I’m in the process of moving across the country so I haven’t had time for any story updates, however, me venting about my pet peeves doesn’t take more than  few moments. As I continue my international tour of mostly lesbian, but also gay television, I find myself encountering a reoccurring theme. This theme has me seething in anger by the time the credits roll so I think its time I address it.


The following is my list for all you viewers, writers, directors, critics, etc. Maybe if the LGBT community starts speaking out more in regard to our entertainment content then it will be a better reflection of the actual community. With that being said…

It’s Not A Lesbian (Gay) Movie If:

  1. Just a single same sex kiss takes place. This is supposed to be a movie FOR  the LGBT community and thus should be an accurate reflection of our lives. I don’t know about you, but when I finally hook up with someone after days, weeks, months or years of unrequited love, some heavy petting will be taking place soon after we finally get together. I don’t need full on fillacio, but a realistic level of affection is expected.
  2. The lesbian (gay) scenes are just a small part of a greater whole. Movies often have an ensemble cast, much like TV, with lots of divergent characters. While I’m thrilled that the LGBT community is being included more and more in such films, that does not qualify the movie as gay or lesbian. Its 2013, we’re part of the mainstream now, give us our own mainstream movies.
  3. There is more than 1 heterosexual love (sex) scene. This item could be included as a subsection of number 2, but I really want to stress this. Netflix if famous for putting such movies under their LGBT category, meanwhile fast forward 60 minutes and it becomes very apparent that a gay or lesbian movie this is not. I’m making it easy for you, more than one hetero love scene and its just a plain old hetero movie (barring something spectacularly gay happening in the end, of course).
  4. And my all time most supreme criteria for determining the ultimate gay-ness of a film: It’s not a lesbian (gay) movie if: One of the main characters ends up with someone from the opposite sex. I don’t care how homo the movie is, if the guy gets the girl in the end then it ain’t gay. For example movies a la “Kissing Jessica Stein” only serve as a vehicle to send me off into a blind rage rather than tickle my lezzy fancy.

Anyway, I’m simply venting. I’m tired of wasting my time on so called LGBT content that simply is not. Have I forgotten anything?