it was time for Ashley to be dressed, done and made. Everyone was backstage primping Ashley practically all at once. They were in a time crunch so Simon and Spencer had to do their job simultaneously.

On the one hand Spencer was relieved she wouldn’t be left alone with Ashley for long, but then again she felt bad she wouldn’t be forced into a conversation with her either. Ashley said they were still friends but that wasn’t evident by the way she was acting.

Aiden walked into the dressing room behind Madison halfway into the job.

“Here, Ash, sign these. They’re for a couple kids that won a local radio contest.” Madison handed her a stack of head shots.

Ashley wordlessly took them and did her customary, “Thanks for your support. I appreciate the love. Stay in school.”

“It’s a madhouse out there, Ash! Worse than usual,” Aiden said excitedly. He’d been to a countless number of Ashley’s shows and her level of celebrity never ceased to amaze him. To him she’d always just be the girl in high school that he dated for a while then became best friends with.

“Yeah, Detroit is always one of the craziest cities. I love playing here,” Ashley smiled. She thought for a second. “You know, guys, we haven’t been to a spot in a while.”

“Detroit spot?” Simon asked excited.

“Yup!” She tried to turn to Aiden.

“Ash,” Spencer admonished.

“Sorry.” Ashley sat straight before saying, “Aid, get us a car. We’re going out tonight. Detroit style.”

“I’m so in,” Simon chimed.

“Me too!” Libby said from across the room.

“What about you, Spence?” Aiden asked Spencer.

She glanced in his direction. “What?”

“You down?”

“I’m not up for another strip club,” she said eyes trained on her work.

“The Detroit spot is not a strip club,” Ashley said. “I know you think the worst of me–”

Spencer interrupted. “I don’t. I just assumed it would be after last time. Who turns down boob, right?” Spencer said recalling Ashley’s words from that night so long ago. “What is your problem?”

Aiden cleared his throat saying, “Um, Si, lets go grab a coke or something.”

“I not finished with her yet,” Simon replied.

“Can you just take a quick break for me? Five minutes won’t hurt,” Aiden reasoned.

“Fine. I’ll be right back, you two. Don’t scratch each others eyes out.”

“I don’t have a problem, Spencer,” Ashley said as soon as no one else was in earshot.

“Then why aren’t you talking to me?”

“I’m talking to you. I just haven’t had anything to say.”

“Wasn’t very long ago that you had plenty to say to me. You said we would still be friends.” Spencer hated the hurt that was lacing her voice.

“Yeah, I know what I said,” Ashley snapped. “But it’s a little easier said than done, okay? Sorry.”

Spencer softened saying, “I know. I’m sorry, too. Ash, we need to talk about–”

“Okay, chicas, we have to finish up here,” Simon interrupted.

“Wait.” Ashley got to her feet, standing up on her seat. “I need everyone’s attention!” All the staff and band members buzzing around the room stopped to listen. “We are going out tonight to the Detroit spot.” Everyone smiled knowing what that meant, every except for Spencer who was still clueless. “All of us. Si, Libs, Aid, Spence, Madison, Rick, James, Henry, Lloyd, and you too Royce and Clyde. I want us all there and we’re all going to have some fun. Well Royce and Clyde you’ll kind of be working, but you can still enjoy yourselves too,” she said to the two hulking body guards. She couldn’t go very far without them anyway. Ashley sat back down. “And we’re going to have a good time damnit!” she finished. “Aid, we’re going to need a really big car.”

“I’m on it.”

“Now, you two, get to work, I have a concert to put on.”

Aiden smiled at Spencer before walking away. He knew something good was going to come of this night. “Excited?” He asked Madison while she sorted through some paperwork.

“Thrilled,” she replied sarcastically.

“Aw, come one. I promise I’ll save you a dance if you at least smile.”

She would have genuinely smiled except she didn’t want to show him the effect he was having on her. Madison was still trying to sort that out for herself. “You’ll save me a dance, huh?” He nodded in the affirmative. “We’ll see about that.” She smiled coyly before sashaying away.

“Are you going to tell me where we’re going?” Spencer asked as she applied the finishing touches to Ashley’s make-up.

“Nope. One question though.” Ashley looked into the mirror when Spencer was finished.


“Can you dance?”

“I like to think so. You’ve seen me dance before, Ash.”

“You know what they say about people that can dance?”

Spencer smiled. “No, what?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Ashley smiled before sashaying away.

Aiden and Spencer caught each other’s eye, goofy grins still in tact. She couldn’t even be mad at him anymore. He had done her the greatest favor, in a manner of speaking. Spencer offered him a head nod with Aiden sending one back. Their friendship would be alright after all.

Meanwhile, Ashley was mentally kicking herself for giving into those baby blues so easily. She had no power over it, it was impossible not to flirt with Spencer. So much for indifference, she thought.

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